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  • Not Your Average Hypebeast

    Those who follow Aaron on Instagram are fully aware of his lavish lifestyle and ultimate group of close friends, which consists of Levi, Kai and the forever seemingly-annoyed Angelo Nitsopoulos. Although much is known of Aaron, whom I previously featured on the blog, and the Bent Lee bros, Nits is somewhat of the odd man out.

    With a quick scroll down his gram, one can instantly get a sense of Ang’s expensive taste but there has to be more to him right?  Other than the quick cameos on his clique’s hilarious insta stories and vlogs, not much is revealed about the sporty Toronto, Ontario native. Well, that’s why I’m here.

    Let’s take a look into the real world of Angelo and find out about his immense love for hockey, fledgling business, spending habits and why he looks so damn pissed all the time.   Peep my exclusive interview with him below:

    FRENDY:  I must say it’s quite incredible to witness how close you are with Aaron and the gang.  Nowadays, not many can proclaim they are tight with even a handful of people.  How did you meet them?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Yeah its pretty wild that three Asians and a Greek/Macedonian can hang out daily. So, I met the guys during the winter of 2014.  As I sat in my basement watching hockey while simultaneously creeping on Instagram, I saw a 5’3 140Lbs Aaron doing stick handling moves on the ice pretending he was Sidney Crosby. I thought to myself ok that's different, but then started to take in all the gear he had and wondered who he actually was. At the time, Levi and Aaron had a men's hockey team called The Trillers and a buddy of mine told me I should go play with them. So I hit up Levi and said if you ever need players let me know. A week later I was playing my first game with them. I walked into the dressing room, turned to my left and saw the “5’3” kid who said to me, “ Here sit here Angelo”. As if I had never been in a hockey dressing room in my life. Levi was sitting across from me, looking like a pro MMA fighter flooded with tats (I was a bit intimidated).

    My first game with them was amazing!  I scored three goals.  After that Aaron was like ok “you can play with us,” like it was some sort of accomplishment for me. As we were changing in the locker room I hear someone on the team say to Aaron, “YOU GOT BALMAINS IN THAT HOCKEY BAG BRO ” and that’s what got me thinking ok I need to learn about what the hell they are doing/ talking about because I had no idea what any of these brand names were back then.  I saw Aarons Instagram and figured to myself that “Balmains” must be what he wears.

    So throughout our hockey team that's how myself Aaron and Levi hung out. Kai never played hockey at all so he was never around the rink unless he was pretending to coach us. I would always hear stories about him though. I met Kai on our (Aaron, Levi, Kai) first trip to NYC and boy what a story/trip that was.  That's when my passion for fashion really began and I instantly switched my look. Happy I met them though, I never had any siblings so they taught me a lot about things. When I was 18-19 they took me on some crazy experiences that most kids don't get to do, so they are kind of like older brothers in a way for the most part.

    FRENDY:  That’s a pretty epic story. I assumed you knew them for way longer than 3 years.  What was your “look” before your fashion awakening?

    ANG:  Yeah, I mean friendship grows pretty quick when you hang out as often as we do. OMG, my look I don't even want to talk about *Laughs*. To be honest I didn't even have a look. I guess I could say it was the “hockey style.” Long hair, sperry boat shoes, golf shorts and a V-neck t-shirt, which makes me cringe thinking about it. I didn't even really take fashion seriously; I would wear sweatpants every day, whatever shirt I found in my room and just went about my day. I was too focused on my hockey career at the time and didn't care how I dressed outside the rink. I knew what Yeezys were and what not but never had a clue on how to get them or even knew they were so limited. But to say the least, my look was terrible *Laughs*.

    Looking back at what I wore then compared to now is like a two year old messing up all his toys when he is pissed off.  That's the best way to look at it. Its funny thinking back at it, I would get so excited to wear these pants that don’t even fit right or shoes that don’t even go with the fit and thinking “wow this is sick,” when it's really god awful.

    FRENDY:  Aw man, I needed that good laugh. Do you remember your very first fire fit?

    ANG:  I do remember it actually, but I wouldn't say it was fire. I would say my first favorite fire fit is my Supreme patchwork outfit with my Red Octobers *Laughs*. I was so happy when I got the sweat suit in the mail. Most will say it's ugly but half the world tried to buy it and failed miserably.  That Aside, it really is a crazy piece. The hoodie and pants are both hand-made with different patches. Most don't understand that, they just see a “grandma-like table cloth” because they don't understand it. The Red Octobers were worn just so I could be over the top.  Shout out to Mike at 'On The Arm' in Vegas who plugged me with it too. My favorite thing is wearing either full tracksuits or full sweatsuits as you can probably tell.  I don't really care what people think, I don't buy clothes for people I buy them for me.

    FRENDY:  Going back to what you stated earlier, the great impression you left on Aaron due to your hockey playing skills eventually paved the way to a solid brotherhood.  How long have you been playing Hockey? Was it your goal to turn pro growing up?

    ANG: *Laughs* Aaron was impressed to say the least, I guess most people on Instagram don't follow me for hockey, I never post anything related to it. I started skating at around three years old and started playing hockey at four, which is really young. I've played for 17 years and counting and won't ever stop playing for fun. It’s every kids dream and goal to play in the NHL.  I went to PEAC, which was a private hockey school. All we did was skate, train four hours a day and screw around in class. I kid you not, a teacher quit because we “stressed her out” too much.

    Our team was unstoppable, our first line was, Ho Sang, Mcdavid, Subbans and so many more it was hilarious.  We didn't lose all year and wasn't allowed in tournaments. I was talented but as I got older I slowly lost interest in the game and at 18 decided to stop playing competitively. I will say though I don't regret any of it, hockey taught me a lot about certain things in life.  Most of my best friends play in the NHL so it's cool to see them succeed and because of that I still get to be apart of the game somehow.

    Once you play hockey and are born into the hockey world you never really get away from it. Hockey gets my mind off things when I can't find a piece of clothing that I want *Laughs*. I never would have thought when I was 15 that at 19 I would be addicted to fashion. Thank the guys for that one.

    FRENDY:  Here comes the million-dollar question: when you’re not copping the finest threads or slithering on the ice, what is it that you do for a living to remain so fresh?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Yeah the million-dollar question that people are soooooo curious to know. Never really understood why people have to ask that nonstop. From now on I'm just going to say “yeah, I won the lottery in grade 6, kept it quiet though.” But yeah, myself, Aaron, Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavalier, Savas, and Simon (which are Tristan's close friends) own ProLocker together.

    FRENDY:  Can you tell me more about ProLocker? Aaron mentioned it during my sit down with him.

    ANG:  Of course, the easiest way I can map it out for you, without giving too many features away since we are launching very soon, is to say that it's a platform where we show what players use on and off the court/field/ice. Furthermore, we also provide info on where you can buy that exact equipment model around the world and different places to get it. That's the basis of it but there are loads of features besides that. I don't want to give too much away but we are excited for it. Check us out at!

    FRENDY:  Sounds amazing, I'm sure you guys can’t wait to launch it. When will that happen?

    ANG:  Yeah we are really excited about it, in a perfect world we want to launch in the next month or so but we are all still fine-tuning the site. Plus we are gathering content prior to release but you can pre subscribe to the site now and follow us on Instagram ( @Prolocker ) to find out more.

    FRENDY:  I sincerely hope your followers will stop asking about what you do for a living now. Doubt it though. Since we got that out the way, let's explore your closet. What are some your favorite brands right now?

    ANG: Yeah, they probably won’t to be honest *laughs*. My favorite brands...well obviously you can tell I like Supreme. I also have other labels in my closet, people think I’m a hypebeast and just wear one particular brand.  I have a lot of Saint Laurent; their jackets I own are my favorite pieces. The detail on them and the way they look is crazy! I also have Haider Ackermann items that I like a lot, wouldn’t say its my favorite brand though. Bape obviously, I had a crazy Bape phase where I was just copping from them non stop but I kind of got sick of it. Stone Island is really comfy to wear; I got a bunch of that. I honestly have most brands you can think of. I just hate when people say “Nits you’re a hypebeast.”

    My take on that is at the end of the day most people in fashion, besides the people creating, are hypebeasts in their own special way. Just because I have a Supreme item that everyone wants I automatically get identified as a “hypebeast.”  It’s ok in my opinion if someone buys a piece of clothing that an artist or influencer may have worn first.  Unfortunately, most consider that as being “hype”.

    When you see someone wear a piece that you like, why not buy it for yourself? Nothing wrong with that at all but most people get mad and call it hype. I don't know, maybe they’re just jealous. Either they don't have access, have a plug to get an exclusive item or simply just can't afford it, which is totally understandable! I feel blessed that I am able to purchase things I like and have never been the type to bring someone else down because they can’t get something.  I'm not going to lie and pretend I don't like things that are hyped, there's a meaning behind it. Most of Supreme’s prized pieces have some sort of unique backstory, which is another reason why that brand is so strong.  At the end of the day, people call me a hypebeast but deep down inside they all wish they were able to cop what I got.

    FRENDY:  Which sneakers are in your constant rotation?

    ANG:  I wear APLs all the time. Shout out to Adam and Ryan! Jordans for sure, bred 1’s, royal 1’s, all the 1’s really.  I used to wear Yeezys a lot but its getting saturated in the market now. I try to stay away from wearing them all the time.  If I get a pair early, I’ll throw them on.  I really like my Nike Presto x Acronym kicks, they’re extremely comfy and their colorways.   Last but not least, my Air Max 98 ’s. I never really got in to the Adidas NMD wave.

    FRENDY:  Who do you feel has the best style in the entertainment industry right now?

    ANG:  A$AP Rocky.  I respect him because he barely wears what’s “in."  The guy literally flies to Japan to buy brands nobody knows about so you have to respect that.  He started so many trends it’s insane!  He is always ahead of the game and steps outside the box.

    FRENDY:  On one of your recent insta stories, I saw you were putting your followers on to alot of rising brands. How often are you researching for potential new gear?

    ANG: Yes I was, people don't understand that I’m young and got into this just a few years ago.  Most of them will say I am a “culture vulture” but I am the furthest thing from that. So for those reading just know I spend hours daily looking at what's up and coming in fashion. I will literally sit on my computer and log on to Japanese sites that aren’t even written in English and Google translate it to read articles on what's next. 

    If we want to talk about Supreme culture, I literally learned about each season, each piece and so on. Till this day I am researching meanings behind their pieces. So no, I did not just see Supreme and decided to hop on buying stuff for fun.  I put the effort into learning about it, which most do not do. That's what a culture vulture does, buys stuff to say they have it and not know anything about the brand’s ethos. I hate that. Daily, I am always looking for new stuff to get and new brands that people don’t know about. Aaron will always we call me and say, “let me guess researching?” I enjoy doing it.  It’s fun to learn about upcoming stuff and their origins.

    FRENDY:  Since your passion for fashion runs deep, did you ever think about fully diving into the industry with your own brand or investing in one that you really believe in?

    ANG:  No, probably not.  I am to busy with ProLocker and other stuff. I rather support brands by buying their clothes, never really thought about creating my own but who knows maybe I could do it.   I definitely put the time into researching about it.

    FRENDY:  You have the money, cars and clothes but is there a special lady out there you’re sharing it all with?

    ANG:  *Laughs* Well I definitely don't have it all.  There are way more important things in life than money, cars and clothes. In terms of special ladies, I am single but have a one on the radar. Once you get a girl, “you have to put her in designer,” as Future says. The guys always make fun of me though by always saying “Nits brings the tings to Fring’s”.

    FRENDY:  That’s hilarious.  Well I’m sure there are tons of tings who are willing kick it for a day...or couple of months.  Since you’re always in the latest gear, is it a requirement for them to have a sense of style or it doesn’t really matter?

    ANG:  * Laughs* Actually yes I if I were to date a girl I would want her to be into fashion like I am. She doesn't have to wear the latest stuff but definitely needs her own sense of style 100%. It’s always cool to have a girl that can relate to what you like. At the end of the day though it's not everything! But yes I would prefer it.

    FRENDY:  For sure, it’s all about being on the same frequency. Man, it was a pleasure having this conversation. Looking forward to see what you and the fellas will get into next.  One more thing I need to know before we end though, if you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you bring?

    ANG:  Likewise! If I were stranded on an island the three things I would bring is a boat to get off the island, food, and a laptop with 4G so I can stay up to date with gear.  Stay Woke!

  • It's All About Sage

    Supreme's ultimate "It" boy Sage Elsesser recently sat down with GQ for a quick, yet informative interview about his newfound fame as a model, style choices, shoe collaboration with Converse and more.

    I actually saw Sage this past Saturday at KITH 's subway-packed Broadway shop, as he was patiently waiting on line to cop their famous treats.  Despite the vast amount of people at the store, the uber-talented skateboarder managed to remain low.  As a matter of fact, it almost seemed like he was internally wishing nobody noticed him (haha).

    Much respect to Sage for his ability to remain chill, despite the all the success that is coasting towards him (saw what I did there?).  Check out the article HERE.

  • Supreme Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

    Despite the unwavering heatwave in NYC, Supreme has gotten fans even hotter by previewing all the scorching threads in their F/W 2016 collection.

    There are so many awesome pieces that I can't even showcase them all on this post, but check out some of my favorite jackets and hoodies below:

    Furthermore, the cult skateboarding brand will be unleashing another batch of off-the-wall accessories, which includes a motorcycle helmet, a B&O portable speaker, a flashy 24k gold seahorse pendant, a floodlight , a hot water bottle and an actual brick (most likely made to scare off Mr. "Ape Bangin' On My chest").

    Head over to Supreme's NYC store or webshop (if you're fast enough) on August 25th to cop their latest collection.

  • Supreme x Vans Spring/Summer 2016

    Today, Supreme and Vans unleashed their latest collaboration for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

    The silhouette utilized for this run is the Vans Old Skool model.  Supreme accents the shoe by placing a iridescent side strip (which looks awesome), applied against a cotton bouclé upper and a rich leather inner lining.

    The kicks are only available online right now.  Don't fret though, they'll be in Supreme shops worldwide on May 28th.

  • Bad Service, No Problem

    Ever had the chance to actually shop in the Supreme store in NYC?  If so, you'll definitely be aware of the...let's say..lack of customer service from it's nonchalant employees.  Apparently, the same sentiment applies to the notorious skateboarding brand's LA location.

    Mere coincidence?  Hell nah!  It's supposed to be that way according to Supreme's creative director Angelo Baque.  In a recent interview with printed publication Marfa Journal, Angelo discussed the hostile vibe his store employees give off.  He states, "Skateboarding has never been nice. Let's make that clear. It started as an outsider thing, and skateboarders have always been assholes".  Damn, always wondered why I stopped skating--guess I was too nice of a person to subconsciously go down that treacherous path eh?

    Baque goes on to say that he has no problem with the unaproachable energy that his workers disperse. I know alot of you may be thinking, "why are so many kids and adults alike still f*ckin' with the brand then?".  All I can say to that is people love realness....and hype.  The combination of those two ingredients makes an enticing meal that is hard to turn down.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Supreme x Stone Island SS '016 Preview

    Stone Island and Supreme are back at it again with an epic collaboration!

    The Italian luxury sportswear company and US cult skateboarding brand are so pleased with their partnernship they decided to conjure up some more awesome clothes for the Spring/Summer '016 season.  

    This time around the stylish yet techniqual garments are made up of a Trench Coat in Heat Reactive (Stone Island’s research heat-sensitive fabric), Tracksuit in garment dyed and camouflage printed Nylon Metal, Crewneck sweater in 100% pima cotton with reflective Stone Island / Supreme print, Striped cotton T-shirt (pigment printed), Crusher hat and 6 panels cap in Heat Reactive fabric and an ultra strong air and water tight Drybag® duffle bag by Ortlieb.

    Lookout for these exclusive items as they are released on March 17th on the Stone Island app & Los Angeles Store.

  • Supreme x Vans SS16

    Dammmmn Supreme....Back at it again with a Vans Collab!

    Just when you thought the 'Daniel' jokes would come to an end, the notorious skateboarding brand unleashes a traffic stopping new collection with Vans for their Spring/Summer 2016 season.

    Featured on the sneaker company's authentic lo pro model is Supreme's trippy 'motion logo'-- which come in white, red and blue.

    These bad boys drop on March 3rd in New York, LA, and London.  2 Days laters they release in Japan.

  • Supreme's BOGO Drop

    Supreme's latest drop was pretty historical because the last time they released it was 5 years ago!

    Last Thursday, the legendary skateboarding brand's updated box logo crewneck sold out almost instantly in stores.  I even attempted to purchase the coveted top online for my brother since he was busy at work, but unfortunately due to a high number of customers using bots, I failed miserably!

    As usual, Complex's Emily Oberg was out in the battlefield during the unprecedented release.  There was a record amount of kids (and grandmas) waiting in line so you already know Emily got her journalism on to provide some deep insight from the fan's perspective.  For even more entertainment value, Racks pulled a rather unique stunt just to show how boss he is (haha).

    Check out the clip below:

  • Supreme x Playboy Latest Capsule

    There's really nothing cheeky (literally) about Playboy  ever since the company decided to remove it's full nudity aesthetics.  Luckily, they still have enough juice to crank out some more dope garments with Supreme.

    Earlier today, the hyped out skateboard brand unleashed the visuals of their 2015 Holiday Capsule collection with Hugh Hefner's brainchild.  It features an array of valuable heated assests such as a hooded puffy leather jacket with a faux fur trim, a heavyweight cotton hoodie and matching sweatpants -- all available in an array of colorways and featuring an all-over print of the infamous Playboy bunny logo.

    Interested in copping?  Click HERE.

  • Supreme x Air Jordan Drop

    The face that you see above precisely describes the mood during yesterday's release of Supreme's collaboration with Air Jordan.  

    Emily Oberg provides us with with an intimate perspective of the brand's devoted followers on why they're going ham for the latest beastly offering!  As mentioned before, The Supreme x Air Jordan 5 kicks were not released in stores but fortunately the hoodie, sweatpants, T-shirts, coaches jacket, and hats were up for grabs.

    Indulge in the hilarity below:

  • Supreme x Jordan 5

    The mother of all hypebeast collabs is set to release tomorrow!  

    Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player to ever palm a basketball, cemented his rumored business venture with Supreme about a week ago when a picture of him sporting a Jumpman cladded tee with the streetwear giant's logo leaked out into the world wide web.  

    Today, the official flicks of the kicks (look-at-the-flick-of-the-wrist..woop!) from the colossal joint venture were released to the hounds (too harsh?).  Peep the shots below...oh and pick up that drool from your bottom lip please!

  • Racks Is At It Again

    This week Supreme released it's first Fall/Winter 2015 instillation that had hypebeasts throughout the nation salivating!  Per usual, the line of rambuctious buyers waiting in front of the shop's New York location was monstrous due to the new releases.  

    Yesterday, the lovely Emily Oberg of Complex News went over to Supreme's SoHo hotspot to chat with it's die hard "fans" as they were patiently awaiting to splurge all of their allowance money on the latest gear (and crowbar).  Shout out to the homie Racks Hogan aka The Stylish Stoner for stealing the show (haha).

    Check out what went down below: