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  • Morning After

    Although DVSN is pronounced "division," there is nothing divisive about their soul-catching and hip thrusting induced tunes.  The OVO Sound duo is furthering their R&B reign by releasing their much-anticipated sophomore album entitled, "Morning After."

    Daniel Daley and producer Ninteen85's latest sonic masterpiece consists of 13 songs that truly serves as the ideal soundtrack for the 'morning after' a romantic evening with your significant other. ( Sorry, no side boo music here, folks.)

    Stream the full album below...preferably while pillow talking:

  • The Three Amigos

    So, Lebron James, Drake and Chris Bosh walk into a bar……...oh, you expected me to finish the joke?  Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not a pro comedian. What I can say, though, is that the three amigos did have an amazing conversation at Fring's in Toronto.

    As part of Lebron's UNINTERRUPTED program, the trio caught up and spoke about their camaraderie and rise to glory.  As you'll see, Drizzy was right about the 'no new friends' ting all along.

    Check out the engaging clip below:

  • Freudian

    One of my favorite new artists, Daniel Caesar, has just released his much-awaited debut album titled, Freudian.

    The surprise project is nothing short of mesmerizing as it features 10 ethereally soulful tracks, which include features from Caesar's frequent collaborator Kali Uchis, Syd (from The Internet), H.E.R and Charlotte Day Wilson.

    Man, I'm telling you, If I had a wifey right now my Friday night plans would consist of diced pinneaples, two bottles of rosé, and this album spinning until the early morn while we, you know, get our adulting on.

    Check out the Toronto crooner's latest sonic compilation for yourself below:

  • Hosea's Ultimate Hustle

    When you know what you want out of life at an early age, the faster it’ll be to manifest your deepest desires. The universe always provides­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­––especially when one’s eyes are fully focused on the prize.  While most 22-year-olds are gearing up to face the real world after four eventful years of college, Hosea Choga is already living an abundant life as a Developer.

    Born and raised in Toronto, Hosea and his twin sister grew up in a home where real estate was at its very core. “My parents were always in the business growing up so it was always familiar to me,” he states. Choga’s father and mother are Zimbabwean immigrants who instilled in him the value of honest, hard work.  When Hosea was 13 he got his first job at Canada’s top coffee shop, Tim Horton’s.  Shortly after, the determined teenager decided to get right into the family business where he's been flourishing ever since.

    I recently sat down with Choga to discuss his early beginnings in the real estate industry, biggest accomplishments and how exactly he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Check out our conversation below:

    FRENDY: The energy surrounding Toronto has surely grown since your days there as a child.  How do you feel about everything that’s transpiring?

    HOSEA: The energy of the city is remarkable!  I feel like it was always there, but with Toronto getting more exposure globally it's more vibrant than ever. I'm really happy with everything that's happening, like a lot of people from Toronto are proud of it and you can make a name for yourself right here.  You don't have to go to New York for exposure.  We've really grown and people from other places are always curious about life in Toronto. We're such a diverse community––I grew up with people of completely different backgrounds, religions, color all just mixed into this city we call the “6.”

    A lot of people in Toronto have a certain way of talking; it's almost like an accent if you're not from the city. It’s like a Jamaican, UK mixed with Canadian type of slang, which Drake kind of pushed in the spotlight. Most people will know if you're from Toronto based on your style, the slang and just the vibes it's pretty unique.

    FRENDY: What a time to be alive in T Dot right? It’s funny because we’re having this convo literally right after Drake finally released his highly anticipated project, More Life. You must be motivated more than ever after listening to it.

    HOSEA: Yes, I'm I am very motivated by Drake. I used to watch him on Degrassi and also watched him turn himself into a global superstar, while pretty much putting Toronto on the map in the music industry. I relate to his music because I feel like we're very similar people. I'm also a fan of the way he handles his brand and business. I've been listening to More Life non-stop!  It's cool to see someone that's from your city reach that level of success. He took a risk doing music and at the beginning people didn't really have a lot love for the guy.  Depsite it all, he remained true to his values and I respect that.

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the topic of motivation, what compelled you to take a plunge into the real estate world?  Did your parents push you towards it?

    HOSEA:  Because I was around it for so long, I really started to understand more and more about the business and just enjoyed the process. My parents always gave me the option to do whatever I wanted; I chose to do something I enjoyed. I guess for me you could say working on a development project can be compared to working on an album where you put in months of work, build from nothing and put an endless amount effort.  Furthermore, multiple people contribute to perfect the project.

    FRENDY: That’s a great comparison. How old were you when you embarked on your journey as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I started to take real estate seriously after high schooI-–I was 18. It wasn’t easy at first because I kind of watched all my friends go to school and do the whole college experience. But I’m grateful for the way everything turned out.

    FRENDY: I could imagine how isolated you felt. What were your initial duties as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I did a lot of property management when I was younger.  I really got experience dealing with different types of people. I try to create schedules, depending on timelines and costs, make sure everyone is aware of their roles and the time they have to complete each job, basically making sure everything is running smoothly. I also enjoy doing a little marketing as well.

    FRENDY: Are you currently working on any big projects?

    HOSEA: Yes, definitely working on some new projects in real estate and getting involved in tech also. I can't say too much but this is going to be a great year for me and I'm very humbled and grateful.

    FRENDY: Nice! Hopefully we’ll get a part two of this going so you can finally unveil what the projects are. When you’re not hustling, what do you do for fun?

    HOSEA: I definitely will!  My idea of fun is trying out different restaurants and traveling.  Basically just trying new things.  I also enjoy calling up a group of my close friends and just kicking back, joking around and whatever.

    FRENDY: I took a quick look at your Instagram and to say that you’re low-key would be an understatement, though, I can tell you’re making major moves.  The best way to describe your account is “calm but heavy,” as Juan would say.

    HOSEA: *Laughs* Yea that's exactly how I would describe it. I'm pretty private, I like to just to keep it relaxed and post whatever I think is cool at the time.  There's no real theme or anything, it's just me being myself.  But I definitely got some special things coming in the near future and I love using Instagram as platform to share.

    FRENDY: Do you have any other passions besides being a Developer?  Are you heavily into fashion and music?

    HOSEA: I wouldn't say I'm heavily into music and fashion but I'm definitely a fan of hip hop and trap music. I'm a fan of all the young kids coming up and making bangers.  People hate on them but they're good at the music they make, which is Trap.  Future I think is one of the greats of our time! Drake, PartyNextDoor and NAV have been on my playlist lately.

    I'm into chill fashion--I'd say I think my style is pretty random.  Most days it's John Elliott with some Chelsea boots, and other days it's a Supreme hoodie with some Vans, or Palace with some Yeezys. Really all depends on the could be a Fear of God flannel and some Visvims. Whatever vibe is for the day.

    FRENDY: I feel you. You’re basically a chameleon when it comes to style.  It's safe to say that your hard work is allowing you to fully indulge in anything that you please––whether it's traveling or dining virtually anywhere. What advice do you have for those who desire to live a lavish lifestyle but have no idea how to actually get their funds up?

    HOSEA: I feel like if you're doing anything at all, you should do it for yourself and not anyone else. I think patience is key, just keep putting in hard work and effort.  However you choose to reward yourself is up to you. I think you shouldn't really compare your life to anyone else's because everyone's situation is different, but if you're looking for inspiration and motivation I encourage that. I'd just say put in the work and everything will fall into place.

  • Some Way (Official Video)

    XO 's latest signee NAV has just released the visual for his hit single titled "Some Way," featuring The Weeknd.

    Directed by RJ Sanchez, the clip features DJ Khaled & Drake's talented lovechild (did, I just make a funny?) and Abel frolicking around a bunch of models during a sexy yet light-hearted photoshoot.

    Check out the vid below:

  • 2017 Tory Lanez

    Tory Lanez has no time for games as he releases not one but two mixtapes in the very beginning of 2017 titled The New Toronto 2 and Chixtape 4.

    The multi-talented spitter keeps both of his projects stimulating by contrasting their sounds.  On The New Toronto 2 tape, Tory delivers his usual, airy vocals on a number of trap beats, while Chixtape 4 provides remixes of classic hits like Fat Joe's Ashanti and Ja Rule assisted banger "What's Luv?," and R. Kelly's "Ignition."  Lanez even chopped up the Disney Channel 's "Proud Family" show theme song (originally sang by Solange & Destiny's Child) to make an R&B scorcher!

    Check out the jams below:


  • Daniel Caesar

    Happy New Year everyone!  I am truly awakening to a new state where time does not exist, but I really do wish you guys all the success in this "new" moment.  Remaining grateful will automatically attract endless opportunities, so don't give up the faith through seemingly difficult situations.

    Speaking of growth, Daniel Caesar is undoubtedly budding into a bonafide star!  The talented singer-songwriter has previously released various soul-soothing EPs and is showing no signs of slowing down.  After dropping his 2015 Pilgrim's Paradise project, Daniel unleashed a lover's anthem featuring Kali Uchis titled "Got You,"  in November.

    While we patiently await for new tunes from the flourishing Toronto artist, check out the video for one of my favorite cuts he's offered called "Violet."  Shout out to the homie Liam MacRae for directing it.

  • Interview With A Nightlife Vampire (Trailer)

    Merlin Bronques recently unleashed a babe-filled trailer of his forthcoming documentary titled, Interview With A Nightlife Vampire.

    For those who aren't in the know, the Canadian creative is a genius when it comes to capturing the very essence of a popping party.  Merlin's forthcoming release will be yet another visual display of his uncanny ability to penetrate the "awkward" barrier, which ultimately transforms a total stranger into his very own personal muse (still trying to figure out how he does it).

    Alongside an assortment of modelesque scene girls, the 37-second teaser features Major Lazer and Theophilus London, as they are showcased doing what they do best.

    Bronques has not stated the project's release date, but I'm sure its not too far away for our viewing pleasure.  For now, check out the clip below:

  • NYC OVO Flagship Store

    Well, the moment all of the east coast Drizzy fans have been patiently waiting for has finally arrived.  Oliver El-Khatib and Drake's prospering OVO clothing line will finally be opening a New York City flagship store!

    The news was unveiled on the brand's official Instagram page, which featured a flick showcasing a slew of the Halloween gang members cladded in blue and white OVO owl emblem hoodies, with the caption: "#NYWELCOMEOVO 12.10.16. " 

    The crew hasn't officially stated they will actually debut an NYC brick-and-mortar shop on the 10th, but one can rightfully assume that it is going to happen.  Especially after the suspenseful clip that was unleashed yesterday.

    Lets see what happens next! Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't know about the brand's backstory, check out my Grailed published write-up to catch up. Simply click here to read it.
  • Air Jordan 12 OVO

    For months now, the 6 God foot-teased the world with a heavenly white and gold colorway of the Air  Jordan 12 OVOs.  I'm happy to announce that the coveted sneaker finally has a release date.

    According to Sneaker News, Drake's latest kicks ($225) will be unleashed by Jordan Brand on Saturday, October 1st through a Nike SNKRS drawing.  The drawing will occur at 10am.

    Good luck!

  • Not Nice

    "Girl you're not nice, you're rude!"  All the fellas will spew out those very words when they get denied by a bad ting during the remainder of summer 2016.

    PartyNextDoor took the phrase to new heights of dissapointment in his new island vibed tune, "Not Nice."  Party croons about the agony caused by his significant other stating, "want me to feel like I'm new, want me to watch you do you."  Fortunately, all it takes to diffuse the situation is a good ol' dry humping session on the dance floor (haha).

    PND's P3 album is slated to drop exclusively on Apple Music on July 29th and everywhere else August 12th.  For now, indulge in his latest chune below:

  • Majid Jordan Makes It Work

    OVO Sound 's not so secret weapon, Majid Jordan, released the visual for, "Make It work," the 2nd track off their self-titled debut album.

    Director Aaron A. provides a hazy 80's feel to the clip, which perfectly suits the record's old school electronic r&b vibes. The lead singer of the duo, Majid, is seen combating temptation ( well, not really) to make it all work with his main blond mami.  On the other hand, Jordan is in the cut (per usual), looking cool and minding his own business with a fine ass lady friend.

    Watch the drama unfold below:

  • Mañana

    Rising Egyptian-Canadian Rapper Ramriddlz has unleashed the bonus track from his latest project Venis.

    The tune, titled "Mañana", most certainly provides the riddims most suitable for the forthcoming hot weather.  Check it out below:

  • Aaron's World

    BAPE NYC served as a medium to encounter so many incredible people.  From iconic entertainers and fashion gods to multi-millionaire businessmen, the second floor of the ‘Busy Workshop’ was my personal space for meeting sessions with them all.

    I’ve had several moments of forgetfulness when dealing with certain past acquaintances. In some cases, my attentive silence during a conversation was just my way of trying to figure out who I was actually speaking to (no offense, of course).

    Aaron is surely not on my list of Forgettables.  The stylish Canadian has been a loyal BAPE customer ever since my Omarion braid days.  A year before my departure from Nigo’s former fashion empire, Aaron stopped by the shop to cash out (per usual). That was my first time seeing him in ages, so we definitely reminisced and since then remained in contact through social media.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover he had quite a strong following on the Internet.

    Aaron’s nonchalant showing of his splendid lifestyle online prompted me to have a sit-down with him to dig a little deeper into his wonderful world.  There’s always more than what meets the eye, so this will be a perfect chance to really understand the man behind the grandeur. Enjoy!

    FRENDY: Alot of people may know you strictly from Instagram where your flex fits and lavish lifestyle are on full display. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about you?

    Aaron: One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I only buy and like "expensive" things. That is 100% false. I am a resourceful and smart shopper. Rarely do I ever buy things at retail, and if I do pay retail; chances are I sell some things that I don't wear anymore to help make closet space. I never just go blow money for no reason. I'm not the type of person to buy something just to flex on Instagram and then end up selling it the day after. If you scroll all the way down on my Instagram to the first few photos, you will see that I've been wearing and copping fresh shit from the start. I'm not new to the streetwear/fashion culture. I've been on ISS since 2007 and did not suddenly start buying gear since Instagram started. I actually kind of hate this new Instagram hypebeast culture because I know over 90% of these guys you see "flexing" don't know shit about the history of sneaker/streetwear game and just started buying because they can get some likes. If you notice on my pics, I never tag brands or use hashtags. That shit is wack and just shows you how bad these people care about getting more followers & likes from the shoes or clothes that they are wearing. You can smell the corniness of people through the iPhone screen from their 20 hashtags and 15 tags. 

    FRENDY: Which part of Canada are you from exactly?

    Aaron: I'm from Toronto, Canada. 6ix side let it fly.

    FRENDY: What was your childhood like there?

    Aaron: My childhood was sports 24/7. I played competitive AAA hockey from 9 till I was 14. Then I changed to competitive tennis from 14 to 18. I was playing a lot of tournaments and was training almost every day. Balancing school, sports, and work was hard for me because the hours were insane. I remember having to bring my tennis bag with me into Champs Sports on some days because I didn't have time to go home. I would go straight from the tennis courts to the mall and clock in for my shift. Champs taught me a lot about time management though.

    FRENDY: The last time I saw you at my old workplace you were with a couple of friends, 2 of which included the famous Bent-Lee brothers. How long have you known them for?

    Aaron: I've known the Bent-Lee brothers since I was 14. We all played tennis growing up so we would see each other at tournaments all the time. Me and Kai have had some crazy battles throughout our OTA (Ontario Tennis Association) careers. A lot of broken rackets and questionable calls happened. We also all went to the same high school together, Vaughan Road Academy. To be 100% honest with you, Kai was the first person that influenced me in the sneaker game. He would always show up with a brand new pair of Nike SB's. He was on that shit early during the pink box era. 

    FRENDY: Can you tell me about Fring’s?

    Aaron: Fring's is that place in Toronto where you can get an amazing meal and feel like you're somewhere else in the world. The vibe of the restaurant is like no other in our city. Where else can you eat oysters and chicken sliders while listening to trap music? 

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the subject of restaurants, what are some of your favorite spots to dine in?

    Aaron: The majority of my favorite spots are actually in NYC. I think Ben's Pizza in SoHo is one of the best I've had! J.G. Melon's on 3rd & 74th makes a crazy cheeseburger. Minetta Tavern's "Black Label" burger is on point as well. I'm a big burger guy so of course I love Shake Shack. But, I think In N Out is better. 

    FRENDY: I’m sure tons of people are dying to know so I’ll just go ahead and ask; what is your occupation?

    Aaron: I own We are currently going through re-development right now, but be on the lookout for the new launch. 

    FRENDY: You’re a pretty fly fella; do you have any interest in entering the fashion realm?

    Aaron: I am actually helping my boy open up a fashion boutique in Toronto. I just want to help bring a unique shopping experience to the city. The shopping up here is not the greatest, so it would be great to have a refreshing spot.

    FRENDY: What are some of your favorite brands at the moment?

    Aaron: My favorite brands are APL, Saint Laurent, BAPE, Supreme, Fear of God, Balmain and John Elliott.

    FRENDY: I see that you’re an avid traveler.   Out of the many places you have been globally, which is your favorite?

    Aaron: The best place I've been to has to be Italy. The food is just so good out there. Best meals I've had are all in Italy. The culture over there is very laid back and easy going.

    FRENDY: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Aaron: In 10 years I see myself feeling good, living better.

    FRENDY: Thank you for taking the time to shed more light on your life.  Are there any last words you’ll like to leave with the readers?

    Aaron: Stay humble, stay hungry. We are all just trying to live better than yesterday.

    Written by: Frendy Lemorin

    Photos by: Omair Khan

  • Drake's Vision Is Clear

    Beyonce might of dominated the weekend with her thirst quenching LEMONADE but Drake made sure to make his presence felt on Monday as he released a slew of information pertaining to OVO 's happenings.

    Not only did Drizzy release his coveted forthcoming album cover, the T. dot 'Controlla' surprised fans by unveiling the line up for the seventh annual OVO Fest and Summer Sixteen Tour !

    Check out all the deets below:

  • The 6 God's Vengeance

    The internet has blessed us with two new offerings from the 6 God.

    There's no clue on where these sonic masterpieces will end up, but they sure provide some much needed new sounds from Drake as he prepares to release his forthcoming album Views From The 6.  Hands down the best song out of the 2 is an irie chune titled "Controlla", which feature OVO affiliate Popcaan.  "These Days" is an unorthodox ballad from Mr. Champagne but he somehow still has us singing along.

    Check them out below:


  • Come and See Me

    Not too long after PartyNextDoor graced the OVO Sound showcase stage at this year's SXSW festival, he finally unleashed a brand new ballad that's sure to stick in everyone's brain.

    The sentimental tune, titled "Come and See Me", features drizzy Drake as they sing beautifully about that semi-annoying girlfriend who always wants company.  Hey, this is what occurs when you with a brotha that's on the grind baby!

    Indulge below:

  • Venis

    The Sweeterman turned Bodmon Ramriddlz is scheduled to release a new sonic compilation tomorrow titled Venis.

    In usual cheeky Riddlz fashion, the artwork for his nine-track project displays a peach that metaphorically signifies a ripe vagina (haha).  Brooklyn songstress Justine Skye is the only artist featured, while Ram's trusted producers Jaegen, RJF, 1Mind, Sevn Thomas, CVRE are all on the boards.

    Looking forward to indulge in it!

  • OVO 40 x Native Instruments

    On the heels of Drake officially announcing the April release of Views From The 6, a new interview surfaces of his trusted engineer and producer Noah "40" Shebib.

    The Grammy-winning maestro sat down with Native Instruments, which is the leading manufacturer of software and computer-based audio production and DJing, to discuss his immaculate worth ethic and music takeover with his 6 God pal.

    Check out the clip below and read the informative interview HERE.

  • OVO x Jordan 12

    Drake is making sure to keep your ears and feet clean this summer.

    Not only is the 6 God faithfully preparing to unleash his much anticipated Views From The 6 Album this April (rumored), the Jumpman spitter has a new colorway of Jordan 12s that is set to release not too long after.

    The white/gold edition of the sneaker will be made of leather and faux stingray.  Furthermore, it will consist of an OVO-branded translucent sole.

    Like an owl in the deep forest, look out for these babies!

  • August Rigo Just Wants To Drive

    Toronto bred Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire August Rigo just released an overly-smooth new single titled "Just Drive", right in time for Valentine's Day weekend.

    August is no stranger to the R&B Billboard charts, he has written hits for some of your favorite crooners like Chris Brown and even the Beibermeister himself!  I was fortunate enough to chop it up with the humble serenader this past December during a Tatoo party at a mutual friend's shop in NYC's Greenwhich Village. From our conversation, It was totally apparent that his passion for music is incomparable!

    That love is certainly apparent in his awesome sounds.  Check out Rigo's latest below:

  • Frendy's Favorite Cut

    Somewhere in a New York City brickstone loft, Emily Oberg is grinning from ear to ear, wearing an imaginary crown of heart emojis while listening to Majid Jordan’s debut self titled studio album.

    To keep it clean, I am also indulging in the electronic/r&b sounds of the Drake approved group.  Their latest project is so immaculate, I can’t even choose which song is my favorite!  Now I know I say this in every one of my FFC articles, but the situation at hand is really difficult as it is for 50 cent to stop trolling his enemies.

    Since I do have to choose one tune (excluding the previously released singles), after much thought and consideration, My favorite cut from MJ's sonic body of work is "Love Is Always There".  

    Check it out below (if you have spotify):

  • October Firm

    This afternoon, Drake and his OVO conglomerate will host the 14th episode of their boomin' OVO Sound radio show on Apple Music's Beats 1.

    Drizzy has been toying with the world on Instagram, showcasing engaging flicks of him in the studio supposedly working on his much anticipated Views From The 6 album.  Hopefully, The 6 God will randomly bless us with a single from the project during today's segment (he's the master of surpises so it's believable).

    The show will commence at 3pm PST/ 6 pm EST, so stay tuned!

  • Traphouse

    Gotdamn!  Last week, the boy Tory Lanez unleashed another banger titled "Traphouse" featuring singer Nyce.

    Everyone and their great grandma knows that Drizzy Drake is the undisputable 6 God but Tory is certainly coming up as T Dot's Jesus Christ with the way he's dropping hits.  2016 is his for sure!

    Check out the visual for the Play Picasso & Sergio R. produced tune below:

  • Wang X'O

    Last night, The Weeknd took his madness tour to the world famous Madison Square Garden stage and tore it down!  Later today, Abel will continue his terror by making a special appearance at the Alexander Wang store in SoHo to commemorate the release of his exclusive capsule with the famed brand.

    Alex Wang is also going to be in the buiding so y'all wouldn't want to miss out.  The festivities commence at 7:30pm, but for now check out the limited items that'll be unleashed from the collection below:

  • Drake Marketability

    Move over Kanye, it seems that Drake has an even stronger death grip on Pop culture!

    Not only did Drizzy down right steal the shine from D.R.A.M. by releasing his own take of "Cha Cha" the 6 God unleashed an addictively vibrant clip of "Hotline Bling" that is undoubtedly propelling the single to #1 status on Billboard 's Hot 100 Chart!

    Now, I leave it up to you guys to judge if Aubrey is wrong or not for eclipsing a budding artist's spotlight, but one thing that is a fact is his ability to sell the sh*t out of anything that he touches.  The shiny cherry red Moncler Maya Down puffer jacket that Drake wore in his Monday released visual has been flying off the shelves!  According to a Moncler spokesman, on Tuesday it sold more than double the number of jackets than it typically does on a regular day (mind you, it costs about $1,150 ).

    I wonder if Canada Goose is blinging Drake's hotline right now to scold him for his decision to sport the competition.

  • Initiation

    Toronto's next shining star Tory Lanez just dropped another banger coined "Initiation" featuring BenZel.

    Tory has been on an immaculate run of releasing hit after hit!  The Drake comparison's are getting a bit old but because they're obviously two different types of artists....they just so happen to rap and harmonize very well (haha).

    Indulge below:

  • Tory Lanez Says It

    After a whole week of torture, Tory Lanez finally releases his much-anticipated single "Say It".  Expect this banger to be on his forthcoming untitled debut studio album but you can show support now by copping it on iTunes HERE.

    Indulge in the gospel below:

  • Tory Lanez Gotta Say It

    Man listen, Toronto’s next shining star Tory Lanez dropped just a snippet of his forthcoming single “Say It” one week ago and I’m still blasting the joint at least 5 times a day!  It’s pretty cruel that the multi-talented 23-year-old crooner hasn’t released the full song yet but it surely isn’t in vain.

    According to music publications, Tory’s jam will finally be released in it's entirety tomorrow via iTunes!  Until then, enjoy the Pop Wansel produced teaser below:

  • Who Is

    I’m blessed to be friends with so many talented individuals because they inspire me to achieve great feats.  Furthermore, their offerings provide great original content that is shared with you all through this blog.

    The homie Chris Stylez dropped a sonic gem two months ago titled “Who Is” and unfortunately I was just able to experience it’s smoothness (pause).  Hey, better late than never.  Awesome music never goes sour anyway!

    The sultry single serves as the ultimate soundtrack for those late-night summer booty calls.  Indulge below:


  • The Hills

    When I first saw The Weeknd perform a new untitled song during his headlining set at Coachella there was no doubt in my mind it was an instant banger (per usual). Now, the Basquiat-esque crowned singing sensation has finally officially released the seducing tune titled "The Hills" with it’s accompanying video!

    To keep it clean, Abel has some bars in this joint! Take for example, “..I’m just trying to get you out the friendzone/ cause you look even better than the photos”.  If you don’t get that line step your metaphorical interpretation game up (haha).

    Indulge in the clip below:


  • Up For Days

    Earlier today, I paid my good friend Gus a visit. As we caught up on each other’s lives he told me about his festive evening at NYC hotspot Up & Down. He stated “I know A$AP Yams passed away (RIP) but one of the guys in The Weeknd’s entourage looked alot like him”. After hearing that unique description I automatically knew that it was Ahmad Balshe better known as Belly.

    I was first introduced to the potent Palestinian Canadian rapper a couple weeks ago on Merlin Bronques’ snapchat where he presented exclusive behind the scenes footage of Belly’s forthcoming music video for “White Girls” featuring Travis Scott.  With only a couple seconds of hearing playback, I knew this dude had some fire!  

    Luckily, Re(belly)us just dropped a full project titled Up For Days that the whole world can intake.  It features his XO superstar comrade, Coke Boy French Montana, Dipset’s Juelz Santana and obviously La Flame.

    Indulge in Belly’s latest tale below:


  • The Mummy

    Mon frère Merlin Bronques has been on an incredible rampage dominating snapchat with so much cheeky content that it would make the biggest pervert feel icky!  The minuscule clips of revelry are extremely enticing (especially when you’re watching them in bed at 3am) but what I truly miss are the lensman’s LastNightParty documentaries.

    After extensively researching for more of Merlin’s episodes, I discovered a visual that crept under my radar! Titled “The Mummy”, the video displays the ‘eureka’ moment one experiences after finally getting inspiration to peel out of bed and boogie the night away.

     Check it out below:


  • OVO 2015 Spring Lookbook

    Drake is an international mega star trumping all of his peers in the world of music.  It’s only right that he takes his unprecedented power into other realms! Recently, the 6 God unleashed the lookbook for the 2015 spring collection of his OVO line.

    To keep it clean, I’m not really sure if Drizzy is going to extend this endeavor into a bigger fashion entity but it’s definitely not your average artist “merch”.  The boy bringing velour back (as well as ‘Ye) so let’s definitely give him a round of applause (haha).

     Indulge in the looks below:

  • Justine Got Bands

    Man, it's no surprise that Justine Skye is rocketing to superstardom!  I met the Brooklyn Songstress just once while working at BAPE but the awesome aura she possesed sparked my spidey-senses to predict her potent level of future success.

    In the wee hours of last night (right after the airing of Justin Bieber's sensational roast), Justine gifted her fans with her scorching skyemix of the 6 God's trap anthem "10 Bands".  Check it out below:


  • Lizzie Ramotar For FRNDY LMRN

    Even the legendary Stevie Wonder could see that Drake is the ultimate God of the “6” but it is just as honorable to recognize the females that inhabit Drizzy’s hometown because they are simply Divine. Allow me to introduce Toronto’s very own Lizzie Ramotar.  She is a multi-talented inspiring Actress and Fashion Blogger that will conquer the industry in due time.

    Recently, the T dot babe took it upon herself to have a simple yet potent shoot in her FRNDY LMRN Tee and you already know I had to give y’all the scoop on it.

    Indulge in the awesome flicks below:

  • Jungle

    Toronto's beloved Drizzy Drake has surprisingly unleashed an ominous yet inspirational short film rightfully titled "Jungle". The clip takes place in the winter wonderland of T Dot and features vintage footage of the 6ix God alongside his longtime OVO conglomerates which include it's founder Oliver El-Khatib, DJ Future The Prince and the homie Niko.

    Real shit, this vid will make you reminisce on the days trying to come up in the game.  You can never judge a person without knowing exactly what they have surpassed to accomplish all of their present feats.  Much love to all the grinders.  We may not be "there" yet but we aren't where we started *drake voice*.

    Indulge below:


  • Jamaican Restaurants Never Have Food

    Not too long ago I premiered an hilarious clip from the infamous Youtube funnymen 4YallEntertainment dealing with clearing internet browsers.  Now I am proud to present another skit that'll have your guts exploding from laughter.  

    Ever been to a Jamaican restaurant famished as fuck and ready to destroy a plate of oxtail with a side of rice and sweet plaintains only to be painfully turned down because they're all out!  Shit, I know I have...and what makes it worse is the waiter's attitude.  No offense to my Jamaican bredrens out there but why y'all always so gotdamn angry?!  

    In any case, the fellas captured this particular situation as humourous as possible!  Check out the clip below:



  • The Weeknd Recognition

    A few days ago, The Weeknd righteously earned the Alan Slaight Award for his incredible achievements in the music industry.  Have no clue what the hell that is?  No worries, I'll explain.  The accolade was created by Canada's Walk of Fame and is given to young Canadians who transfomed their talent into a worldy inspiration.  Past recipients include Abel's big homie Drizzy Drake (I mean, if he didn't get one something is terribly wrong with the 6).

    Check out the recap below: