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  • Money In The Bank (Video)

    OVO Sound signee Baka Not Nice is back on the music scene with a money anthem aptly titled, “Money In The Bank.”

    Drake’s longtime affiliate’s latest tune is a follow-up to his first single “Live Up To My Name,” which peaked at number 77 on the Canadian Singles Top 100 chart. This time around, Baka spits about, well having money in the bank.  The song’s hook is ironically playful and melodic despite its grimey lyrics: “this ain’t old money, this that new new/imma catch you n*ggas when I choose to/sliding down your block just to shoot you/ like do doo do do do do,” sings the Toronto Rapper.

    The single’s visual, directed by Edison Sigua, shows the story of a hustler getting it by any means, while Baka, himself, is seen enjoying the fruits of all his dirty work.

    Check out the clip below:

  • Pistols (Audio Leak)

    We've all been patiently waiting for Drake to deliver new music for months on end after he released his latest mixtape More Life.  Luckily, a leak of the 6 God's supposedly new song has surfaced online, and I must say it's killer!

    Ironically titled "Pistols," the mellow, piano-driven tune is produced by OVO Sound 's meticulous maestro Noah "40" Shebib features Drizzy crooning about his passionate desire for a lover. "Where were you this whole time, come and see me now not another time/You should come and see me on the regular/I don't know if we'll find a better time," he sings melancholy.

    Check out the track before it magically dissapears from the world wide web below:

  • My Phone

    Restaurateur and thriving YouTuber Levi Bent Lee might have to add Rapper to his resume, as he recently released a surprisingly pleasing new song entitled, “My Phone.”

    Unleashed via Soundcloud, the melodic single finds the Fring's co-owner autotuned up, crooning about his desire to kick it with his significant other. "Don't be calling my phone, hit you straight with the tone/unless you on the way home, I want you all in my zone," he sings.

    During the filiming of his HBO styled birthday vlog, Levi briefly spoke about his foray into music:

    “You know how a lot of people like to go to the bar to meet their friends and hang out, or they’ll go watch a movie, or they’ll go do this or go do that—standard things that people do on their spare time.  Zach and I, just for fun, have just been going to a studio and record and make music. We play it for some of the {YouTube} fans and obviously they like it just for jokes."

    I'm not gonna hold you, I could hear Drake hop on this joint.  Levi will probably take this music thang a little more seriously if that ever happens (haha).

    Check out the chune below:

  • Top Boy Drizzy

    Drake’s infatuation with UK culture is further expressed with his latest stunt, as he’ll be receiving producing credits for the revival of the British cult series, Top Boy.

    Now, let me ask this question: Do you even know what a “Top Boy” actually is?  Well, I didn’t either until I did some research, but it apparently means the leader of a particular clique or gang. The show itself, based in Hackney, London, is a crime drama that chronicles the life of main characters Sully, Dushane and Ra’nell’s dealings with the drug underworld. 

    The highly respected episodic ran for only 2 seasons, but thanks to the 6 God and some very powerful friends, it’ll be resurrected after a six-year absence on Netflix in 2019. 

    Watch Top Boy 's first two seasons on the streaming network now!

  • Morning After

    Although DVSN is pronounced "division," there is nothing divisive about their soul-catching and hip thrusting induced tunes.  The OVO Sound duo is furthering their R&B reign by releasing their much-anticipated sophomore album entitled, "Morning After."

    Daniel Daley and producer Ninteen85's latest sonic masterpiece consists of 13 songs that truly serves as the ideal soundtrack for the 'morning after' a romantic evening with your significant other. ( Sorry, no side boo music here, folks.)

    Stream the full album below...preferably while pillow talking:

  • The Three Amigos

    So, Lebron James, Drake and Chris Bosh walk into a bar……...oh, you expected me to finish the joke?  Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not a pro comedian. What I can say, though, is that the three amigos did have an amazing conversation at Fring's in Toronto.

    As part of Lebron's UNINTERRUPTED program, the trio caught up and spoke about their camaraderie and rise to glory.  As you'll see, Drizzy was right about the 'no new friends' ting all along.

    Check out the engaging clip below:

  • Jorja Smith Is "On My Mind"

    British singer Jorja Smith is hotter than wasabi right now as she releases her third scorching single of 2017 titled, “On My Mind.”

    This particular song, produced by famed Grime artist Preditah, is the first club-type beat that the sultry crooner laid down her soulful vocals on. As a matter of fact, the track favors a UK Garage sound rather than R&B.

    I’m truly looking forward to hear a new album from Jorja in the near future if that's how she's consistently coming! Until then, check out the Hector Dockrill-directed visual for her latest banger below:

  • OVO FEST 2017

    On August 7th the city of Toronto was absolutely lit as Drake hosted the 8th annual OVO Fest.

    The event, funded by Drizzy's own coin, took place at Tdot's (are people still calling it that?) Budweiser Stage and featured a plethora of old and new superstars such as Nelly, Cardi B, French Montana, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and many more.  What stunned everyone was the pleasantly shocking appearance from former 6 God nemesis Tory Lanez!

    Levi Bent Lee, star Youtube vlogger and Fring's co-owner, was fortunate enough to attend the halloween gang's musical celebration.  Check out his hilarious vlog documenting the madness below.  Enjoy!

  • Come Closer (Alt Music Video)

    Wizkid is gearing up to release his new album Sounds From The Other Side on July 14th, but before doing so the Nigerian superstar has blessed us with the alternative music video for his Drake-assisted banger, "Come Closer."

    I'm not going to hold you, I love this version way more than the original.  Directed by genius director Alan Ferguson (Solange's hubby, if you ain't know), the clip perfectly embodies the single's tropical vibes.  Furthermore, it features Guinean sensation Sira P. Kante as Wiz's love interest.

    Check out the awesomeness below:

  • Drake's "Signs"

    Drake kicked the summer off on a right note by releasing a vibrant new single titled "Signs."

    The song was inspired by Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer collection and as a result was debuted at LV's recent fashion show in Paris.

    Check out the Noah '40' Shebib produced chune below....oh and make sure you have a tropical drink on deck to fully bask in the riddim!

  • To The Max

    I'm not gonna hold you, at first listen of DJ Khaled's Drake-assisted track, "To The Max," my initial reaction was similar to Randy Jackson's after witnessing a nightmare American Idol audition.  But after marinating my earbuds with its intricate sound (aka the fast paced jersey club-style beat) for a few days, I ultimately realized how epic of a record it is.

    Sorry Khaled & Drizzy for doubting your collaborative hit-making ways, sometimes greatness takes a while to fully comprehend.  

    Check out the single for yourself below:

  • OVO's UK Online Store

    The UK tings are going bizzerk upon hearing that Oliver El-Khatib and Drake has launched an online store for their OVO clothing line, specifically for fans residing in Europe.

    The news was announced via the official October's Very Own Instagram account on Monday May 15th.  If you're across the pond, make sure you head over to the webshop now to receive FREE shipping on all purchases!

  • Hosea's Ultimate Hustle

    When you know what you want out of life at an early age, the faster it’ll be to manifest your deepest desires. The universe always provides­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­––especially when one’s eyes are fully focused on the prize.  While most 22-year-olds are gearing up to face the real world after four eventful years of college, Hosea Choga is already living an abundant life as a Developer.

    Born and raised in Toronto, Hosea and his twin sister grew up in a home where real estate was at its very core. “My parents were always in the business growing up so it was always familiar to me,” he states. Choga’s father and mother are Zimbabwean immigrants who instilled in him the value of honest, hard work.  When Hosea was 13 he got his first job at Canada’s top coffee shop, Tim Horton’s.  Shortly after, the determined teenager decided to get right into the family business where he's been flourishing ever since.

    I recently sat down with Choga to discuss his early beginnings in the real estate industry, biggest accomplishments and how exactly he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Check out our conversation below:

    FRENDY: The energy surrounding Toronto has surely grown since your days there as a child.  How do you feel about everything that’s transpiring?

    HOSEA: The energy of the city is remarkable!  I feel like it was always there, but with Toronto getting more exposure globally it's more vibrant than ever. I'm really happy with everything that's happening, like a lot of people from Toronto are proud of it and you can make a name for yourself right here.  You don't have to go to New York for exposure.  We've really grown and people from other places are always curious about life in Toronto. We're such a diverse community––I grew up with people of completely different backgrounds, religions, color all just mixed into this city we call the “6.”

    A lot of people in Toronto have a certain way of talking; it's almost like an accent if you're not from the city. It’s like a Jamaican, UK mixed with Canadian type of slang, which Drake kind of pushed in the spotlight. Most people will know if you're from Toronto based on your style, the slang and just the vibes it's pretty unique.

    FRENDY: What a time to be alive in T Dot right? It’s funny because we’re having this convo literally right after Drake finally released his highly anticipated project, More Life. You must be motivated more than ever after listening to it.

    HOSEA: Yes, I'm I am very motivated by Drake. I used to watch him on Degrassi and also watched him turn himself into a global superstar, while pretty much putting Toronto on the map in the music industry. I relate to his music because I feel like we're very similar people. I'm also a fan of the way he handles his brand and business. I've been listening to More Life non-stop!  It's cool to see someone that's from your city reach that level of success. He took a risk doing music and at the beginning people didn't really have a lot love for the guy.  Depsite it all, he remained true to his values and I respect that.

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the topic of motivation, what compelled you to take a plunge into the real estate world?  Did your parents push you towards it?

    HOSEA:  Because I was around it for so long, I really started to understand more and more about the business and just enjoyed the process. My parents always gave me the option to do whatever I wanted; I chose to do something I enjoyed. I guess for me you could say working on a development project can be compared to working on an album where you put in months of work, build from nothing and put an endless amount effort.  Furthermore, multiple people contribute to perfect the project.

    FRENDY: That’s a great comparison. How old were you when you embarked on your journey as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I started to take real estate seriously after high schooI-–I was 18. It wasn’t easy at first because I kind of watched all my friends go to school and do the whole college experience. But I’m grateful for the way everything turned out.

    FRENDY: I could imagine how isolated you felt. What were your initial duties as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I did a lot of property management when I was younger.  I really got experience dealing with different types of people. I try to create schedules, depending on timelines and costs, make sure everyone is aware of their roles and the time they have to complete each job, basically making sure everything is running smoothly. I also enjoy doing a little marketing as well.

    FRENDY: Are you currently working on any big projects?

    HOSEA: Yes, definitely working on some new projects in real estate and getting involved in tech also. I can't say too much but this is going to be a great year for me and I'm very humbled and grateful.

    FRENDY: Nice! Hopefully we’ll get a part two of this going so you can finally unveil what the projects are. When you’re not hustling, what do you do for fun?

    HOSEA: I definitely will!  My idea of fun is trying out different restaurants and traveling.  Basically just trying new things.  I also enjoy calling up a group of my close friends and just kicking back, joking around and whatever.

    FRENDY: I took a quick look at your Instagram and to say that you’re low-key would be an understatement, though, I can tell you’re making major moves.  The best way to describe your account is “calm but heavy,” as Juan would say.

    HOSEA: *Laughs* Yea that's exactly how I would describe it. I'm pretty private, I like to just to keep it relaxed and post whatever I think is cool at the time.  There's no real theme or anything, it's just me being myself.  But I definitely got some special things coming in the near future and I love using Instagram as platform to share.

    FRENDY: Do you have any other passions besides being a Developer?  Are you heavily into fashion and music?

    HOSEA: I wouldn't say I'm heavily into music and fashion but I'm definitely a fan of hip hop and trap music. I'm a fan of all the young kids coming up and making bangers.  People hate on them but they're good at the music they make, which is Trap.  Future I think is one of the greats of our time! Drake, PartyNextDoor and NAV have been on my playlist lately.

    I'm into chill fashion--I'd say I think my style is pretty random.  Most days it's John Elliott with some Chelsea boots, and other days it's a Supreme hoodie with some Vans, or Palace with some Yeezys. Really all depends on the could be a Fear of God flannel and some Visvims. Whatever vibe is for the day.

    FRENDY: I feel you. You’re basically a chameleon when it comes to style.  It's safe to say that your hard work is allowing you to fully indulge in anything that you please––whether it's traveling or dining virtually anywhere. What advice do you have for those who desire to live a lavish lifestyle but have no idea how to actually get their funds up?

    HOSEA: I feel like if you're doing anything at all, you should do it for yourself and not anyone else. I think patience is key, just keep putting in hard work and effort.  However you choose to reward yourself is up to you. I think you shouldn't really compare your life to anyone else's because everyone's situation is different, but if you're looking for inspiration and motivation I encourage that. I'd just say put in the work and everything will fall into place.

  • Drake To Host Inaugural NBA Awards

    Drake confessed on his More Life standout track titled "Sacrifices," that ever since he made...well sacrifices, he's been balling ever since.  Ghostwriter or not, 'the boy' wasn't lying as he is set to host the inaugural NBA Awards.

    The slam-dunking news was announced earlier this morning via the National Basketball Association and Drizzy himself through Instagram story (might of been his first ever insta-story too, I'm not sure).  

    The award ceremony will be showcased live on TNT live from New York City's own Pier 36 aka Basketball City on June 26. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

  • Come Closer

    Since Oliver El-Khatib premiered Wizkid's eclectic single, "Come Closer" featuring Drake on OVO Sound Radio episode 37 back in February, the world couldn't get enough of it!

    The song was officially released on all platforms 2 months after its debut, so to make up for lost time the Star Boy himself surprisingly unveiled it's visual yesterday. Drizzy was a no-show but there are a slew of fine nubian queens showcased for our viewing pleasure.

    Check out the video below:

    P.S   Shout out to Justin Amoafo for providing the legendary flick of Wizkid at the top of the post.  If you haven't read my Original Story on him, click HERE.

  • That's What I Like RMX

    It was great to hear a PartyNextDoor feature on Drake's record-breaking album *clears throat* playlist More Life, but its even better to know that he has finally released a new chune on his own...well, sort of.

    PND's latest sonic effort comes in the form of a remix of Bruno Mars' electrifying single "That's What I Like."  Theres not much else to say because the song is too damn hot to keep you waiting!

    Check it out below:

  • More Life

    What can I say? Drake has yet again smashed it with his new album More Life. Unlike Drizzy's previous sonic offerings, this one is heavily influenced by his trips across the pond with features from English Grime artists, such as the highly regarded Skepta and the Godfather of the genre himself Giggs.

    Looking at the project's title, the '6 God' could be declaring his love for the UK. Even on his Boy Meets World Tour he still is able to produce an album of this calibre, which really is a credit to how hard he works and how important it is for him to keep the fans happy.

    This album proves that Aubrey's career is far from ending and truly shows he is ready to set the benchmark for any rapper who wants to challenge him. Additionally, the project clearly served as his platform to showcase noteworthy talent from England.

    More Life is an all-round incredible album and definitely worth keeping on repeat, as you will immensely appreciate the quality of the chunes after each listen.

    Written by: Joshua King

  • Not Your Average Hypebeast

    Those who follow Aaron on Instagram are fully aware of his lavish lifestyle and ultimate group of close friends, which consists of Levi, Kai and the forever seemingly-annoyed Angelo Nitsopoulos. Although much is known of Aaron, whom I previously featured on the blog, and the Bent Lee bros, Nits is somewhat of the odd man out.

    With a quick scroll down his gram, one can instantly get a sense of Ang’s expensive taste but there has to be more to him right?  Other than the quick cameos on his clique’s hilarious insta stories and vlogs, not much is revealed about the sporty Toronto, Ontario native. Well, that’s why I’m here.

    Let’s take a look into the real world of Angelo and find out about his immense love for hockey, fledgling business, spending habits and why he looks so damn pissed all the time.   Peep my exclusive interview with him below:

    FRENDY:  I must say it’s quite incredible to witness how close you are with Aaron and the gang.  Nowadays, not many can proclaim they are tight with even a handful of people.  How did you meet them?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Yeah its pretty wild that three Asians and a Greek/Macedonian can hang out daily. So, I met the guys during the winter of 2014.  As I sat in my basement watching hockey while simultaneously creeping on Instagram, I saw a 5’3 140Lbs Aaron doing stick handling moves on the ice pretending he was Sidney Crosby. I thought to myself ok that's different, but then started to take in all the gear he had and wondered who he actually was. At the time, Levi and Aaron had a men's hockey team called The Trillers and a buddy of mine told me I should go play with them. So I hit up Levi and said if you ever need players let me know. A week later I was playing my first game with them. I walked into the dressing room, turned to my left and saw the “5’3” kid who said to me, “ Here sit here Angelo”. As if I had never been in a hockey dressing room in my life. Levi was sitting across from me, looking like a pro MMA fighter flooded with tats (I was a bit intimidated).

    My first game with them was amazing!  I scored three goals.  After that Aaron was like ok “you can play with us,” like it was some sort of accomplishment for me. As we were changing in the locker room I hear someone on the team say to Aaron, “YOU GOT BALMAINS IN THAT HOCKEY BAG BRO ” and that’s what got me thinking ok I need to learn about what the hell they are doing/ talking about because I had no idea what any of these brand names were back then.  I saw Aarons Instagram and figured to myself that “Balmains” must be what he wears.

    So throughout our hockey team that's how myself Aaron and Levi hung out. Kai never played hockey at all so he was never around the rink unless he was pretending to coach us. I would always hear stories about him though. I met Kai on our (Aaron, Levi, Kai) first trip to NYC and boy what a story/trip that was.  That's when my passion for fashion really began and I instantly switched my look. Happy I met them though, I never had any siblings so they taught me a lot about things. When I was 18-19 they took me on some crazy experiences that most kids don't get to do, so they are kind of like older brothers in a way for the most part.

    FRENDY:  That’s a pretty epic story. I assumed you knew them for way longer than 3 years.  What was your “look” before your fashion awakening?

    ANG:  Yeah, I mean friendship grows pretty quick when you hang out as often as we do. OMG, my look I don't even want to talk about *Laughs*. To be honest I didn't even have a look. I guess I could say it was the “hockey style.” Long hair, sperry boat shoes, golf shorts and a V-neck t-shirt, which makes me cringe thinking about it. I didn't even really take fashion seriously; I would wear sweatpants every day, whatever shirt I found in my room and just went about my day. I was too focused on my hockey career at the time and didn't care how I dressed outside the rink. I knew what Yeezys were and what not but never had a clue on how to get them or even knew they were so limited. But to say the least, my look was terrible *Laughs*.

    Looking back at what I wore then compared to now is like a two year old messing up all his toys when he is pissed off.  That's the best way to look at it. Its funny thinking back at it, I would get so excited to wear these pants that don’t even fit right or shoes that don’t even go with the fit and thinking “wow this is sick,” when it's really god awful.

    FRENDY:  Aw man, I needed that good laugh. Do you remember your very first fire fit?

    ANG:  I do remember it actually, but I wouldn't say it was fire. I would say my first favorite fire fit is my Supreme patchwork outfit with my Red Octobers *Laughs*. I was so happy when I got the sweat suit in the mail. Most will say it's ugly but half the world tried to buy it and failed miserably.  That Aside, it really is a crazy piece. The hoodie and pants are both hand-made with different patches. Most don't understand that, they just see a “grandma-like table cloth” because they don't understand it. The Red Octobers were worn just so I could be over the top.  Shout out to Mike at 'On The Arm' in Vegas who plugged me with it too. My favorite thing is wearing either full tracksuits or full sweatsuits as you can probably tell.  I don't really care what people think, I don't buy clothes for people I buy them for me.

    FRENDY:  Going back to what you stated earlier, the great impression you left on Aaron due to your hockey playing skills eventually paved the way to a solid brotherhood.  How long have you been playing Hockey? Was it your goal to turn pro growing up?

    ANG: *Laughs* Aaron was impressed to say the least, I guess most people on Instagram don't follow me for hockey, I never post anything related to it. I started skating at around three years old and started playing hockey at four, which is really young. I've played for 17 years and counting and won't ever stop playing for fun. It’s every kids dream and goal to play in the NHL.  I went to PEAC, which was a private hockey school. All we did was skate, train four hours a day and screw around in class. I kid you not, a teacher quit because we “stressed her out” too much.

    Our team was unstoppable, our first line was, Ho Sang, Mcdavid, Subbans and so many more it was hilarious.  We didn't lose all year and wasn't allowed in tournaments. I was talented but as I got older I slowly lost interest in the game and at 18 decided to stop playing competitively. I will say though I don't regret any of it, hockey taught me a lot about certain things in life.  Most of my best friends play in the NHL so it's cool to see them succeed and because of that I still get to be apart of the game somehow.

    Once you play hockey and are born into the hockey world you never really get away from it. Hockey gets my mind off things when I can't find a piece of clothing that I want *Laughs*. I never would have thought when I was 15 that at 19 I would be addicted to fashion. Thank the guys for that one.

    FRENDY:  Here comes the million-dollar question: when you’re not copping the finest threads or slithering on the ice, what is it that you do for a living to remain so fresh?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Yeah the million-dollar question that people are soooooo curious to know. Never really understood why people have to ask that nonstop. From now on I'm just going to say “yeah, I won the lottery in grade 6, kept it quiet though.” But yeah, myself, Aaron, Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavalier, Savas, and Simon (which are Tristan's close friends) own ProLocker together.

    FRENDY:  Can you tell me more about ProLocker? Aaron mentioned it during my sit down with him.

    ANG:  Of course, the easiest way I can map it out for you, without giving too many features away since we are launching very soon, is to say that it's a platform where we show what players use on and off the court/field/ice. Furthermore, we also provide info on where you can buy that exact equipment model around the world and different places to get it. That's the basis of it but there are loads of features besides that. I don't want to give too much away but we are excited for it. Check us out at!

    FRENDY:  Sounds amazing, I'm sure you guys can’t wait to launch it. When will that happen?

    ANG:  Yeah we are really excited about it, in a perfect world we want to launch in the next month or so but we are all still fine-tuning the site. Plus we are gathering content prior to release but you can pre subscribe to the site now and follow us on Instagram ( @Prolocker ) to find out more.

    FRENDY:  I sincerely hope your followers will stop asking about what you do for a living now. Doubt it though. Since we got that out the way, let's explore your closet. What are some your favorite brands right now?

    ANG: Yeah, they probably won’t to be honest *laughs*. My favorite brands...well obviously you can tell I like Supreme. I also have other labels in my closet, people think I’m a hypebeast and just wear one particular brand.  I have a lot of Saint Laurent; their jackets I own are my favorite pieces. The detail on them and the way they look is crazy! I also have Haider Ackermann items that I like a lot, wouldn’t say its my favorite brand though. Bape obviously, I had a crazy Bape phase where I was just copping from them non stop but I kind of got sick of it. Stone Island is really comfy to wear; I got a bunch of that. I honestly have most brands you can think of. I just hate when people say “Nits you’re a hypebeast.”

    My take on that is at the end of the day most people in fashion, besides the people creating, are hypebeasts in their own special way. Just because I have a Supreme item that everyone wants I automatically get identified as a “hypebeast.”  It’s ok in my opinion if someone buys a piece of clothing that an artist or influencer may have worn first.  Unfortunately, most consider that as being “hype”.

    When you see someone wear a piece that you like, why not buy it for yourself? Nothing wrong with that at all but most people get mad and call it hype. I don't know, maybe they’re just jealous. Either they don't have access, have a plug to get an exclusive item or simply just can't afford it, which is totally understandable! I feel blessed that I am able to purchase things I like and have never been the type to bring someone else down because they can’t get something.  I'm not going to lie and pretend I don't like things that are hyped, there's a meaning behind it. Most of Supreme’s prized pieces have some sort of unique backstory, which is another reason why that brand is so strong.  At the end of the day, people call me a hypebeast but deep down inside they all wish they were able to cop what I got.

    FRENDY:  Which sneakers are in your constant rotation?

    ANG:  I wear APLs all the time. Shout out to Adam and Ryan! Jordans for sure, bred 1’s, royal 1’s, all the 1’s really.  I used to wear Yeezys a lot but its getting saturated in the market now. I try to stay away from wearing them all the time.  If I get a pair early, I’ll throw them on.  I really like my Nike Presto x Acronym kicks, they’re extremely comfy and their colorways.   Last but not least, my Air Max 98 ’s. I never really got in to the Adidas NMD wave.

    FRENDY:  Who do you feel has the best style in the entertainment industry right now?

    ANG:  A$AP Rocky.  I respect him because he barely wears what’s “in."  The guy literally flies to Japan to buy brands nobody knows about so you have to respect that.  He started so many trends it’s insane!  He is always ahead of the game and steps outside the box.

    FRENDY:  On one of your recent insta stories, I saw you were putting your followers on to alot of rising brands. How often are you researching for potential new gear?

    ANG: Yes I was, people don't understand that I’m young and got into this just a few years ago.  Most of them will say I am a “culture vulture” but I am the furthest thing from that. So for those reading just know I spend hours daily looking at what's up and coming in fashion. I will literally sit on my computer and log on to Japanese sites that aren’t even written in English and Google translate it to read articles on what's next. 

    If we want to talk about Supreme culture, I literally learned about each season, each piece and so on. Till this day I am researching meanings behind their pieces. So no, I did not just see Supreme and decided to hop on buying stuff for fun.  I put the effort into learning about it, which most do not do. That's what a culture vulture does, buys stuff to say they have it and not know anything about the brand’s ethos. I hate that. Daily, I am always looking for new stuff to get and new brands that people don’t know about. Aaron will always we call me and say, “let me guess researching?” I enjoy doing it.  It’s fun to learn about upcoming stuff and their origins.

    FRENDY:  Since your passion for fashion runs deep, did you ever think about fully diving into the industry with your own brand or investing in one that you really believe in?

    ANG:  No, probably not.  I am to busy with ProLocker and other stuff. I rather support brands by buying their clothes, never really thought about creating my own but who knows maybe I could do it.   I definitely put the time into researching about it.

    FRENDY:  You have the money, cars and clothes but is there a special lady out there you’re sharing it all with?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Well I definitely don't have it all.  There are way more important things in life than money, cars and clothes. In terms of special ladies, I am single but have a one on the radar. Once you get a girl, “you have to put her in designer,” as Future says. The guys always make fun of me though by always saying “Nits brings the tings to Fring’s”.

    FRENDY:  That’s hilarious.  Well I’m sure there are tons of tings who are willing kick it for a day...or couple of months.  Since you’re always in the latest gear, is it a requirement for them to have a sense of style or it doesn’t really matter?

    ANG:  * Laughs* Actually yes I if I were to date a girl I would want her to be into fashion like I am. She doesn't have to wear the latest stuff but definitely needs her own sense of style 100%. It’s always cool to have a girl that can relate to what you like. At the end of the day though it's not everything! But yes I would prefer it.

    FRENDY:  For sure, it’s all about being on the same frequency. Man, it was a pleasure having this conversation. Looking forward to see what you and the fellas will get into next.  One more thing I need to know before we end though, if you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you bring?

    ANG:  Likewise! If I were stranded on an island the three things I would bring is a boat to get off the island, food, and a laptop with 4G so I can stay up to date with gear.  Stay Woke!

  • Some Way (Official Video)

    XO 's latest signee NAV has just released the visual for his hit single titled "Some Way," featuring The Weeknd.

    Directed by RJ Sanchez, the clip features DJ Khaled & Drake's talented lovechild (did, I just make a funny?) and Abel frolicking around a bunch of models during a sexy yet light-hearted photoshoot.

    Check out the vid below:

  • NYC OVO Flagship Store

    Well, the moment all of the east coast Drizzy fans have been patiently waiting for has finally arrived.  Oliver El-Khatib and Drake's prospering OVO clothing line will finally be opening a New York City flagship store!

    The news was unveiled on the brand's official Instagram page, which featured a flick showcasing a slew of the Halloween gang members cladded in blue and white OVO owl emblem hoodies, with the caption: "#NYWELCOMEOVO 12.10.16. " 

    The crew hasn't officially stated they will actually debut an NYC brick-and-mortar shop on the 10th, but one can rightfully assume that it is going to happen.  Especially after the suspenseful clip that was unleashed yesterday.

    Lets see what happens next! Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't know about the brand's backstory, check out my Grailed published write-up to catch up. Simply click here to read it.
  • Amir Obe Signs With Def Jam

    Congratulations to Amir Obe for landing a deal with Def Jam !

    I'm happy to see that Amir has found a prestigious home to produce even more eargasmic tunes. I have known the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Detroit Rapper since he went by the moniker of Phreshy Duzit, and even featured a slew of his old music videos on my previous blog. This momentous occasion is a true testament of his relentless grind!

    In honor of Obe's major label signing, he unleashed the visual to his moody cut titled "No Peace."  In an interview with Billboard, Amir explains the clip by saying: "I wanted to capture the vibe of 'No Peace' visually, and I think we executed providing a journey, a sense of no looking back."  Furthermore, the single is included on Def Jam's all star compilation album called Direct Deposit 1, which will be available on December 2nd.

    Check out the Dan Lemoyne directed music video below:

  • Chance Covers Drake

    You can always count on Chance The Rapper to deliver incredible music without the extra drama.  While in Europe, the vibrant spitter paid a visit to Trevor Nelson's BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge show.

    During the interview, Chance took the time to send a prayer up for his big brother Kanye West, who is currently undergoing mental exhaustion treatment at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  Furthermore, the Coloring Book crooner performed two jams live, one of them being a soulful cover of Drake's Views cut, "Feel No Ways."

    With the recent ego battles in Hip-Hop, its refreshing to witness a successful spitter take his hat off (well chance kept his on, but you know what I meant) to another thriving lyricist in the game. "We had two choices: it was either going to be a song by my good friend Francis and The Lights....and the other one is Drake.  I don't know if he's ever been up here but shout out to him, he's one of my favorite artists as well," says Chance to Trevor as he explained his process of picking which tune he was going to cover live on the show.

    Check out the awesome performance below:

  • Drake Offers Us More Life

    The more envy and hate Drake receives, the more life he has. Its almost as if he's a damn Dragonball Z character that transfers all the negativity thrown towards him into fuel for destroying his enemies (as we all know, he has alot of those).

    After announcing the December release of his forthcoming mixtape, rightfully titled More Life, the unrelenting Toronto spitter unleashed it's first fiery single "Two Birds, One Stone."  The tune has so many memorable bars, you'll be stuck on the "stank face" for the entire duration of the track.

    Check it out for yourself HERE.

  • OVO x Roots Fall 2016

    I don't know about you but when my eyes first laid on the campaign flicks of OVO 's latest collaboration with RootsI thought Drizzy's imprint was venturing off with the legendary hip-hop band, The Roots, to takeover the merch game (haha). Pardon my ignorance, I honestly had no clue about the thriving environmentally-friendly Canadian apparel brand until now.

    In any case, the two lifestyle clothing lines have teamed up once more to deliver a new capsule for the Fall 2016 season, which is out now.

    Check out the earthy cinematic clip of the comfy collection, directed by the fellas of Kid Studio below:

  • Faithful (Reloaded)

    Lowkey, we all wanted DVSN's part to be longer on Drake's Views banger, "Faithful."  Luckily, the mysterious crooner somehow sensed our deep longing and decided to unleash a full length remix of the sentimental chune called "Keep The Faith."

    Indulge in the sonic wonder below:

  • Air Jordan 12 OVO

    For months now, the 6 God foot-teased the world with a heavenly white and gold colorway of the Air  Jordan 12 OVOs.  I'm happy to announce that the coveted sneaker finally has a release date.

    According to Sneaker News, Drake's latest kicks ($225) will be unleashed by Jordan Brand on Saturday, October 1st through a Nike SNKRS drawing.  The drawing will occur at 10am.

    Good luck!

  • Childs Play (Video)

    If I had to choose one word to perfectly describe Drake's music video for his latest single "Childs Play," it would definitely be, "Infectious."

    The Spiff TV directed cinematic wonder displays Aubrey having the infamous Cheesecake Factory argument he narrates in the transparent ballad. Supermodel extraordinaire Tyra Banks served as Drizzy's disgusted love interest, while OVO SZN 's own (don't really know if that's still a thing) OB O'brien played the comic relief.

    The visual wouldn't be complete without some Thicka-Than-A-Snicker strippers right?!  I mean, what else would be suitable to showcase while Drake is rapping "She rode that d*ck like a soldier " (haha).

    Check it out below:

  • YG And Drake Have A Question For You

    YG has teamed up with Drake once more to deliver another bouncy west coast cut titled, "Why You Always Hatin? " featuring Kamaiyah.

    The two hitmakers couldn't of released a better song together as they each face their own battles against "haters" within and outside of the industry.  The single's video features the ballerific brothers talk their talk in helicopters and swerving lambos.

    Check out the hood lavishness below:

  • Fill The Void

    Super producer Stwo partnered up with frequent OVO collaborators Amir Obe and Daniel Caesar to create an ambient sonic masterpiece coined "Fill The Void."

    The Parisian beatmaker is widely known for his epic fusion of moody electronic and Hip Hop sounds, which is why Drake's right-hand man Noah "40" Shebib scooped him right up to work.  The addition of Amir and Daniel truly enhances the potency of Stwo's latest track due to their one of a kind cadence.

    Swag out to the hypnotizing ballad below:

  • Not Nice

    "Girl you're not nice, you're rude!"  All the fellas will spew out those very words when they get denied by a bad ting during the remainder of summer 2016.

    PartyNextDoor took the phrase to new heights of dissapointment in his new island vibed tune, "Not Nice."  Party croons about the agony caused by his significant other stating, "want me to feel like I'm new, want me to watch you do you."  Fortunately, all it takes to diffuse the situation is a good ol' dry humping session on the dance floor (haha).

    PND's P3 album is slated to drop exclusively on Apple Music on July 29th and everywhere else August 12th.  For now, indulge in his latest chune below:

  • 'One Dance' Mixpak Culture Clash Dub

    "I need a one dance, Papi got the hennessy in his hand, what blog can test I dunno..."  My fault, this One Dance mixpak culture clash dub by Drake is so dope, I had to make it my own.

    A few weeks ago, Popcaan became the unruly champ at this year's Red Bull Culture Clash.  Many believe that particular outcome occured because he ended his set with the riveting remix of Drizzy's groovy chune. Sh*t, I aint mad at it, the joint is crazy.

    Indulge in the CDQ version of the jam below...jeeezz!

  • Majid Jordan Makes It Work

    OVO Sound 's not so secret weapon, Majid Jordan, released the visual for, "Make It work," the 2nd track off their self-titled debut album.

    Director Aaron A. provides a hazy 80's feel to the clip, which perfectly suits the record's old school electronic r&b vibes. The lead singer of the duo, Majid, is seen combating temptation ( well, not really) to make it all work with his main blond mami.  On the other hand, Jordan is in the cut (per usual), looking cool and minding his own business with a fine ass lady friend.

    Watch the drama unfold below:

  • Plastic 100°C

    Only a few artists in the music industry can effortlessly sooth the soul like Sampha.

    During a recent Fader cover photoshoot, the multi-talented British crooner delivered a calming new single in the form of "Plastic 100°C ."  The tune will most likely be found on his forthcoming solo project, which is slated to release later this year.

    Sampha first broke out on the scene by providing heart-warming vocals on meticulously produced tracks by SBTRKT.  Since then, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the game such as Drake and Kanye West.

    His debut full length sonic compilation will surely be one for the ages! For now, check out his latest sound below:

  • Bieber's One Dance Remix

    Drake's big chune "One Dance" was recently remixed by fellow Canadian superstar Justin Bieber!

    This Biebermix is pretty incredible in the way that Justin makes it his own without tarnishing the sonic greatness Drizzy conjured up. Instead of taking bottle of Henny to the head, J.B has a 1942 in hand (don't front like y'all ain't google what that liquor was) while serenading his soon to be vixen.

    Indulge in the jam below:

  • 4pm In Calabasas

    Gotdamn! Drake is keeping his death grip on Hip Hop's neck by releasing continuous bangers even after recently dropping his record breaking album Views.

    Not only does Drizzy have a new club anthem with DJ Khaled, the 6 God just premiered a new scorcher in the form of "4PM in Calabasas" on the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio.

    Indulge in it below:

  • Drake Bodies Bieber

    Drake is notoriously known as the "singin' n*gga" that bodied a street rapper but now he has officially destroyed one of his own.

    Yup, Drizzy just beat fellow superstar Canadian Justin Bieber to become the most-streamed artist of ALL TIME on Spotify !  According to Billboard, Aubrey has been streamed 3.18 billion times while JB is at an impressive 3.17 billion.  

    As Jay-Z infamously stated, "Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers don't", so all praises must go to the 6 God.

  • Come And See Badu

    Ever since PARTYNEXTDOOR pulled that Kehlani stunt, he's been living under a rock AKA remaining in the stu like a caveman brewing more bangers for the world (we can only hope right?).  In any case, Erykah Badu decided to unleash her very own potent version of his latest hit "Come And See Me".

    The tune titled, "Come And See Badu", is actually a duet where the bootyliscious 'Bag Lady' is responding to the OVO Sound crooner.

    Rock out to the smooth dialogue below:

  • Back 2 Back MVP

     Stephen Curry is officially the NBA's Top Boy!

    The 28 year old baller, who demolished the Portland Trailblazers last night, is the first unanimous NBA MVP, earning the award for the second straight season after leading the defending champion Warriors to a record-setting season.  

  • Views From The Forbes List

    It's safe to say that Drake has taken a bit of a break from viewing on top of the CN Tower to chill at number 5 on the Hip Hop Forbes list!

    Yup, the man that turned his city upside down recently made his debut on Forbes' coveted list of wealthiest Rap acts.  Drizzy even predicted this achievement in "Grammys" (feat. Future) on his latest album by stating, "Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 ". Ok, maybe he wasn't exactly talking about being on the list beforehand but that was dope how I tied everything in right?  

    In any case, The 6 God replaced 50 Cent as he garnered a net worth of a whopping $60 Million dollars!  The four artists above Drake are Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Mr. Respek himself Birdman.

  • Aaron's World

    BAPE NYC served as a medium to encounter so many incredible people.  From iconic entertainers and fashion gods to multi-millionaire businessmen, the second floor of the ‘Busy Workshop’ was my personal space for meeting sessions with them all.

    I’ve had several moments of forgetfulness when dealing with certain past acquaintances. In some cases, my attentive silence during a conversation was just my way of trying to figure out who I was actually speaking to (no offense, of course).

    Aaron is surely not on my list of Forgettables.  The stylish Canadian has been a loyal BAPE customer ever since my Omarion braid days.  A year before my departure from Nigo’s former fashion empire, Aaron stopped by the shop to cash out (per usual). That was my first time seeing him in ages, so we definitely reminisced and since then remained in contact through social media.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover he had quite a strong following on the Internet.

    Aaron’s nonchalant showing of his splendid lifestyle online prompted me to have a sit-down with him to dig a little deeper into his wonderful world.  There’s always more than what meets the eye, so this will be a perfect chance to really understand the man behind the grandeur. Enjoy!

    FRENDY: Alot of people may know you strictly from Instagram where your flex fits and lavish lifestyle are on full display. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about you?

    Aaron: One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I only buy and like "expensive" things. That is 100% false. I am a resourceful and smart shopper. Rarely do I ever buy things at retail, and if I do pay retail; chances are I sell some things that I don't wear anymore to help make closet space. I never just go blow money for no reason. I'm not the type of person to buy something just to flex on Instagram and then end up selling it the day after. If you scroll all the way down on my Instagram to the first few photos, you will see that I've been wearing and copping fresh shit from the start. I'm not new to the streetwear/fashion culture. I've been on ISS since 2007 and did not suddenly start buying gear since Instagram started. I actually kind of hate this new Instagram hypebeast culture because I know over 90% of these guys you see "flexing" don't know shit about the history of sneaker/streetwear game and just started buying because they can get some likes. If you notice on my pics, I never tag brands or use hashtags. That shit is wack and just shows you how bad these people care about getting more followers & likes from the shoes or clothes that they are wearing. You can smell the corniness of people through the iPhone screen from their 20 hashtags and 15 tags. 

    FRENDY: Which part of Canada are you from exactly?

    Aaron: I'm from Toronto, Canada. 6ix side let it fly.

    FRENDY: What was your childhood like there?

    Aaron: My childhood was sports 24/7. I played competitive AAA hockey from 9 till I was 14. Then I changed to competitive tennis from 14 to 18. I was playing a lot of tournaments and was training almost every day. Balancing school, sports, and work was hard for me because the hours were insane. I remember having to bring my tennis bag with me into Champs Sports on some days because I didn't have time to go home. I would go straight from the tennis courts to the mall and clock in for my shift. Champs taught me a lot about time management though.

    FRENDY: The last time I saw you at my old workplace you were with a couple of friends, 2 of which included the famous Bent-Lee brothers. How long have you known them for?

    Aaron: I've known the Bent-Lee brothers since I was 14. We all played tennis growing up so we would see each other at tournaments all the time. Me and Kai have had some crazy battles throughout our OTA (Ontario Tennis Association) careers. A lot of broken rackets and questionable calls happened. We also all went to the same high school together, Vaughan Road Academy. To be 100% honest with you, Kai was the first person that influenced me in the sneaker game. He would always show up with a brand new pair of Nike SB's. He was on that shit early during the pink box era. 

    FRENDY: Can you tell me about Fring’s?

    Aaron: Fring's is that place in Toronto where you can get an amazing meal and feel like you're somewhere else in the world. The vibe of the restaurant is like no other in our city. Where else can you eat oysters and chicken sliders while listening to trap music? 

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the subject of restaurants, what are some of your favorite spots to dine in?

    Aaron: The majority of my favorite spots are actually in NYC. I think Ben's Pizza in SoHo is one of the best I've had! J.G. Melon's on 3rd & 74th makes a crazy cheeseburger. Minetta Tavern's "Black Label" burger is on point as well. I'm a big burger guy so of course I love Shake Shack. But, I think In N Out is better. 

    FRENDY: I’m sure tons of people are dying to know so I’ll just go ahead and ask; what is your occupation?

    Aaron: I own We are currently going through re-development right now, but be on the lookout for the new launch. 

    FRENDY: You’re a pretty fly fella; do you have any interest in entering the fashion realm?

    Aaron: I am actually helping my boy open up a fashion boutique in Toronto. I just want to help bring a unique shopping experience to the city. The shopping up here is not the greatest, so it would be great to have a refreshing spot.

    FRENDY: What are some of your favorite brands at the moment?

    Aaron: My favorite brands are APL, Saint Laurent, BAPE, Supreme, Fear of God, Balmain and John Elliott.

    FRENDY: I see that you’re an avid traveler.   Out of the many places you have been globally, which is your favorite?

    Aaron: The best place I've been to has to be Italy. The food is just so good out there. Best meals I've had are all in Italy. The culture over there is very laid back and easy going.

    FRENDY: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Aaron: In 10 years I see myself feeling good, living better.

    FRENDY: Thank you for taking the time to shed more light on your life.  Are there any last words you’ll like to leave with the readers?

    Aaron: Stay humble, stay hungry. We are all just trying to live better than yesterday.

    Written by: Frendy Lemorin

    Photos by: Omair Khan

  • Drake's Vision Is Clear

    Beyonce might of dominated the weekend with her thirst quenching LEMONADE but Drake made sure to make his presence felt on Monday as he released a slew of information pertaining to OVO 's happenings.

    Not only did Drizzy release his coveted forthcoming album cover, the T. dot 'Controlla' surprised fans by unveiling the line up for the seventh annual OVO Fest and Summer Sixteen Tour !

    Check out all the deets below:

  • Views: Compliments of the Company

    Man, these superstars got to stop suprising fans before one of them get a serious heart attack!

    With Drake's much anticipated album Views dropping on April 29th, he took it upon himself to shock the world by having some sort of pop-up/listening event in NYC today powered by Beats by Dre.

    If you're interested in going (duh), head over to 135 Bowery in NYC to see what the fuss is all about.

  • The 6 God's Vengeance

    The internet has blessed us with two new offerings from the 6 God.

    There's no clue on where these sonic masterpieces will end up, but they sure provide some much needed new sounds from Drake as he prepares to release his forthcoming album Views From The 6.  Hands down the best song out of the 2 is an irie chune titled "Controlla", which feature OVO affiliate Popcaan.  "These Days" is an unorthodox ballad from Mr. Champagne but he somehow still has us singing along.

    Check them out below:


  • OVO Sound Radio: DVSN Edition

    Today at 6pm, OVO Sound Radio is scheduled to premiere it's 18th episode.

    What makes this upcoming segment super exclusive is that OVO Sound's latest signee DVSN will be providing a mix that probably includes a slew of their unreleased heavenly sounds.  I mean the group's  album September 5th does drop next Friday, so why not give us a taste of it's wonderful sonic goodness on such special platform!

    I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

  • DVSN

    Though not much is known of OVO Sound 's latest signee DVSN, their addictive sounds are truly bringing R&B back in heavenly fashion.

    To be honest, I thought the secretive artist was just one person (the singer), but apparently after a performance at the FADER FORT  SXSW concert, it was revealed that the group consists of the very same angelic sounding crooner I spoke of earlier, a female DJ, and a backing Gospel choir (I don't know if they're officially part of the crew but might as well be).

    Frank Ocean better hurry up and drop some heat because DVSN's debut album September 5th is scheduled to release on April 1st. If his absence continues, this group might just steal the show!

  • Come and See Me

    Not too long after PartyNextDoor graced the OVO Sound showcase stage at this year's SXSW festival, he finally unleashed a brand new ballad that's sure to stick in everyone's brain.

    The sentimental tune, titled "Come and See Me", features drizzy Drake as they sing beautifully about that semi-annoying girlfriend who always wants company.  Hey, this is what occurs when you with a brotha that's on the grind baby!

    Indulge below:

  • OVO 40 x Native Instruments

    On the heels of Drake officially announcing the April release of Views From The 6, a new interview surfaces of his trusted engineer and producer Noah "40" Shebib.

    The Grammy-winning maestro sat down with Native Instruments, which is the leading manufacturer of software and computer-based audio production and DJing, to discuss his immaculate worth ethic and music takeover with his 6 God pal.

    Check out the clip below and read the informative interview HERE.

  • Ramriddlz Is A Bodmon

    To keep it clean, the only reason I knew the existence of Ramriddlz was due to the fact that Drake remixed his engaging single "Sweeterman".  

    Knowing the method to Drizzy's madness of reworking new artist's tunes, I took it upon myself to do some research on the Egyptian-Canadian rapper and was pleasantly surprised that he had bangers in his discography.

    The animated spitter's latest single "Bodmon" surely induces irie vibes.  I'm truly looking forward to indulge in his forthcoming project Sweet 16.

    For now, check out the visual for his incriminating single below:

  • Drake & Matteo

    Yesterday on Instagram, The 6 God publicly paid respects to Matteo Rivetti by @’n him with prayer hands under a pic where he is seen heading to his courtside game seats, wearing a Stone Island jacket.

    Who’s Matteo you may ask?  Oh, he’s just the Vice President of the coat's brand that Drizzy is rockin' (no biggie…RIP to him btw).  I was fortunate enough to chop it up with Teo on 2 occasions and he’s definitely a stand up guy that’s continuing his family’s tradition of delivering superior quality and functionality in garments.

    Be on the lookout for Stone Island's New York store debut sometime next month!

  • OVO x Jordan 12

    Drake is making sure to keep your ears and feet clean this summer.

    Not only is the 6 God faithfully preparing to unleash his much anticipated Views From The 6 Album this April (rumored), the Jumpman spitter has a new colorway of Jordan 12s that is set to release not too long after.

    The white/gold edition of the sneaker will be made of leather and faux stingray.  Furthermore, it will consist of an OVO-branded translucent sole.

    Like an owl in the deep forest, look out for these babies!

  • Riri Puts In Work With Drizzy

    This is a joyous occasion for all #RihannaNavy members!

    As promised, Ms. Robyn Fenty unleashes the music video for her smashing hit "Work", rightfully featuring one of the hardest players in Rap, Drizzy Drake.  The song is so addicting it received not one but two visuals for your viewing and whining pleasure.

    Legendary music video director Director X provided juice for the song's cheeky vibes, while Tim Erem displayed a softer yet "revealing" (you'll see what I mean) take of Riri's big chune.

    Indulge in the clip below:

  • Frendy's Favorite Cut

    Somewhere in a New York City brickstone loft, Emily Oberg is grinning from ear to ear, wearing an imaginary crown of heart emojis while listening to Majid Jordan’s debut self titled studio album.

    To keep it clean, I am also indulging in the electronic/r&b sounds of the Drake approved group.  Their latest project is so immaculate, I can’t even choose which song is my favorite!  Now I know I say this in every one of my FFC articles, but the situation at hand is really difficult as it is for 50 cent to stop trolling his enemies.

    Since I do have to choose one tune (excluding the previously released singles), after much thought and consideration, My favorite cut from MJ's sonic body of work is "Love Is Always There".  

    Check it out below (if you have spotify):

  • Dave East Is Putting In Work

    I have yet to fully indulge in Rihanna's latest sonic body of work ANTI but from the praises of adoring fans, it seems that the album is on point.

    One track in particular that's getting tons of buzz is Riri's "Work" featuring Rap's golden boy Drizzy Drake. I literally just heard the single and it definitely stays true to the under-boob tatoo'd crooner's string of hits by having a brain-sticking melody!

    Rising New york Lyricist Dave East took a swing at the banger and created his very own 'Eastmix'.  Listen to the outcome below:

  • Day & Night

    To keep it clean, this song makes me miss having a girlfriend with 'a heart of gold'.

    The sensational ballad I'm talking about is conjured up by OVO Sound 's Pop/R&B boy band Majid Jordan.  The group has been on a phenomenal run, delibating nothing but awesome tunes and their latest "Day & Night" is no different.  The song induces a chill, cozy vibe that perfectly sets the soundtrack of a nightcap full of foreplay with your significant other.

    Be on the lookout for their self-titled debut album releasing February 5th.  For now indulge in their latest jam below:

  • October Firm

    This afternoon, Drake and his OVO conglomerate will host the 14th episode of their boomin' OVO Sound radio show on Apple Music's Beats 1.

    Drizzy has been toying with the world on Instagram, showcasing engaging flicks of him in the studio supposedly working on his much anticipated Views From The 6 album.  Hopefully, The 6 God will randomly bless us with a single from the project during today's segment (he's the master of surpises so it's believable).

    The show will commence at 3pm PST/ 6 pm EST, so stay tuned!

  • Kanye Speaks The Truth

    Kanye West ushered in 2016 with a brand-spanking new tune titled "Facts" produced by scorching producers Metro Boomin and Southside.

    On December 31st, 2014 'Ye dropped a sentimental ballad dedicated to his babygirl North, but this NYE things were a bit....aggressive.  The new jam, inspired by Drake & Future's (I was about to say Josh real quick) colossal club banger "Jumpman", takes some pretty expensive shots at NIKE and even the former TV dad that America adored Bill Cosby.

    To keep it 100, I didn't like the song too much but Yeezus did spit all #facts so it earned my respects.  Listen to the song HERE.  

    Apparently, Mr. West didn't want blogs to share it via their platform :-(

  • OVO LA Flagship Store

    Leave it to up to Liam MacRae to righteously capture the old-school California vibes that is found in OVO's recently released trailer for their LA Flagship store.  The clip features Drizzy Drake and one of Cali's baddest mamis Christina Santini as they ride out into the sunset cladded in the latest owl emblem'd gear.

    I was fortunate enough to get aquainted with Liam during my BAPE days and he's definitely a man who is passionate about his art.  From directing PartyNextDoor's dimed-out "Break From Toronto" music video, to shooting commercials for the biggest streetwear brands, the young visionary is on a mission to conquer it his own pace.

    If you're on the west coast, be sure to check out OVO's flagship store located at 130 N. La Brea Ave this Saturday. Sound....sound....sound....sound (damn, that was corny, sorry).

    Check out the trailer below:

  • OVO Women's 2015 Capsule

    It's only right that Drake releases a special collection from his clothing line for all of the beautiful girls that love Beyonce (and him obviously).

    Some may argue that this OVO Women's 2015 Capsule is better than any of the garments Yeezy has to offer and uhmmmm yeah no comment (haha).  Be on the lookout for these dime'd out ready to wear pieces to drop at the OVO store on November 21st and online store November 28th.

    Check 'em out below:

  • Justine Skye's Ultimate Mash Up

    Last night, Justine Skye surprised her unicorns with a rather unique skyemix featuring two of today's notorious singles.

    Y'all probably won't comprehend how Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" & What A Time To Be Alive duo's "Diamonds Dancing" can possible be co-exist in one track, but leave it to the brooklyn songstress to get it done.  Remember when fellow Brooklynite Jay Z infamously stated "difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week" , well Justine ran with that exact spirit to make this mash-up sensational.

    Check it out below:

  • Phone Down, I Repeat Phone Down

    Not only has Erykah Badu created her very own, exceptional version of Drake's "Hotline Bling", she just unleashed a track that serves as a rebuttal against the phone friendly tune.

    That's right, the soulful songstress with the bodacious bottom is letting you all know (especially Drizzy) to put the gotdamn "Phone Down" in her new single. I mean, who would want to be on their cellular device around Ms. Badu, she's surely a feast for sore eyes.....and ears.

    Check out the jam below and be on the lookout out for Erykah's forthcoming mixtape But You Can't Use My Phone due out Thanksgiving week.

  • Bieber's Blinging Hotline

    The next batter up to take a swing at Drake's "Hotline Bling" is his fellow Canadian mega star Justin Bieber.  As you can already guess, the 21 year old pop icon hit it out the park with this one.

    Remaining true to the jam's 'telemarketing' essence, Justin gifted the remix via telephone to anyone who was willing to bling a Northwestern Michigan phone number that he provided on Instagram.  The audible was available on soundcloud last night for the world to hear but now is no where to be found.

    Maybe, it'll be premiered on today's OVO Sound Radio episode...who knows!

  • We The Best x OVO Sound Radio

    OVO Sound Radio will be returning with it's 9th episode later today featuring Texan super rap producer Eric Dingus and the world famous DJ Khaled.

    This past week, Khaled has been on a tireless press run promoting his newly released I Changed A Lot compilation which features the biggest players in Hip Hop.  It's only right that the multi-faceted producer is now invited to serve as a Guest on the hottest Beats 1 radio show (I mean, OVO knows better so they wouldn't play themselves).

    Looking forward to indulge in the 'smart' mixes!

  • Drake Marketability

    Move over Kanye, it seems that Drake has an even stronger death grip on Pop culture!

    Not only did Drizzy down right steal the shine from D.R.A.M. by releasing his own take of "Cha Cha" the 6 God unleashed an addictively vibrant clip of "Hotline Bling" that is undoubtedly propelling the single to #1 status on Billboard 's Hot 100 Chart!

    Now, I leave it up to you guys to judge if Aubrey is wrong or not for eclipsing a budding artist's spotlight, but one thing that is a fact is his ability to sell the sh*t out of anything that he touches.  The shiny cherry red Moncler Maya Down puffer jacket that Drake wore in his Monday released visual has been flying off the shelves!  According to a Moncler spokesman, on Tuesday it sold more than double the number of jackets than it typically does on a regular day (mind you, it costs about $1,150 ).

    I wonder if Canada Goose is blinging Drake's hotline right now to scold him for his decision to sport the competition.

  • Hotline Bling Video

    Finally!  A music video that stunningly compliments it's sonic counterpart.

    Today, Drake was scheduled to deliver the much anticipated visual for his post summer anthem "Hotline Bling" and surely went above and beyond in true 'Jumpman' style by keeping his promise.  Drizzy enlisted fellow legendary Canadian Director X (formerly known as Little X) to capture the vibrancy of the single's sounds.  

    God bless whoever casted all of the fine bare tings in the clip, I mean what's a hotline without some sexy ass females on the other end?  Also, shout out to the iconic choreographer Tanisha Scott for blessing us with a feast for our sore eyes.  I mean got-damn, that woman got more enticing moves than Stephen Curry behind the three point line. 

    I could go on and on about this clip but I'll just be delaying the goodness that you are about to experience (if you haven't seen it already).  indulge below:

  • The Diamonds Are Really Dancing

    Hip Hop's latest and greatest duo are indeed balling in the middle of Rap's arena with no jersey, flossing their WATTBA championship rings!

    Drake and Future celebrated the success of their recently released joint mixtape by treating themselves with a pair of gigantic, diamond encrusted pinky rings.  This is just a classic case of art imitating life.  The entire project conveyed that the mega-star rappers were winning it all and needed "Big Rings".  Shit, even the cover art was consumed with sparkling crystals to insinuate their epicness.  

    It's only right to bring it all to life.  After all, it is a time to be alive!

  • Erykah Badu's Hotline

    Man, who knew a remix of a cover could be so damn amazing!  The queen of psychedelic soul Erykah Badu just dropped her very own rendition of Drake's cover (Hotline Bling) which is originally D.R.A.M.'s smash hit "Cha Cha".  What a backstory right?

    This remix should remind everyone why the ultimate "bag lady" is such a legend at what she does.  Ms. Badu's melodies really do take you to a higher realm of sonic enjoyment.

    Indulge below...oh and make sure you put that clicker over the replay button as soon as the song ends because you'll want to hear it at least 20 times over.

  • What A Time To Be Number 1

    Huge surprise right?  Sike!  The 6 God and the infamous Codeine Guzzler's project What A Time To Be Alive has topped (pause, ha) the Billboard Hot 200 charts.  According to concrete sources, it is stated that the "surprising" mixtape is projected to have sold a sensational 340k in the first week (379K including streams).

    This is an incredible feat for the respective Rap gods as they each hit their second number one sonic body of work this year!  When Views From The 6 drops, it'll surely be Drizzy's third home-run in Hip Hop's stadium.

  • My Way (Official Video)

    Mr. "last year I ain't have no address, this year I got 5" has finally unleashed the video counterpart to his international smash hit "My Way".  

    To be honest, Fetty really didn't have to put out a visual for the song because it organically rose to ethereal heights.  The 6 God even decided to chime in a verse and you already what sort of miracles can occur after such cosign.

    Look out for the faux dreadlocked superstar's much anticipated self-titled debut album's release this Friday.  For now, indulge in the clip featuring fellow Remy Boyz player Monty below:

  • OVO x FBG Mixtape Release

    After Drake attended the superstar studded fashion show of Kanye West's Yeezy season 2 collection, he went running with his woes through the cobbled streets of SoHo to visit some of the area's hottest boutiques.  One of the shops that he showed face was my old stomping grounds BAPE NYC where he told some of my former staff members the release date of his much anticipated mixtape with the dread-locked FreeBandz Gang leader Future.

    According to Jeanito (pictured above), Drizzy is set to unleash the collaborative project tomorrow!  There is no official press release of the scorching news but as we all know Aubrey is a mastermind when it comes to marketing and what's better than word of mouth.  Right?

    Let's just wait and see what happens demain.  Hopefully DJ Clue will drop a bomb on it!

  • Tell Your Friends (Remix)

    Just when you thought The Weeknd's scorching banger "Tell Your Friends" produced by Kanye West couldn't get any better, the 6 God swoops down from his thrown to annoint the track with a quick verse.

    In the sensual rework, Drake mentions a certain special someone stating,

    "Your body insane in person/Wanna do special things for you, you deserve it/but you too famous to buy you purses/that barely scratches the surface/This time it’s different, you give me purpose"

    Could it be that Drizzy is pouring his immortal heart to the queen of the green courts Serena Williams?!  Hey, he's just eeeeevolvin' (you'll get the joke after you listen to the jam).

    Indulge below:

  • Amir Obe

    Underneath all the hoopla of Meek Mill & Drake’s rap beef, artists who may not be on your radar are releasing notable jams. Detroit bred rapper Amir Obe has been grinding for years and is now finally receiving the praise that he much deserves.  From touring with PND to working on the 6 God’s latest record-breaking mixtape IYRTITL, the stylish spitter is surely on his way to the top.

    I was initially acquainted with Amir at the BAPE store about 3 years ago.  As a matter of fact, during that time he went by the rap moniker Phreshy Duzit and I would always feature his numerous bangers on my old blog. It’s a treat to see that he has reinvented himself and making even higher caliber music!

    Rock out to not one but three of Amir’s latest sounds below:

  • Drake's Fiery Encore

    “Oh man, oh man not again!”  Yup, the boy infamously known as Champagne Papi has returned once more to mercilessly ‘Hadouken’ (do ya research to get that joke) the shit out of Meek Mill’s claims that he isn’t an authentic lyricist.  I mean, The Philly Dream Chaser didn’t even retaliate to “Charged Up” but Drake made sure that Meek was K.O’d regardless of the fact he was lifeless from the initial sonic jab.

    There's really nothing else to say because I'm pretty much trying to wrap my head around how this whole "rap sirloin" came about.  All I know is that Drizzy is Super Saiyan'd up and ready to counter each and every attack.

    Indulge in his latest maneuver below:

  • Drizzy Is Charged Up

    Drake kept quiet during Meek Mill’s animated twitter rant about the authenticity of his penmanship until yesterday during the much-anticipated second episode of OVO Sound’s show on Beats 1.  In true 6 God nature, Drizzy released a new song titled “Charged Up” where he passive aggressively snatches the Philly rapper’s soul.

    Now “The Boy” never once mentioned Meek’s name on the record but if you listened between the lines you’ll know exactly where the yoga flames are directed.  What makes this rebuttal so ill is that Drake is spitting over a mellow beat-- not once breaking out of his usual calm character.

    Will we hear a raging comeback from Nicki’s boo? Only time will tell, but for now indulge in the silent killing serenade below:

  • Big Tunes

    Man, shout out to Drake and the whole OVO Sound crew for having the best ear in music right now. Virtually any song that Drizzy decides to partake in blows up like Hiroshima in 1945 (too soon?).

    A few days ago, the 6 God and his trustee Noah “40” Shebib conducted their first ever DJ set on Beats1 radio.  For an entire hour, the incomparable duo gifted the world with notorious hits including some sonic gems never before heard.

    One of Drake’s unreleased scorchers is actually a remix of superstar Nigerian artist Wizkid’s banger titled “Ojuelegba” featuring ‘shutdown’ spitter Skepta. Its official CDQ just dropped earlier today! 

    Indulge in it below:

  • The Homies Tryinna Smash

    The recently hospitalized Juicy J dropped a new song that’ll potentially serve as this summer’s ratchet anthem. The promiscuous tune, titled “Tryinna Fuck”, features green-eyed bandit Ty Dolla Sign and Drizzy Drake.

     Check it out below:

  • Kehlani & Ambre Perkins Preach

    Kehlani is certainly devouring all of the tracks she graces!  This time around, the tatted up songbird received a little help from New Orleans own Ambré Perkins to conjure up one hell of a sermon inspired by Drizzy and PartyNextDoor’s hit “Preach”.

     Get anointed below:


  • OVO 2015 Spring Lookbook

    Drake is an international mega star trumping all of his peers in the world of music.  It’s only right that he takes his unprecedented power into other realms! Recently, the 6 God unleashed the lookbook for the 2015 spring collection of his OVO line.

    To keep it clean, I’m not really sure if Drizzy is going to extend this endeavor into a bigger fashion entity but it’s definitely not your average artist “merch”.  The boy bringing velour back (as well as ‘Ye) so let’s definitely give him a round of applause (haha).

     Indulge in the looks below:

  • Up&Down On A Tuesday

    Last night, Super Chef Makonnen held his Drink More Water 5 mixtape release party at one of NYC's infamous nightspots Up&Down.  The festivities didn't stop there though!  In the upper section of the venue, Ja Rule made a pleasant surprise appearance performing many of his greatest hits.  Shit, in that moment it really felt like Murder Inc. had the whole game on lock again!

    My brother and exceptional Lensman Elijah Dominique tagged along to capture some of the awesome moments at the event. Check out the flicks below:

    Shot out to the homie Shabazz of Electric Circus for a dope evening! 

  • Justine Got Bands

    Man, it's no surprise that Justine Skye is rocketing to superstardom!  I met the Brooklyn Songstress just once while working at BAPE but the awesome aura she possesed sparked my spidey-senses to predict her potent level of future success.

    In the wee hours of last night (right after the airing of Justin Bieber's sensational roast), Justine gifted her fans with her scorching skyemix of the 6 God's trap anthem "10 Bands".  Check it out below:


  • Lizzie Ramotar For FRNDY LMRN

    Even the legendary Stevie Wonder could see that Drake is the ultimate God of the “6” but it is just as honorable to recognize the females that inhabit Drizzy’s hometown because they are simply Divine. Allow me to introduce Toronto’s very own Lizzie Ramotar.  She is a multi-talented inspiring Actress and Fashion Blogger that will conquer the industry in due time.

    Recently, the T dot babe took it upon herself to have a simple yet potent shoot in her FRNDY LMRN Tee and you already know I had to give y’all the scoop on it.

    Indulge in the awesome flicks below:

  • Sean's Big Week

    Newly signed Ciroc Boy Big Sean had one hell of a week due to his evangelic #1 album Dark Sky Paradise.  Director Zeno Jones shot an action packed clip documenting the inspiring set of events that went down as the G.O.O.D Music golden child toured the states celebrating his latest sonic offering.

    Indulge in it below:


  • Blessed

    Big Sean's latest studio project Dark Sky Paradise is headed to numero uno on the Billboard 200 chart!  This will be Sean Don's first ever project to reach such ultimate height.  This surely proves that Kanye West delivered in the promise of being involved more in his G.O.O.D Music protégé's body of work.

    Earlier today, Ariana's hubby unleashed the much anticipated visual of his benedicting single "Blessings" featuring 'Ye and "the biggest boss besides Rick Ross", Aubrey Graham aka Drake.  Indulge in it below:


  • Jungle

    Toronto's beloved Drizzy Drake has surprisingly unleashed an ominous yet inspirational short film rightfully titled "Jungle". The clip takes place in the winter wonderland of T Dot and features vintage footage of the 6ix God alongside his longtime OVO conglomerates which include it's founder Oliver El-Khatib, DJ Future The Prince and the homie Niko.

    Real shit, this vid will make you reminisce on the days trying to come up in the game.  You can never judge a person without knowing exactly what they have surpassed to accomplish all of their present feats.  Much love to all the grinders.  We may not be "there" yet but we aren't where we started *drake voice*.

    Indulge below:


  • Big Sean Is Blessed

    Big Sean is surely on an immaculate roll-out plan, steadily unleashing the content that he so diligently worked on.  Apart from the trailer of his forthcoming studio album and it's official artwork, the Detroit player anointed his fans with a godly track titled "Blessings" featuring 2 of the greatest present day lyrical prophets Drizzy Drake and Kanye West.

    This song so dope you'll catch the holy ghost!  Indulge below:



  • The Weeknd Recognition

    A few days ago, The Weeknd righteously earned the Alan Slaight Award for his incredible achievements in the music industry.  Have no clue what the hell that is?  No worries, I'll explain.  The accolade was created by Canada's Walk of Fame and is given to young Canadians who transfomed their talent into a worldy inspiration.  Past recipients include Abel's big homie Drizzy Drake (I mean, if he didn't get one something is terribly wrong with the 6).

    Check out the recap below:


  • How Bout Now

    Talk about shitting on your ex!  Drake has just unleashed a brand new track titled "How Bout Now" that serves as the perfect anthem for anyone that has drastically advanced from their past unappreciative significant other.  It's no surprise that Drizzy's latest tune is a banger.  Shit, it's unfair how sonically intact he and his whole production team is.

    No information has been given on the release of the Toronto Rap King's forthcoming studio album Views From The 6 but this hit will do just fine while we patiently await. Indulge below.....oh and please refrain from sending hateful texts to your old boo (it'll be hard, I know!):


  • OVO Makonnen

    "I just did 3 in a row, them articles are back to back to back now!".  The moment you all have been waiting for has finally arrived!  Newly signed OVO member Makonnen has unveiled the visual counterpart to the scorching remix of "Tuesday" featuring his boss/comrade Drizzy Drake.  The video feature the two and their OVO Sound affiliates doing what they do best in the club - sippin' on gas and of course surrounded by the hottest babes in Toronto (well, at least I think thats where they shot the vid).

    Furthermore, The Goodwin directed clip displays various people in all parts of the country getting down to the jam in their own unique fashion.  Shit, if they captured me grooving to it would be in the bathroom as I'm meticulously shaving my head in the AM.  You already know how the Black Mr. Clean does it!

    Indulge below:


  • DnF

    "I hit yo instagram and click 'like' on like every picture!". Drake and his Reps Up comrade P. Reign has unveiled the Behind The Scenes music video footage of their collaborative single with Future titled "DnF" (short for Drunk N F*ck). If you aren't aware, the alluring tune is from the Canadian spitter's recently released Dear America EP which can be found on iTunes.  

    This track is certainly what Drizzy and his crew embody - smoothness and lots of thong poppin' (haha, sorry that probably didn't make sense...but you get what I'm saying!). Check out the teaser below:


  • PND & Drizzy Goes Home

    Party Next Door and Drake brought their talents back to Toronto a few nights ago for PND's show at the Mod Club theater.  Per usual, the OVO Sound titans performed their undeniable banger "Recognize" in front of a sold out crowd filled with the baddest b*tches you've ever laid your eyes upon (I wasn't in attendance to witness but shit, this is T Dot we're talking about!).

    Shout out to the homie Music Video Director Liam Macrae for stopping by the shop with Party a few weeks ago.  Both are extremely talented and humble dudes that are destined to do even greater things.  Check out the clip below: