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  • OVO FEST 2017

    On August 7th the city of Toronto was absolutely lit as Drake hosted the 8th annual OVO Fest.

    The event, funded by Drizzy's own coin, took place at Tdot's (are people still calling it that?) Budweiser Stage and featured a plethora of old and new superstars such as Nelly, Cardi B, French Montana, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and many more.  What stunned everyone was the pleasantly shocking appearance from former 6 God nemesis Tory Lanez!

    Levi Bent Lee, star Youtube vlogger and Fring's co-owner, was fortunate enough to attend the halloween gang's musical celebration.  Check out his hilarious vlog documenting the madness below.  Enjoy!

  • NYC OVO Flagship Store

    Well, the moment all of the east coast Drizzy fans have been patiently waiting for has finally arrived.  Oliver El-Khatib and Drake's prospering OVO clothing line will finally be opening a New York City flagship store!

    The news was unveiled on the brand's official Instagram page, which featured a flick showcasing a slew of the Halloween gang members cladded in blue and white OVO owl emblem hoodies, with the caption: "#NYWELCOMEOVO 12.10.16. " 

    The crew hasn't officially stated they will actually debut an NYC brick-and-mortar shop on the 10th, but one can rightfully assume that it is going to happen.  Especially after the suspenseful clip that was unleashed yesterday.

    Lets see what happens next! Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't know about the brand's backstory, check out my Grailed published write-up to catch up. Simply click here to read it.
  • OVO x Roots Fall 2016

    I don't know about you but when my eyes first laid on the campaign flicks of OVO 's latest collaboration with RootsI thought Drizzy's imprint was venturing off with the legendary hip-hop band, The Roots, to takeover the merch game (haha). Pardon my ignorance, I honestly had no clue about the thriving environmentally-friendly Canadian apparel brand until now.

    In any case, the two lifestyle clothing lines have teamed up once more to deliver a new capsule for the Fall 2016 season, which is out now.

    Check out the earthy cinematic clip of the comfy collection, directed by the fellas of Kid Studio below:

  • Air Jordan 12 OVO

    For months now, the 6 God foot-teased the world with a heavenly white and gold colorway of the Air  Jordan 12 OVOs.  I'm happy to announce that the coveted sneaker finally has a release date.

    According to Sneaker News, Drake's latest kicks ($225) will be unleashed by Jordan Brand on Saturday, October 1st through a Nike SNKRS drawing.  The drawing will occur at 10am.

    Good luck!

  • Fill The Void

    Super producer Stwo partnered up with frequent OVO collaborators Amir Obe and Daniel Caesar to create an ambient sonic masterpiece coined "Fill The Void."

    The Parisian beatmaker is widely known for his epic fusion of moody electronic and Hip Hop sounds, which is why Drake's right-hand man Noah "40" Shebib scooped him right up to work.  The addition of Amir and Daniel truly enhances the potency of Stwo's latest track due to their one of a kind cadence.

    Swag out to the hypnotizing ballad below:

  • Not Nice

    "Girl you're not nice, you're rude!"  All the fellas will spew out those very words when they get denied by a bad ting during the remainder of summer 2016.

    PartyNextDoor took the phrase to new heights of dissapointment in his new island vibed tune, "Not Nice."  Party croons about the agony caused by his significant other stating, "want me to feel like I'm new, want me to watch you do you."  Fortunately, all it takes to diffuse the situation is a good ol' dry humping session on the dance floor (haha).

    PND's P3 album is slated to drop exclusively on Apple Music on July 29th and everywhere else August 12th.  For now, indulge in his latest chune below:

  • Aaron's World

    BAPE NYC served as a medium to encounter so many incredible people.  From iconic entertainers and fashion gods to multi-millionaire businessmen, the second floor of the ‘Busy Workshop’ was my personal space for meeting sessions with them all.

    I’ve had several moments of forgetfulness when dealing with certain past acquaintances. In some cases, my attentive silence during a conversation was just my way of trying to figure out who I was actually speaking to (no offense, of course).

    Aaron is surely not on my list of Forgettables.  The stylish Canadian has been a loyal BAPE customer ever since my Omarion braid days.  A year before my departure from Nigo’s former fashion empire, Aaron stopped by the shop to cash out (per usual). That was my first time seeing him in ages, so we definitely reminisced and since then remained in contact through social media.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover he had quite a strong following on the Internet.

    Aaron’s nonchalant showing of his splendid lifestyle online prompted me to have a sit-down with him to dig a little deeper into his wonderful world.  There’s always more than what meets the eye, so this will be a perfect chance to really understand the man behind the grandeur. Enjoy!

    FRENDY: Alot of people may know you strictly from Instagram where your flex fits and lavish lifestyle are on full display. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about you?

    Aaron: One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I only buy and like "expensive" things. That is 100% false. I am a resourceful and smart shopper. Rarely do I ever buy things at retail, and if I do pay retail; chances are I sell some things that I don't wear anymore to help make closet space. I never just go blow money for no reason. I'm not the type of person to buy something just to flex on Instagram and then end up selling it the day after. If you scroll all the way down on my Instagram to the first few photos, you will see that I've been wearing and copping fresh shit from the start. I'm not new to the streetwear/fashion culture. I've been on ISS since 2007 and did not suddenly start buying gear since Instagram started. I actually kind of hate this new Instagram hypebeast culture because I know over 90% of these guys you see "flexing" don't know shit about the history of sneaker/streetwear game and just started buying because they can get some likes. If you notice on my pics, I never tag brands or use hashtags. That shit is wack and just shows you how bad these people care about getting more followers & likes from the shoes or clothes that they are wearing. You can smell the corniness of people through the iPhone screen from their 20 hashtags and 15 tags. 

    FRENDY: Which part of Canada are you from exactly?

    Aaron: I'm from Toronto, Canada. 6ix side let it fly.

    FRENDY: What was your childhood like there?

    Aaron: My childhood was sports 24/7. I played competitive AAA hockey from 9 till I was 14. Then I changed to competitive tennis from 14 to 18. I was playing a lot of tournaments and was training almost every day. Balancing school, sports, and work was hard for me because the hours were insane. I remember having to bring my tennis bag with me into Champs Sports on some days because I didn't have time to go home. I would go straight from the tennis courts to the mall and clock in for my shift. Champs taught me a lot about time management though.

    FRENDY: The last time I saw you at my old workplace you were with a couple of friends, 2 of which included the famous Bent-Lee brothers. How long have you known them for?

    Aaron: I've known the Bent-Lee brothers since I was 14. We all played tennis growing up so we would see each other at tournaments all the time. Me and Kai have had some crazy battles throughout our OTA (Ontario Tennis Association) careers. A lot of broken rackets and questionable calls happened. We also all went to the same high school together, Vaughan Road Academy. To be 100% honest with you, Kai was the first person that influenced me in the sneaker game. He would always show up with a brand new pair of Nike SB's. He was on that shit early during the pink box era. 

    FRENDY: Can you tell me about Fring’s?

    Aaron: Fring's is that place in Toronto where you can get an amazing meal and feel like you're somewhere else in the world. The vibe of the restaurant is like no other in our city. Where else can you eat oysters and chicken sliders while listening to trap music? 

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the subject of restaurants, what are some of your favorite spots to dine in?

    Aaron: The majority of my favorite spots are actually in NYC. I think Ben's Pizza in SoHo is one of the best I've had! J.G. Melon's on 3rd & 74th makes a crazy cheeseburger. Minetta Tavern's "Black Label" burger is on point as well. I'm a big burger guy so of course I love Shake Shack. But, I think In N Out is better. 

    FRENDY: I’m sure tons of people are dying to know so I’ll just go ahead and ask; what is your occupation?

    Aaron: I own We are currently going through re-development right now, but be on the lookout for the new launch. 

    FRENDY: You’re a pretty fly fella; do you have any interest in entering the fashion realm?

    Aaron: I am actually helping my boy open up a fashion boutique in Toronto. I just want to help bring a unique shopping experience to the city. The shopping up here is not the greatest, so it would be great to have a refreshing spot.

    FRENDY: What are some of your favorite brands at the moment?

    Aaron: My favorite brands are APL, Saint Laurent, BAPE, Supreme, Fear of God, Balmain and John Elliott.

    FRENDY: I see that you’re an avid traveler.   Out of the many places you have been globally, which is your favorite?

    Aaron: The best place I've been to has to be Italy. The food is just so good out there. Best meals I've had are all in Italy. The culture over there is very laid back and easy going.

    FRENDY: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Aaron: In 10 years I see myself feeling good, living better.

    FRENDY: Thank you for taking the time to shed more light on your life.  Are there any last words you’ll like to leave with the readers?

    Aaron: Stay humble, stay hungry. We are all just trying to live better than yesterday.

    Written by: Frendy Lemorin

    Photos by: Omair Khan

  • OVO x Jordan 12

    Drake is making sure to keep your ears and feet clean this summer.

    Not only is the 6 God faithfully preparing to unleash his much anticipated Views From The 6 Album this April (rumored), the Jumpman spitter has a new colorway of Jordan 12s that is set to release not too long after.

    The white/gold edition of the sneaker will be made of leather and faux stingray.  Furthermore, it will consist of an OVO-branded translucent sole.

    Like an owl in the deep forest, look out for these babies!

  • OVO Women's 2015 Capsule

    It's only right that Drake releases a special collection from his clothing line for all of the beautiful girls that love Beyonce (and him obviously).

    Some may argue that this OVO Women's 2015 Capsule is better than any of the garments Yeezy has to offer and uhmmmm yeah no comment (haha).  Be on the lookout for these dime'd out ready to wear pieces to drop at the OVO store on November 21st and online store November 28th.

    Check 'em out below:

  • The Diamonds Are Really Dancing

    Hip Hop's latest and greatest duo are indeed balling in the middle of Rap's arena with no jersey, flossing their WATTBA championship rings!

    Drake and Future celebrated the success of their recently released joint mixtape by treating themselves with a pair of gigantic, diamond encrusted pinky rings.  This is just a classic case of art imitating life.  The entire project conveyed that the mega-star rappers were winning it all and needed "Big Rings".  Shit, even the cover art was consumed with sparkling crystals to insinuate their epicness.  

    It's only right to bring it all to life.  After all, it is a time to be alive!

  • Four Seasons Freestyle

    The homie Amir Obè surely doesn't have twitter fingers because he's busy grinding his heart out in the studio to constantly provide sonic masterpieces.

    The OVO affiliate's latest offering, titled "Four Seasons", is a suitable sountrack for the cozy weather we are currently enduring here in NYC.  Truly mood music at it's finest.  Shout out to Amir's partner in crime Nylez on the production tip.

    Indulge below:

  • OVO x FBG Mixtape Release

    After Drake attended the superstar studded fashion show of Kanye West's Yeezy season 2 collection, he went running with his woes through the cobbled streets of SoHo to visit some of the area's hottest boutiques.  One of the shops that he showed face was my old stomping grounds BAPE NYC where he told some of my former staff members the release date of his much anticipated mixtape with the dread-locked FreeBandz Gang leader Future.

    According to Jeanito (pictured above), Drizzy is set to unleash the collaborative project tomorrow!  There is no official press release of the scorching news but as we all know Aubrey is a mastermind when it comes to marketing and what's better than word of mouth.  Right?

    Let's just wait and see what happens demain.  Hopefully DJ Clue will drop a bomb on it!

  • Kehlani's Freestyle

    PartyNextDoor has resurfaced with a brand-spanking new sensual tune coined “Kehlani’s Freestyle”. From the title alone, you can tell who Party wrote the song for.  To dismiss all kinds of doubt, the scorching Bay area songstress deliberately posted a mysterious pic of her alongside the dreaded-up OMO crooner on Instagram captioned “my heart ”. If that ain’t a dead give away then I don’t know what is!

    Could this be R&B's next greatest couple?!  It's a little too ealy to judge but for now indulge in PND's dedication below:

  • Amir Obe

    Underneath all the hoopla of Meek Mill & Drake’s rap beef, artists who may not be on your radar are releasing notable jams. Detroit bred rapper Amir Obe has been grinding for years and is now finally receiving the praise that he much deserves.  From touring with PND to working on the 6 God’s latest record-breaking mixtape IYRTITL, the stylish spitter is surely on his way to the top.

    I was initially acquainted with Amir at the BAPE store about 3 years ago.  As a matter of fact, during that time he went by the rap moniker Phreshy Duzit and I would always feature his numerous bangers on my old blog. It’s a treat to see that he has reinvented himself and making even higher caliber music!

    Rock out to not one but three of Amir’s latest sounds below:

  • Up&Down On A Tuesday

    Last night, Super Chef Makonnen held his Drink More Water 5 mixtape release party at one of NYC's infamous nightspots Up&Down.  The festivities didn't stop there though!  In the upper section of the venue, Ja Rule made a pleasant surprise appearance performing many of his greatest hits.  Shit, in that moment it really felt like Murder Inc. had the whole game on lock again!

    My brother and exceptional Lensman Elijah Dominique tagged along to capture some of the awesome moments at the event. Check out the flicks below:

    Shot out to the homie Shabazz of Electric Circus for a dope evening! 

  • Justine Got Bands

    Man, it's no surprise that Justine Skye is rocketing to superstardom!  I met the Brooklyn Songstress just once while working at BAPE but the awesome aura she possesed sparked my spidey-senses to predict her potent level of future success.

    In the wee hours of last night (right after the airing of Justin Bieber's sensational roast), Justine gifted her fans with her scorching skyemix of the 6 God's trap anthem "10 Bands".  Check it out below:


  • Blessed

    Big Sean's latest studio project Dark Sky Paradise is headed to numero uno on the Billboard 200 chart!  This will be Sean Don's first ever project to reach such ultimate height.  This surely proves that Kanye West delivered in the promise of being involved more in his G.O.O.D Music protégé's body of work.

    Earlier today, Ariana's hubby unleashed the much anticipated visual of his benedicting single "Blessings" featuring 'Ye and "the biggest boss besides Rick Ross", Aubrey Graham aka Drake.  Indulge in it below: