• Sneaker Shopping With Iverson

    NBA legend Allen Iverson took some time off to go Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Lapstone & Hammer in Philadelphia.

    Before copping an array of Reebok sneakers, the braided-up hall of famer spoke about the influence of Hip Hop in Basketball, his first pair of good sneakers bought by mom dukes, and love for Michael Jordan.  Luckily, Joe didn't ask him any questions about "practice" because who needs that when you're already one of the goats, right?

    Check out the clip below:

  • Sabbat x Hemincuff

    New York City is inhabited by millions of people, but somehow the six degrees of separation rule binds us all together. At my old workplace I became acquainted with Noel Veloz, model Luka Sabbat and his fashion designer father Clark Sabbat.  By divine intervention,  all three have crossed paths and has now smashed their heads together to conjure up a brilliant product.

    Coined the Dylan Bag, the multi-functional leather briefcase is a collaborative effort between Clark and Noel’s New York-based accessories brand, Hemincuff. According to Hemincuff, the bag is “made for those who exemplify freedom of expression and a maverick mindset.” The unisex briefcase is made with Aniline leather, fitted with handles, an adjustable/removable leather strap and complimented by sleek silver hardware.  Furthermore, it consists of double zippers, two generously sized outside pockets and inside padded pockets.

    I recently spoke with the young accessory brand founder about his latest business venture, how he connected with the famed designer and Luka’s involvement in the entire process.  Check out our dialogue below:

    FRENDY:  Man, congrats on the epic collaboration! How did you link up with Clark Sabbat?

    NOEL:  Thank you very much. I feel like the Universe connected us at the right time. I reached out to him via email and the rest was history. I followed my gut. I first messaged him to send Luka a bag to travel with. He viewed the Hemincuff website and loved what he saw. He then approached me to collaborate with him and Luka on a bag instead. They always say collaborate with people you can learn from. I'm blessed to have Clark as my mentor now and to have Luka and Noah Dillon shoot our campaign.  They are all amazing!

    You know what's crazy! When I first sent him that email I attached the article you wrote about me on your blog.


    FRENDY:  That’s amazing. What goes around comes back around at the end of the day.  What was the initial step taken to bring the bag to life?

    NOEL:  Clark and Luka had a bag design they wanted to create for a long time. We both combined our concepts and made a very special bag. I added two square panels, which gives the bag a Hemincuff aesthetic shape to it.  Our staple bags will have this concept this year. We created them via my factory in the U.S. and used hardware sourced from Italy. Our beautiful leather was tanned in Italy as well.

    The leather we used is exclusively made for this bag. It will age well through the years with its polished rich transparent look.  The whole concept behind it was really to create an everyday bag that's unisex and functional. The bag has many pockets to stay organized, 2 laptop sleeves and shoulder strap. It is military inspired and no other bag in the market is like it.  Furthermore, Everything is done by hand and takes about 24-48 hours for an artisan to make.

    FRENDY:  Sounds intense but very useful, especially for the fast-paced New Yorker. How much will the bag cost?

    NOEL:  $895 for a 100 percent leather bag handmade in the U.S.  Many bags in the luxury market are made out of canvas and non-leather materials go for $1200 plus.

    We are giving the consumer a timeless and beautiful bag that can be worn for years. It can even be passed on to future generations due to it’s durability + classic design. This isn't a bag that will be hot for one season and die. This is a style and design that can be used every season. We want to create items that will forever remain relevant.

    FRENDY:  I totally respect that notion.  We live in a time where clothing brands are created at an accelerated rate, what compelled you go to the leather goods route?

    NOEL:  Vadim rebranded Hemincuff to a luxury brand since I sucked in branding.

    FRENDY:  Who is Vadim? And what kind of brand was it before?

    NOEL:  Vadim is my Creative Director/Cofounder.  Hemincuff was first a t-shirt brand, but my intentions was to flip enough shirts to make money so I can buy leather.   I had the ambition but my branding was wrong.  Vadim recreated my logo, directed my first lookbook and gave my vision a clear direction.

    FRENDY:  You obviously have a great relationship with Vadim. How did you guys meet?

    NOEL:  I met him while working at Diesel and it was like meant to be. We clicked right away. He's honestly my backbone in this whole operation.

    FRENDY:  What is the inspiration behind the name Hemincuff?

    NOEL:  I got the name from my dad.  When I was seven years old, he said you could see good quality in an item between the hem and the cuff. That was when he starting tailoring. It stuck with me ever since.

    Since was a child I was around my father while he created wallets and bags at home. I found it so cool! I just loved watching the process and picking leathers & hardware for his creations. My dad had a manufacturing business and lost it due to shady partners robbing him. We went from living in the lower east side in a clean building to the hood in the Bronx where people pissed in the elevators and got killed in the lobbies. It broke my heart to find out what happen to my dad and from that time I realized my life purpose was to create a luxury leather goods line. I'm living the dream my dad always wanted and for him to be 75 years old watching me do it brings tears to his eyes.

    This is not about money and fame man! I just wanted to pick off where my dad left off and be able to share my story with the world of why I went this route. It's a legacy I wanted to build and carry on. I give thanks to my creative director Vadim for helping me bring my vision to life. Without him I'll be nowhere.

    Behind the name Hemincuff, we aim to display progression with every new design and bring new concepts to life in order to separate ourselves from the standard. We strongly value freedom of expression through products that can be used as a display of personality and individualism. We want to show the youth that you can have all the odds against you and still become successful! In order to get whatever you want in life, you have to have vision and stay persistent. Once you stick to those principles and add HUSTLE to it that will set you up for success.

    FRENDY:  Clark is well respected in the fashion industry. Were you intimidated when he stated his interest in working with you?

    NOEL:  Not at all intimidated. I saw it as an opportunity to work with a mentor I can learn and get advice from. Clark is an amazing person and his work is phenomenal. I see him as another father figure to me because he cares about my future. We both clicked so much with each other because we come from the hood. For us to come together to create is a blessing that I will always be grateful for.

    FRENDY:  Any stores stocking the collaborative bag?

    NOEL:  At the moment we are waiting to hear replies back on a few boutique exclusives to carry the bag.  We will love to be carried overseas and in the U.S. We just have to wait and see. 1-3 stores will be ideal to keep the exclusivity.

    FRENDY:  Where is it available for purchase then?

    NOEL:  You can buy the bag on

    FRENDY:  Are you and Clark planning to work on any more products?

    NOEL:  I feel like in the future we will create other products that will compliment this bag. We both are passionate to create luxury products and to push design to new heights.

  • Sneaker Design or Technology?

    Well, a little bit of both. But I’d opt for design because even if I did want to “optimize my performance” (which is pretty much limited to the gym and annual Races For the Cure), my kicks must remain visually appealing.

    Adidas AG ’s new chief executive Kasper Rorsted is opting for technology. He has promised to increase the company’s profits with their partner BASF to make more Boost material.  For those not into shoe design or even running, Boost is the white, Styrofoam-like, lightweight, cushioning soles, which has been pretty much behind Adidas’ growth the last few years. Preferred shoe design, colors, silhouettes and price (of course) for the moment has been the brands’ differentiator. Until now.

    Nike recently unveiled what appears to be their answer to Boost with the ZoomX sole.  The new technology will be debuted in the Zoom Vaporfly Elite running shoe targeted specifically to marathon runners.  Furthermore, the kicks include a carbon fiber plate that can be personalized/customized for stride of the runner.  According to researchers,  It will make you four percent (4%) faster. Well, not you or me probably, but really, really, really, serious runners.  Unfortunately, these sneakers may never be available to the general public!

    Instead, the company plans to unleash the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% on June 8th.  They will have the Nike ZoomX sole and a fiber carbon plate, but it won't be customizable like they are for marathon runners.

    Written by: Lauren F. Indvik

  • Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel

    Karl Lagerfeld launched his Fall 2017 collection for Chanel into space with the help of an elaborate set complete with a Coco-stamped rocket ship. The French house's signatures of tweed, camellias and quilting were all there, which baffles the mind to consider how Lagerfeld has managed to reinterpret the same handful of codes for more than thirty years.  With the focus clearly on unknowable frontiers, I also couldn’t help but ponder about the future of Chanel without him. Karl is uncompromisingly unique; the kind of fantastic idiosyncratic fashion animal that used to seem far more common.

    Lagerfeld, along with contemporaries like Azzedine Alaïa and Rei Kawakubo, represents a generational cohort of excellence that spent decades fixated, obsessed even, on learning the craft of making clothes. All are or will soon be octogenarians, yet they remain the most innovative and exciting designers working today who perpetually spellbind us with the power of their creations. Their breed is simply irreplaceable.

    Alaïa and Lagerfeld in particular have a couture pedigree learning every fabric, stitch, embroidery, cutting technique, shape and fit imaginable under the auspices of impossibly demanding teachers, whose lessons were enhanced by autodidactic tendencies. The lengthy tunic silhouettes that so often show up in Lagerfeld’s collections for Chanel and Fendi are references to the elongated lines of the Vienna Secession.  Furthermore, his famous tweed suits are actually not tweed at all, but rather fine silks that are densely embroidered to maintain the tweed look minus the bulk and weight. There are only a handful of people alive today with these extraordinary capabilities.

    What will happen to fashion when these people die? Who will the standard bearers be? How can this tradition, this habit of greatness be maintained when true apprenticeships are so few? In the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, widely-respected fashion critic Cathy Horyn lamented that Valentino and his ilk were so great because they learned couture in the 1950s.  Without proper education, the métier could never genuinely evolve to represent a new era.

    Couture is both a process and a state of mind, a perpetual search for something transformative. I don't know who will be the next great designer, but my hope is that, somewhere, a young person is toiling in an atelier under a lovingly firm hand, bent on bringing forth the best of their talents.

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • Happy Socks x Billionaire Boys Club Part 3

    Warmer weather is right around the corner so that only means all of the funky socks you've been hiding under your tights, cozy sweats or tailored jeans during the brutal winter chill will finally be uncovered for the enjoyment of onlookers!

    If you don't have any aesthetically pleasing feet warmers, I highly suggest you copping the new collaborative socks from Happy Socks and Billionaire Boys Club.  The athletic socks feature Pharrell's brainchild brand's famous Flamingo, Camo, and Galaxy patterns.

    Purchase yours HERE.

  • Amazon Introduces Buttoned Down

    If Jay Z was still in his early 2000s “crisp pair of jeans and button up” stage, he most likely would of logged on to Amazon and ball out on the e-commerce giant’s very own line of dress shirts from their newly devised menswear brand, Buttoned Down. Yeah, I know most of you could not even imagine Beyoncé’s beau perusing Amazon for threads, but the online shop’s offerings are pretty clutch, not to mention affordable, and its new line only accents the fact even more.

    Launched on December 6th 2016, Buttoned Down features an array of (you guessed it) button downs made from non-iron, 100% Supima Cotton backed by a no hassle, money-back satisfaction guarantee.  “At Amazon, we’re always looking to make high quality apparel for our guys,” states Warren Satchell, Men’s Fashion Editor at Amazon Fashion. “Whether he’s wearing it with a suit and tie, or just tucked into jeans on a casual Friday, Buttoned Down is a no fuss reliable option that guarantees effortless style and great value.”

    Warren is certainly not fibbing about the dress shirt’s honorable attributes. Supima cotton is also utilized by top tier menswear brands such as Brooks Brothers, Lands’ End and is even found in Ralph Lauren towels! Supima Cotton is known as the “cashmere of cottons,” due to its softness, strength and brilliance of color.  Furthermore, it is 35% longer and 45% stronger than regular cotton. The shirts will cost you anywhere from a mere $39 to $49, while a Brooks Brothers top will charge you about $50 more, utilizing the same Supima Cotton.  It doesn’t take the three female protagonists from Hidden Figures  to figure out where a smart consumer will shop!  “We are committed to making shirts that stack up to brands you would pay double for, or your money back,” reads the product’s page on Amazon.

    What also gives the Seattle-based company’s private-label collection an upper hand against competitors is that the tops are available in a wide range of sizes, including big and tall for the Shaq’s of the world.  Each shirt is either in a fitted or classic cut, which promotes individual styling.

    Before you whip out your credit card to cop, please make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime because that is where the dress shirts are exclusively offered. Members of the service have the luxury of receiving free Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for $99 a year or $10.99 a month.  Every time Amazon adds exclusive items to its Prime service, the product becomes much more sought-after. Furthermore, the online retailer gets to keep more of the upside and gains leverage over other brands.

    According to Ed Yruma, managing director and equity research at Keybanc Capital Markets, Amazon has quietly released over a whopping 1,800 products that are all under seven in house brands it trademarked in Europe through a Luxembourg-based subsidiary called, Amazon Technologies.  The in-house brands include: Franklin & Freeman (Men’s dress shoes), Franklin Tailored (Men’s suit and accessories), James Erin (Women’s clothing), Lark & Ro (Women’s clothing which is also available in Canada), Society New York (Women’s clothing), North Eleven (Women’s accessories for cold weather) and Scout + Ro (Children’s clothing).  Most of the garments offered are priced below $100!

    For those not in the know, Jeff Bezos founded in 1994.  The e-commerce pioneer’s brainchild started as a bookseller, then gradually graduated to selling movies, electronic, music and toys. Now, it pretty much provides everything a person can ask for.  “What has worked for Amazon is focusing on the customer,” says Jeff.

    Amazon’s Private label collection plans to expand into dress pants, sport shirts, and sweaters in the near future.

  • Olivier Theyskens' Individual Path

    Olivier Theyskens recently showcased his second runway collection in Paris since re-launching his eponymous label and it was truly a sight for sore eyes. Though the previous collection was stronger, there was something profoundly refreshing about seeing someone of enormous talent pursue his own design ends, without feeling the need to latch on to the latest trends kicking around. It lacked some of the sharp editing of his prior outing, with silhouettes that seemed a bit disjointed from one look to the next and was perhaps poorly sequenced, but it did little to ruin the pleasure of the whole exercise.

    Theyskens is only 40 years old but has already enjoyed a meteoric career. He dropped out of design school in his native Belgium in 1997 to start a label that quickly garnered massive attention and the approval of many of fashion’s most powerful, namely Anna Wintour. The label operated for a few years before shuttering around the same time Theyskens began designing for the Parisian house Rochas.  There he further cemented his aesthetic codes of strict leather and wispy feathers that bordered on the sculptural.

    Olivier is perhaps best remembered for his years at Nina Ricci, which he revived through acclaimed shows and partnering with Reese Witherspoon for many red carpet appearances. A short tenure with Theory in New York followed before he disappeared only to eventually self-finance his return.

    A great designer has trademarks that go beyond the surface and Theyskens has them in abundance. Olivier's sense of fit is uniquely his with a softly draped bust and slim, elongated waist that never looks tight or restrictive, as exemplified by superb high-neck jackets in inky hues and flowy satin dresses. He also has a unique way of combining hard and soft elements, like the black patent python jacket over a bouncy white silk skirt in last season’s show. There is always a dark sense of romance with Victorian touches that read as mysterious and sensual in a manner that never feels overly reverential.

    I don’t advocate for every design student to launch her own label straight out of school, but it is wonderful to witness a revival that isn’t trying to conform to the heritage of a house whose founder is long dead. Was it Theyskens’ best work ever? Perhaps not, but it was exemplary nonetheless and remained above the fray for its ability to look within.

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • KAWS x Air Jordan 4

    Damn, these kicks are way too fresh!  KAWS took to Instagram to tease us all with an official image of his collaboration with Air Jordan.  The beloved New York Based graphic designer and artist initially delivered the news of his epic joint venture with the Jordan brand back in January.

    The sneaker used for the project is the Jordan 4 model, which is entirely covered in grey suede.  Furthermore, KAWS' famous "XX" tag is found at the shoe's heels, rightfully taking over the jumpman logo.  It was rumored to released on March 1st but you know how that goes!  

    Stay tuned for more details on the kick's release date.  While you're patiently waiting, feel free to cop my new hoodie, it matches the KAWS x Jordan 4 joints perfectly don't you think?

  • Prada's Eternal Conflict

    There’s a tension absolutely critical to the work of Miuccia Prada. Though her name has become synonymous with the pinnacle of intellectual luxury, the business empire she’s built along with her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, is far from where she started. Her latest show in Milan revealed that no matter how drastically the sets change, Prada’s (the woman) work is singular and decades into her career.  

    Founded in 1913 as a small Milanese leather goods store, the Prada we know set a new course when Miuccia, the founder’s granddaughter, took the helm of the family company in 1978. She earned a PhD in political science, was an ardent member of Italy’s Communist and women’s rights movements, and even performed as a mime for a few years in her youth. I can’t help but imagine what someone so deeply radical must have felt assuming the head role in a business so heavily associated with stereotypical ideas of femininity and wealth.

    Miuccia seems both utterly in charge and reactive to this day. Her desire to challenge our perception of ugliness and good taste has never ceased. She once based a collection (Fall/Winter 2008) entirely on lace because, as a raised Catholic, it remained linked to the kind of prissy Communion veils she despised.  It is her exploration of the things she deeply dislikes that creates so many rich layers in her work.

    For fall 2017, Prada sent out a lineup of heavily pilled cardigan sweaters that were straight out of a dusty trunk in your grandma’s attic, 70s-inspired trouser suits in her signature earth tones and dresses that exploded in layers of wool or feathers near the hem. It looked completely wrong in exactly the right way, a way that can never quite be pinned down.

    Though it would help enormously if the women on her runways weren’t nearly always so lily white, this was a complete portrait of a particular kind of woman and a particular kind of journey. It was messy and it was loud and it was too much, too plain, too revealing and too layered, too eccentric and too serious. It was a woman dressing for herself. That’s the genius.

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • Gucci Snakes (Video)

    Tyga finally releases the video for his flashy single "Gucci Snakes," featuring Desiigner rightfully in the heat of New York Fashion Week.

    Directed by legendary director Hype Williams, the clip features the Gucci draped, G.O.O.D Music duo performing in an ambient colored soundstage, while B-roll footage of a sexy video vixen and real life snakes are sporadically revealed.

    This song plays a huge part in my writing career because I referenced it in my very first published article for Grailed (haha).  Check it out by clicking HERE.

    Peep the video below:


    There’s really no place like SOHO, NYC.  Its cobbled streets are filled with the world’s most fashionable and artistic beings who are all pushing the culture forward in their very own distinctive manner.

    I was fortunate enough to work at a shop that was once considered as the epicenter of such vibrant scene. From there, I made a name for myself and it was all due to my exposure to the region’s grandeur. 

    The FRNDY LMRN SOHO, NYC Hoodie was made to commemorate the place that sculpted the persona I am today.  Pre-order yours now HERE.

  • Private Label x Billionaire Boys Club

    Private Label has a new home in the Billionaire Boys Club store in NYC!

    Pharrell Williams' brainchild brand announced the exciting news via their blog on January 19th.  For those not aware, the bag company is known for it's nylon made bomber jacket-inspired duffles.  Not only do they have multiple pockets, each bag comes with walls that can be removed and two water resistant sneaker cases, which are vented to keep the funk out.  Furthermore, all duffles are equipped with a padded shoulder strap.

    Make sure you head over to the BBC flagship's SOHO location for some limited edition collaboration pieces!

  • FŌE

    Living in New York has many advantages, especially for an artist. Not only does the Big Apple’s backdrop provide an ample amount of inspiration, it also contains many of the necessary resources needed to build virtually anything from the ground up. Gianni Cortes may not be from the concrete jungle, or any other booming city, but his determination to leave a lasting impression in the fashion world is truly commendable.

    The Tampa, Florida native has conjured up his very own clothing line FŌE, at the young age of 19 years old.  Gianni, who is also a self-taught photographer, started the ready-to-wear brand with simple graphic tees and has since garnered a huge buzz in his home state.  

    I recently sat down with the budding designer to find out a bit more of his come up and passion for fashion. Check it out below:

    FRENDY: Gianni, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. With all due respect, one doesn’t necessarily think of Tampa as a fashion hotbed.  What inspired you to start your line?

    GIANNI: Thank you Frendy, the pleasure is all mine. It really isn't at all, there are very minimal resources here.  I utilized the Internet to make these resources available to me. I taught myself graphic design and not long after started making T-shirts. It's something I just fell in love with. 

    FRENDY: When did you initially embark on your fashion journey? Also, did you receive any aid from your parents or any close friends to jumpstart your line?

    GIANNI: When I was 15 years old I screen printed 400 pieces, which included hoodies and tees.  I would bring 5 or so a day to my high school and the kids who wore my shirts started to spread the word.

    I work full time for my dad's construction company to fund my clothes and so I can save to relocate to LA, which will be happening within two years. So in a way, yes they aided me but it was earned. I think my young age has given me a competitive edge however that won't last as I get older because I know what people want right now and talk to people in my target audience. 

    FRENDY: What does FŌE stand for?

    GIANNI: FŌE stands for Freedom of Expression. Clothing is a form of art and expression depending how you see it. The time and the craftsmanship put into some garments separate it from normal clothing that you just need to cover your body. It's something people want and want other people to see them in.   

    FRENDY: How did you market your very first release?

    GIANNI: Marketing my very first release was simple in a way because of my age.  I did not do it as an official business so I focused local and attended every event and just being cool with every type of person has helped me.

    FRENDY: Can you please explain your latest collection?

    GIANNI: My collection that is dropping this spring is called "The American Dream.” The vision for it is the values and visions of the youth in today's world, but how those drastically change as you grow and mature. It consists of men's and women's pieces featuring custom treated fabrics and perfected fit for any body type. I personally scale and make the cutting patterns myself. 

    FRENDY: So you do all of the cut & sewing yourself?

    GIANNI: No I don't do all cut & sew by myself. I make cut patterns and grade my pieces and create measurements. I am very involved in the process of manufacturing my clothing and don't leave it to someone else. 

    FRENDY: Where do you sell your garments? Are there any stores carrying the brand?

    GIANNI: Currently my clothes are available exclusively on my website, I will have stock in retailers for my newest collection but will not release names until it happens. 

    FRENDY: What would you say separates the brand from others that are created by your peers?

    GIANNI: The thing that separates me from other brands is my ability to innovate and my standpoint as a younger competitor. I can talk with the largest buying market for clothes and relate to my target. Instead of creating something I can't relate to. 

    FRENDY: Which brands are you currently fond of and why?

    GIANNI: Brands I am fond of now are Gucci (I love their latest pieces), Undercover and Vetements. I love the niche Vetements found.

    FRENDY: You stated earlier that you’re planning an LA move.  What will you do there exactly?

    GIANNI: I plan to move to LA in two years to pursue fashion and myself full time. Yes my Internet based resources will work for now but I never planned to live in Tampa permanently.  I have visited LA many times before and I definitely see myself making a living there.

    FRENDY: What is your ultimate goal as a designer?

    GIANNI: My ultimate goal as a designer is to create storylines of each collection that focus on cultural issues and developing mindsets of the next generation that are not fully matured and that have been altered. I want to shed light on these through visuals, short films, or pieces that tell a story but don't speak to loud on the matter. It will just be an expression of myself and my inner thoughts. Big things are coming.


    Justine Young

    Dominic Chandler

    Joey Trombley

  • Palladium Boots x Paragon Sports Ad

    I am very happy to present my Palladium Boots x Paragon Sports ad shot by my brother and photographer extraordinaire, Erick Hercules.

    Those who have been following us since our Def Group days know how hard we've worked to get to this point in our collaborative career.  Stay tuned for more!

    P.S   If you're in the NYC area and would love to catch a glimpse of our ad, head over to West 11th street & 6th Avenue.

  • This Is Gosha

    I was initially exposed to Gosha Rubchinskiy’s eponymous label through A$AP Rocky, who sported the brand’s flag print hooded sweatshirt and striped sweatpants during his exhilarating mash-up performance with rap-rock group 21 Pilots, at the 2015 VMAs. 

    At first glance, I thought the self-proclaimed PMF was attempting to bring back the nostalgia of Tommy Hilfiger clothing, but in actuality the graphic on the hoodie’s chest was a flip of the American apparel company’s iconic logo, which featured a conjoined Russian and Chinese flag with Cyrillic script on its borders.  Intrigued by the Hilfiger-inspired top, I dove into the mysterious world of Gosha and was instantly captivated by his brand’s deep Russian roots.

    Rubchinskiy, an equally talented Photographer and Filmmaker, was born and raised in Moscow.  As a child growing up during the ending stages of the USSR, he had big dreams of becoming a creative in the music and fashion realm.  “After school, all my classmates went to Stroganov College to study classical art or graphic design, but I wasn’t interested in it. I was into this world of fashion and clubs, but there was no university for that,” says Gosha to contemporary culture magazine 032c. “ It took ages to decide what to do, and finally I enrolled in college to become a hairdresser and a makeup artist, because I thought it was at least somehow connected with fashion.”

    After graduating from the Moscow College of Technology and Design, Gosha worked as a Stylist and Costume Designer for films and mingled with the Fashion elite in Russia.  Underwhelmed by the lack of diversity and energy of his city’s fashion industry, Gosha took a liking to the vibrancy of the youth- Skateboarders, in particular. "About ten years ago, skateboarding emerged as one of the main subcultures for Russia's youth and I've looked to it ever since,” he admits to I-D Magazine.  "I was drawn to this new energy. I started hanging with this group, spent all my time with them; we skated, we partied, took trips to other cities. It was a special time, one in which I took many photos and shot a number of videos. I needed to do something to capture the energy. I needed to share it.” Not only did Gosha document his newfound admiration, it compelled him to start a clothing brand, which represented the unique style of post-soviet youth culture. 

    During the summer of 2008, Gosha began making clothes that mixed Russian elements with the Western skate and punk aesthetics. Rubchinskiy’s first collection was completely DIY, consisting of inexpensive T-shirts, fruit of the loom sweatshirts and denim jackets.  With the backing of his friend and former owner of the Solyanka nightclub in Moscow, Gosha was able to rent a sports stadium for his first local show.  Although the spectacle was a success (600 people were in attendance), there was no concrete fashion infrastructure behind it.

    In 2009, the Russian menswear designer received his first big break as he was selected by former Russian Vogue fashion editor Anna Dyulgerova, to be a part of her alternate fashion week show called Cycles and Seasons.  The presentation, held at a sports hall converted from a church, exposed Rubchinskiy to international media publications.  In 2010, Gosha was invited to London Fashion Week, where he displayed a 12-piece collection with his very own funds.  Flustered by the lack of a team and money, Rubchinskiy decided to give the Fashion world a break. In an interview with Business of Fashion, he states: “It’s very difficult to start a fashion label in Moscow. Good fabrics are expensive and customs rules are very strict.  I started thinking that fashion for me was over.”

    Luckily for Gosha, Dyulgerova introduced him to Adrian Joffe, president of Comme des Garçon and the mastermind behind Dover Street Market, who was delighted to sell his collection at DSM. Adrian always loved Russia and was moved by the pulsating post soviet movement, so Gosha was the perfect designer to display in his shop.  Unfortunately, after the special capsule for DSM was made Rubchinskiy faced yet another financial disaster. All of Gosha’s items sold out but all of his profit went to production, logistics and of course customs.  Remarkably, after Gosha broke the news that he wasn’t able to complete another collection for the shop, Adrian offered to produce and market Gosha’s clothes through CDG.  Furthermore, Rubchinskiy was given the creative freedom to design whatever he pleased. The Gosha x Comme des Garçons partnership officially began in 2012.

    With the aid of CDG, Gosha debuted his brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Paris Fashion Week 2014. Since then, Rubchinskiy has truly transformed into a cult favorite! His label can now be found in more than 116 stores around the world.  Not to mention, Gosha has collaborated with a plethora of top tier brands such as Supreme, Reebok and Vans. On November 2016, Rubchinskiy unleashed his very first fragrance inspired by the Skate culture titled, “The Perfect Summer Weekend.”

    The multi-talented designer will be presenting his Fall/Winter 2017 Collection for the first time in two and a half years in Russia-his home country.  The outing will take place in Kaliningrad, which sits between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Coast.  No other information has been revealed about the much-anticipated showcase, but we do know that it will all go down in January.

  • NYC OVO Flagship Store

    Well, the moment all of the east coast Drizzy fans have been patiently waiting for has finally arrived.  Oliver El-Khatib and Drake's prospering OVO clothing line will finally be opening a New York City flagship store!

    The news was unveiled on the brand's official Instagram page, which featured a flick showcasing a slew of the Halloween gang members cladded in blue and white OVO owl emblem hoodies, with the caption: "#NYWELCOMEOVO 12.10.16. " 

    The crew hasn't officially stated they will actually debut an NYC brick-and-mortar shop on the 10th, but one can rightfully assume that it is going to happen.  Especially after the suspenseful clip that was unleashed yesterday.

    Lets see what happens next! Oh, and if for some odd reason you don't know about the brand's backstory, check out my Grailed published write-up to catch up. Simply click here to read it.
  • The Bootleg Babe

    As crappy as America may seem, we must not forget our precious ability to have freedom of expression in the arts and entertainment. New York City based artist Ava Nirui is exercising those very rights in her fashion approach.

    The multi talented 25-year-old creative is throwing stones at the fashion industry's spotless glass house by making her very own emoji-heart eyes inducing bootleg clothing, utilizing luxury brand logos.  "The fashion world is so set in it's ways, why not challenge its rigidity?" says Ava to W Magazine.

    Nirui's initial venture in bootlegging began a year ago when she formulated swagged-out outfits for Barbie dolls inspired by unisex brands, such as Hood By Air, Vetements and Marques Almeida.  Since then, Ava has applied her stylistic mad scientist ways to shoes, basketballs and even an asthma inhaler!

    Her latest latest masterpiece is a series of Champion hoodies fused together with high fashion brands like Christian Dior,Versace, Gucci and more.  A few days ago, Ava released her Gucci x Champion bootleg ($200), which signified the very first time she has sold anything publicly.  

    Unfortunately, they're all sold out.  Hopefully we'll see more of Ava's wonderful creations available for sale on her webstore during the holiday season!

  • Cozy Tapes Vol. 1

    What's good everyone!  I apologize for the lack of posts, but your boy is getting to the paper and I'm sure y'all ain't mad at that one bit.  

    Speaking of accumulating cash, the "Money Man" himself, ASAP Rocky, and his ASAP crew have finally unleashed their highly-anticipated sonic compilation, Cozy Tapes: Vo. 1 Friends-.  The ASAP Yams tribute consists of 12 scorching tracks and features an assortment of Hip Hop's brightest stars, including Tyler The Creator, Skepta, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and more.

    Check out the project below.  While your ears are getting cozified, be sure to read my latest Grailed article on Rocky and Bari's prosperous lifestyle brand, VLONEHERE.  Enjoy!

  • Frendy Vibes T-Shirt

    I pride myself in bringing joy and positivity to everyone I come across.  Fortunately, the love I’ve shown has been reciprocated to the umpteenth power (for the most part). 

    The Frendy Vibes T-shirt was formulated to represent my energy. Made up of 50/50 cotton/polyester, the sunset colored top features “Frendy Vibes,” in metallic gold.  Furthermore, the words are written in script and are located on the left breast. 

    Hey, Brooklyn is where I grew up since the age of 7, spreading love is what we naturally do!

    To pre-order your Frendy Vibes T-shirt, click HERE.

  • Frendy Lemorin x Grailed

    It is with immense pleasure to present you all with my very first article for Grailed, a curated online marketplace for new and lightly worn luxury menswear. Its basically the number one go-to site for the most scorching pieces at affordable prices.

    A few months ago, the company launched a section for editorial content called "Dry Clean Only."  The platform is meant to provide context for products in their online catalog.  I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to write for such an awesome team.

    Check out my "Alessandro Michele Exorcises Gucci's Ghosts" story HERE

  • OVO x Roots Fall 2016

    I don't know about you but when my eyes first laid on the campaign flicks of OVO 's latest collaboration with RootsI thought Drizzy's imprint was venturing off with the legendary hip-hop band, The Roots, to takeover the merch game (haha). Pardon my ignorance, I honestly had no clue about the thriving environmentally-friendly Canadian apparel brand until now.

    In any case, the two lifestyle clothing lines have teamed up once more to deliver a new capsule for the Fall 2016 season, which is out now.

    Check out the earthy cinematic clip of the comfy collection, directed by the fellas of Kid Studio below:

  • The World's Top 9 Luxury Brands

    Last month,  a report by the PMX Agency was released stating the most successful luxury brands online.  Since I know there are tons of fashion heads reading this blog, I've decided to share the valuable info.

    The rankings were determined by metrics including site visits, brand searches and social media engagement within the luxury apparel market.

    Check out the list ranked by the brands online market shares below:

    9. Louboutin (1.8%)

    8. Hermès (2.1%)

    7. Burberry (8.1%)

    6. Chanel (4.2%)

    5. Gucci (5.3%)

    4. Louis Vuitton (9.3%)

    3. Coach (12.0%)

    2. Michael Kors (18.5%)

    1. Ralph Lauren (19.2%)

  • Long Live The Music of Billy Joel

    My mother and aunt introduced me to Billy Joel’s music when I just was five years old in Haiti. Listening to his classic sounds today takes me back to the nostalgic days of being carefree.

    I teamed up with photographer Marielle Sales to visually pay homage to the original Piano Man.  Check out some of the pics from our shoot below:

    To see more, follow me on Instagram.

  • Purpose In The Youth: Yussuf Kassim Manzi

    Allow me to present the 5th episode of an inquisitive podcast by Bobby Hobert titled, Purpose In The Youth.

    Yussuf Kassim Manzi, one of my closest friends, was the featured guest and he spoke of his evolution as a fashion designer, appreciation for the smallest things in life and inspirations.  Furthermore, at the 28:30 mark Yussuf candidly talked about the fateful day we met, my impact on his life and the BAPE NYC store. You wouldn't want to miss this!

    Make yourself a hot brew (its getting cold out) and indulge in the stream of consciousness below:

  • Air Jordan 12 OVO

    For months now, the 6 God foot-teased the world with a heavenly white and gold colorway of the Air  Jordan 12 OVOs.  I'm happy to announce that the coveted sneaker finally has a release date.

    According to Sneaker News, Drake's latest kicks ($225) will be unleashed by Jordan Brand on Saturday, October 1st through a Nike SNKRS drawing.  The drawing will occur at 10am.

    Good luck!

  • Vans x Odd Future Fall 2016 Pack

    Vans is back at it again (sorry, I know that joke is dead already) with another tasty collaboration with Hip Hop collective, Odd Future.

    The joint release includes a two piece collection, which consists of the skateboarding company's classic Sk8-Hi and Authentic shoe silhouettes, designed by Tyler The Creator himself.  They feature OF's yellow and pink sprinked donut graphic spread out on top of bright teal canvas and suede uppers.

    The Vans x Odd Future Fall 2016 Pack released yesterday in select Vans stores. See the full list of retailers  to cop yours here.

  • Human Made Fall/Winter 2016

    It's getting a bit chilly out and theres no better way to keep warm during the Autumn season than by rocking some fresh, fiery gear.  The homies over at the Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream flagship store in Soho has got you covered with their new arrival of Nigo's Human Made Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

    The collection includes tee shirts in white and black colorways, a vast range of accessories such as tote bags, money bags, and backpacks, in addition to classic fleece.  Check out some of my favorite pieces below:

    You can cop the garments now, here.

  • Stutterheim x AS2OV

    My favorite raincoat company, Stutterheim, decided to make a big splash in the bag industry by collaborating with fast rising Japanese accessories label AS2OV.

    The exclusive limited edition collaboration-consisting of backpacks and clutches - is crafted from the swedish company's iconic rubberized cotton. If you're all about detail and functionality, this carry-on is a must cop!

    Click here to purchase.

  • Aimé Leon Dore A/W 16

    New York City menswear label, Aimé Leon Dore, is continuing to provide the melange of sleek and cozy in their recently unleashed A/W 2016 collection.

    Since ALD's latest 37-piece collection was inspired by the richness of culture from their hometown of Queens, they rightfully shot the lookbook at Queensbridge.  All of the pieces are meticulously cut and sewn in Canada and New York.

    Theres way more awesome garments that aren't displayed above so feel free log on to their webshop to see the rest and cop!

  • The Realest Real

    French luxury fashion house Kenzo has just unleashed a new film titled, The Realest Real, which deals with our obsession with social media and celebrities.

    Written and Directed by Carrie Brownstein, the six-minute campaign for the brand's 2016 Fall/Winter collection features a young lady named Abby (played by the gorgeous Laura Harrier), who seems like she's going to have the most intense job interview.  Instead of being bombarded with questions about her skill set, Abby is chosen by the Public-Private Relations Minister of The Institute of The Real and Really Real (Mahershala Ali) to live a new life based on her social-media fandom!  I could tell you what happens next, but that'll ruin all the fun, innit?

    The clip also stars Rowan Blanchard and Orange Is The New Black's Natasha Lyonne as Abby's alt-reality "MOM."

    Check out the aesthetically pleasing and comical madness below:

  • King of The Merch

    Kanye West admits he has a big ego, and apparently it served as his catalyst to become a megastar. From the College Dropout Bear to Yeezus, Ye's larger than life personas has captured the hearts and ears of fans across the globe. 

    The G.O.O.D Music maestro's biggest God complex yet, Saint Pablo, has truly transformed him into a King....of the merch that is. On September 5th, during the New York City leg of Kanye's Saint Pablo Tour at MSG, he pulled in a record-breaking $780,000 in merch sales!  This incredible feat has placed him ahead of Pope Francis himself, who sold $540,000 in memorabilia at the Garden last year.

    Looks like Yeezy not only jumped over the jumpman, but also effortlessly levitated over the Pope!

  • UNDFTD x adidas Consortium Busenitz

    My personal favorite BAPE shoes of all time are the ZX 5000 model, which were made in collaboration with UNDFTD and adidas. Not only are the kicks fly as hell, they have a comfort that is unmatched.

    This time around, the two sportswear giants produced a masterpiece on their own in the form of the UNDFTD x adidas Consortium Busenitz.  The skate shoe's tan color takes inspiration from the Mojave Desert.  Furthermore, this particular Busenitz aesthetic pays homage to the mecca of skateboarding with sandy styling and Cordura nylon construction.

    These bad boys release on September 9th at UNDFTD's online shop, followed by a Consortium account release on September 17th.  Good luck!

  • Ambush Design's First Store

    Back in the peak days of BAPE, my former boss Nigo created a Japanese Hip Hop supergroup named, Teriyaki Boyz.  The rap act consisted of Ilmari, Ryo-Z, Verbal, Wise, and even the former Ape General himself, who served as a DJ.

    The Teriyaki Boyz had an incredible run, collaborating with tons of legendary artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West and Pharrell.  I'm not totally sure if the group is still together, but what's definite is the ultimate rise of the lyrical clan's unofficial leader, Verbal.  The stylish spitter has transcended into a Japanese fashion icon!

    In 2008, Verbal teamed up with his longtime super hot girlfriend Yoon to conjure up a successful avant-garde jewelry line called, AMBUSH®.  The line's Pop Art designs embody a distinct Tokyo aesthetic.  Furthermore, it has progressed into creating unisex collections designed in AMBUSH®’s Tokyo Studio and made by renowned craftsmen in Japan. As some of you may remember, the duo's POW® chains and rings were worn by the coolest personas in the music world.

    After all those years dominating JP's fashion market, Tokyo's hottest power couple are now launching their very own AMBUSH® store designed by Wonderwall, the genius interior design firm who built the BAPE store in New york.  The shop, located between Shibuya and Harajuku, is celebrating it's September 2nd launch tonight, featuring London-based collective No Vacancy Inn and Korean DJ collective +82 and KINGMCK.  

    If you're in the area, head over to the celebration and turn up!

  • Supreme Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

    Despite the unwavering heatwave in NYC, Supreme has gotten fans even hotter by previewing all the scorching threads in their F/W 2016 collection.

    There are so many awesome pieces that I can't even showcase them all on this post, but check out some of my favorite jackets and hoodies below:

    Furthermore, the cult skateboarding brand will be unleashing another batch of off-the-wall accessories, which includes a motorcycle helmet, a B&O portable speaker, a flashy 24k gold seahorse pendant, a floodlight , a hot water bottle and an actual brick (most likely made to scare off Mr. "Ape Bangin' On My chest").

    Head over to Supreme's NYC store or webshop (if you're fast enough) on August 25th to cop their latest collection.

  • BBC Leather Goods

    Although Billionaire Boys Club's mantra is "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket," it doesn't mean the brand wants you to shy away from getting dough!  As a matter of fact, Pharrell Williams' brainchild has just unleashed a variety of leather goods, which includes a diamond and dollar embossed case for all of your credit card holding needs-- and as we all know, in order to even have a bank card, the greenery is needed!

    Accompanying the card holder, BBC also released a leather Keyloop which features their logo embossed on one side and aformentioned saying on the other.

    If you're interested, you can purchase these lavish accessories only at the Billionaire Boy's Club flagship store locations.

  • Smell Like Louis Vuitton

    Earlier this year, Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, made a historically bold move by conducting the French fashion house’s first ever menswear show.  Louis Vuitton is also faithfully trotting into unfamiliar territory with the release of its first fragrance in 70 years.

    The luxury brand’s initial attempt to contrive scents was in the 1940’s, but unfortunately they fell short. LV is finally settling unfinished business this September by releasing, Les Parfums Louis Vuitton.  According to the International Business Times, LVMH will distribute it's 473 Louis Vuitton stores with fragrances.  All of them will come from a fragrance lab which will be led by master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, who is famous for concocting stellar smells like Acqua di Gio from Giorgio Armani and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey.

    I know you all are thinking, "Will this joint smell like the leather of Louis Vuitton bags? "  Well, you are partly right! At least one of the fragrances will be infused with a note of leather.  You'll soon be able to freshly embody LV's monogram print without actually carrying one of their signature purses!

    Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the product's price as the release date approaches.

  • Pharrell x Adidas NMD

    The "Human Race" Adidas NMDs that Pharrell Williams has been styling & profiling in for months will finally be available for purchase this weekend!

    The exclusive shoe is actually a new collaboration from the multi-faceted producer and German multinational company. P is synonymous with the brand's Stan Smith model, so its refreshing to see him wear a new silhouette.

    Look out for the Pharrell x Adidas NMD "Human Race" collection to drop on Saturday July 23rd.

  • Human Made 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

    The man that ushered me into the streetwear culture NIGO has unleashed the 2016 Fall/Winter collection of his American vintage inspired brand, HUMAN MADE.

    It was quite sad to hear that my former boss was leaving his BAPE brainchild two and half years ago, but progression is always the motive. Nigo's new line is for the grown and swaggy who have transcended the Ape lifestyle.

    The legendary Japanese fashion designer's latest capsule consists of super cozy embroidered jackets, knitted beanies, plaid button ups, sweaters and tasteful logo tees.  Check out the quality products below:

    The items will be released via all HUMAN MADE store locations in just a few weeks.

  • Stone Island New York Is Now Open

    We're right smack dab in the middle of summer but that didn't stop Stone Island to finally open up its long awaited doors in Soho.

    Carlo Rivetti's highly decorated Italian sportswear brand's new york shop was originally scheduled to debut during the early months of 2016.  As with all things, "complications" occured.  After extended months of fine renovation, the spacious 3,500 square feet is now equipped with the finest winter jackets on the market for your cozy needs.

    If you're a baller like Kanye West that usually shops for the winter in the summer, stop by the store at 41 Green Street.

    Photos from GQ

  • Cam'ron And Complex Goes On A Sneaker Date

    I just skimmed through the Youtube comments from the latest episode of Complex's sneaker shopping series with Joe La Puma, and it saddens me to see that many of today's younger kids have no clue who the featured celebrity guest is.

    I'm talking about Cam'ron, the legendary Dipset general that shifted rap culture with his magnetic flow and maverick sense of fashion. Times change, and of course one must go with life's flow, but knowing a bit of history doesn't hurt to better understand the future.

    In any case, Killa (yes, that's his nickname) went sneaker shopping at Stadium Goods in New york City with Joe to purchase some old school Reeboks.  Cam has a sneaker deal with the brand, so this stunt simply proved his unwavering loyalty.  Before copping the kicks, Mr. Giles spoke on his unusual balling sneakers, the fact that Jordans weren't 'chonologically numbered' growing up, and plans to release a new album.

    Check out the entire shopping experience below:

  • Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 17 Fashion Show

    I'm a bit late posting about the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 17 fashion show, but the threads showcased are so awesome that I couldn't resist to inform you guys about them.

    Peep the clip below for the highlights of LV 's S/S 17 men's collection designed by Kim Jones.

  • New York City Ballet x Puma Activewear

    Sportwear brands are known for partnering up with the world's elite ball players.  Heck, even top notch thespians are getting in on the deal.  So would it be farfetched to think that ballet dancers could share a piece of the sporty action?

    Well, PUMA obviously doesn't! The German athletic multinational company is diving in the cultural and arts world by working with the distinguished New York City Ballet.  The dancers will be plié-ing in official offstage activewear sponsored by PUMA as soon as October 2016.  Dancing is techniqually a sport that requires an ample amount of dedication and discipline, so it's awesome to see these ballerinas get their rightful recognition.

    Not only receiving some fresh gear to dance in, the New York Ballet dancers will also be featured in PUMA campaigns!  Check out some of the flicks below:

  • Rae Sremmurd x Puma Campaign

    Congrats to Rae Sremmurd for being PUMA's latest brand ambassadors.

    As you may know, the German multinational athletic company already has enlisted a good batch of female celebrities (Kylie Jenner, YesJulz, Rihanna) to rep their brand, so it's pretty lit to have the fellas bring their two-of-a-kind energy on board.

    Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi's first Puma campaign was shot by iconic Hip Hop Lensman Jamel Shabazz, who's known for capturing NYC street culture.  The duo wore track suits and several denim arrangments to perfectly compliment the 1968 Puma Suede classics on their feet.

    Be on the lookout for my own shoe campaign this fall (haha).  For now, let's check out Rae Sremmurd pushing the culture forward below:

  • BBC/Ice Cream Europe Store Relaunch

    It's totally refreshing to witness Pharrell Williams fully recommit to his iconic Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream brand.

    Back in January, WWD announced that P was back at the helm of his cult streetwear line.  Today, I am happy to see that he is taking the role seriously by relaunching the BBC/Ice Cream store in europe!  The multi-talented superstar producer unveiled the news himself via Instagram, where he posted a flick in front of the revamped shop.

    There's no word on when the new BBC/Ice Cream store is going to open, so look out for more info on Pharrell's instagram page.

  • Beef Patty Shoes

    Like Jamaican beef patty?  Of course.  Like them enough to rock a sneaker inspired by them?  If you answered no to the latter, then your love isn't deep as the crew of Alumni

    The Brooklyn based shop recently made a mouth watering shoe collaboration with FILA encouraged guessed it...beef patties!  Modeled after FILA's Overpass runner model, the pastry-influenced kicks feature a pigskin suede upper, a toe box that resembles the edge of an actual patty, and a white  sole in honor of the fluffy white coco bread usually used to make a bangin' sandwich.

    No word on when these bad boys are going to be freshly baked out the oven (see what I did there?), but make sure you head over to Alumni's website for more information.

  • The BBC Palm Tree Pack

    Pharrell Williams has teamed up with his own braindchild, Billionaire Boys Club, and Adidas once more to deliver the BBC Palm Tree Pack.

    What makes the trio's most recent collaboration better than ever is that it offers not only sneakers, but also apparel, consisting of matching track jackets, t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts.  The palm tree design of these sneakers was used on an original BBC/Ice Cream shoe that unfortunately never released.  Ain't nothing wrong with a little tasteful recycling, right?  After all, that's what P is all about!

    Check out the summery products below:

    The Palm Tree Pack was released in-store at the BBC/Ice Cream store in New York and online last Saturday. If you're interested, cop the items HERE (if there are still any left!).

  • R.I.P Bill Cunningham

    I never had the chance to meet Bill Cunningham on the streets of NYC, but I truly felt his spirit simply from hearing the wonderful stories told by those who were fortunate enough to be photographed by him. 

    Earlier today, it was announced that the legendary street-style lensman passed at the age of 87, due to complications after a recent stroke. For the past 40 years, Bill has magnificently captured the concrete jungle's most fashionable individuals and showcased them in The New York Times. My good friend Delroy Smith (who's been featured on the blog countless times) served as one of Mr. Cunningham's favorite muses.  Below are Delroy's words after hearing of his death:

    Welcome to the other side, Bill.  Shoot God in all of his glorious angles!

  • More Blessings For Khaled

    DJ Khaled is truly a man of infinite abundance.

    Not only did the We The Best exec unveil the coveted artwork for his star-studded forthcoming album Major Key on Instagram, famed fashion journal WWD revealed that he is now the face of Jay Z's Rocawear Fall 2016 campaign!

    To be honest, I thought Jay discontinued the brand, but with this new business venture alongside the powerhouse that is DJ Khaled, it will definitely be BOOMING more than ever.

  • Vans Got More Heat For The Summer

    You got to love the people over at Vans for their ability to capture simplistic flyness on and off the boards.  

    The California based manufacturing company's latest footwear wonder are the Sk8-Hi Reissue LX '101', which is in collaboration with famed NYC skate shop Dave's Quality Meats (DQM for short).

    As you can see, the kicks are inspired by the aesthetics of a high-top basketball shoe.  They comes in a selection of white, black and navy blue colorways, each sporting canvas uppers and leather side stripes. The collaborative skate/basketball hybrid sneaks also feature a nylon tongue with terry cloth backing, while a removable ankled strap and DQM x Vans logos within the insole and along the heel.

    Make sure you head over to the DQM shop in Soho, New York on June 18th for your pair.

  • GOLF WANG 2016 Fashion Show

    Following the footsteps of Kanye West, Tyler The Creator extended his creative genius to manifest an extravagant fashion show for his own respective clothing label, GOLF WANG.

    The star-studded event took place at visionary house, MADE LA, and included everything you would expect from the exuberant FLOG GNAW general.

    Check out the radicalness for yourself below:

  • Curry 2 Low

    There is no doubt that Steph Curry is a true Warrior on the hardwood floor, but as far as his sneaker game, many concretely believed that its a total fail!

    Recently, the NBA's prized redbone unleashed the Curry 2 Low shoes aka "Chef Curry", in collaboration with Under Armour, and the internet had a field day roasting the under armour out of them.  Check out some of the hilariousness below:

    If you're like me and don't think the kicks are not THAT atrocious, pick up a pair for $120  HERE. Oh, and don't forget to cop a dad hat with it (haha).

  • JWA x AWGE

    A$AP Rocky is currently Rap's "jiggy n*gga".  His undeniable talent, infections charm and style has won over the harshest critics not only in the music arena but the fashion field as well.

    The Harlem spitter's latest venture is with one of his favorite brands J.W.Anderson. Back in January, Rocky was seen wearing the Irish designer's pieces at the J.W.Anderson A/W 16 Menswear show.  He even sported a high neck zip jumper from Anderson's A/W 15 collection in his “Jukebox Joints” music video.  It's apparent that the love is real!

    Their collaborative JWA x AWGE capsule collection can be pre-ordered today on the J. W. Anderson website and will be available from the Shoreditch Workshops store on Monday.  Prices ranges from $275 for a beanie to $1,300 for one of the Teddy coats.

    One must pay the fee to be the jiggiest right?

  • Beyonce Is A Certified Fashion Icon

    The BeyHive surely rejoiced last night as their Queen won the CFDA's Fashion Icon award.

    Not only did Beyoncé look absolutely stunning in a bedazzled black Givenchy suit, with a wide brim hat, my imaginary baby momma (again, Jigga no disrespect) gave a magnificent acceptance speech that truly accented the many reasons why she is so deserving of such a prestigious honor.

    Read it for yourself below:

    Thank you so much, Diane, for the things you just said about me. I feel so much love and I feel so proud. As long as I can remember, fashion has been part of my life. Its effect on me actually started before I was born. Many of you guys don’t know this, but my grandmother was a seamstress. My grandparents did not have enough money, they could not afford my mother’s Catholic school tuition. So my grandmother sewed clothes for the priests and the nuns and made uniforms for the students in exchange for my mother’s education. She then passed this gift onto my mother and taught her how to sew.

    Starting out in Destiny’s Child, high-end labels didn’t really want to dress four black country curvy girls, and we couldn’t afford designer dresses and couture. My mother was rejected from every showroom in New York. But like my grandmother, she used her talent and her creativity to give her children their dreams. My mother and my uncle, God rest his soul, made all of our first costumes, individually sewing hundreds of crystals and pearls, putting so much passion and love into every small detail. When I wore these clothes I felt like Khaleesi. I had an extra suit of armor. It was so much deeper than any brand name. My mother is fabulous and beautiful and she’s here tonight. My mother, my grandmother, and my uncle are always with me so I cannot fail.

    My mother actually designed my wedding dress, my prom dress, my first CFDA Award dress, my first Grammy dress, and the list goes on and on. And this to me is the true power and potential of fashion. It’s a tool for finding your own identity. It transcends style, and it’s a time capsule of all of our greatest milestones. So to my mother, my grandmother, my uncle, thank y’all. Thank you for showing me that having presence is about far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty. Thank you for showing me how to take risks, work hard, and live life on my own terms.

    I want to say thank you to every designer who works tirelessly to make people think they can write their own story. Y’all are fairy godmothers, magicians, sculptors, and sometimes even our therapists. I encourage you to not forget this power you have or to take it lightly. We have the opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection. Soul has no color, no shape, no form. Just like all of your work, it goes far beyond what the eye can see. You have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower, and to show people how to embrace their complications, and see the flaws, and the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us. Thank you so much for this incredible award, I’ll never forget this night. God bless you all. Thank you.”

  • G-Star Raw NYC Bike Tour

    G-Star Raw's fifth avenue flagship opening was truly a success and fortunately all of the festivities were captured on camera.

    It all kicked off with Pharrell Williams and his BMX crew (Nigel Sylvester, Joey Bada$$, Anthony DeRosa and many more) cruising to the brand's various NYC store locations.  The mini tour commenced in G-Star Raw's Williamsburg shop where DJ Clark Kent was doing his thang on the 1s and 2s. Then, the SoHo spot which held an event hosted by Joey and his Pro Era bro Kirk Knight.  Last but certainly not least, the crew ended their adventure at G-Star Raw's brand new fifth ave flagship.

    Here's the recap:

  • G-Star Raw's New NYC Flagship Store

    Later today, G-Star Raw will debut it's NYC Flagship store at 475 Fith Avenue.

    If you're guessing that the company's newly appointed co-owner Pharrell Williams will be in attendance, then you're absolutely right.  The multi-talented mogul will be zig-zagging over to the city 's other G-Star locations (Williamsburg and SoHo) before heading to the official celebration of the Fith Avenue store at 8pm.

    If you cop something, you'll get to customize the merchandise with special G-Star scribbles exclusive to the event, as well as have the chance to win a limited-edition denim kimono crafted from Bionic Yarn, P’s company that transforms recycled plastic found in the ocean into denim.

    I might make my way around one of the shops. See you there!

  • Supreme x Vans Spring/Summer 2016

    Today, Supreme and Vans unleashed their latest collaboration for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

    The silhouette utilized for this run is the Vans Old Skool model.  Supreme accents the shoe by placing a iridescent side strip (which looks awesome), applied against a cotton bouclé upper and a rich leather inner lining.

    The kicks are only available online right now.  Don't fret though, they'll be in Supreme shops worldwide on May 28th.

  • What's Good With Stone Island NYC?

    Last week while visiting my old stomping grounds of Soho, I decided to head down Green Street and see if the Stone Island store was open for business.

    The Italian luxury sportwear brand's NYC location was scheduled to have it's grand opening a few months ago, but no confirmation has yet to be revealed. I went to see what was the hold up only to discover that the shop is still being built!

    Hey, at least we can all rest assure that Carlo Rivetti did not pull the plug on his company's east coast establishment. Extreme patience is the key in this situation....I guess.

  • Bad Service, No Problem

    Ever had the chance to actually shop in the Supreme store in NYC?  If so, you'll definitely be aware of the...let's say..lack of customer service from it's nonchalant employees.  Apparently, the same sentiment applies to the notorious skateboarding brand's LA location.

    Mere coincidence?  Hell nah!  It's supposed to be that way according to Supreme's creative director Angelo Baque.  In a recent interview with printed publication Marfa Journal, Angelo discussed the hostile vibe his store employees give off.  He states, "Skateboarding has never been nice. Let's make that clear. It started as an outsider thing, and skateboarders have always been assholes".  Damn, always wondered why I stopped skating--guess I was too nice of a person to subconsciously go down that treacherous path eh?

    Baque goes on to say that he has no problem with the unaproachable energy that his workers disperse. I know alot of you may be thinking, "why are so many kids and adults alike still f*ckin' with the brand then?".  All I can say to that is people love realness....and hype.  The combination of those two ingredients makes an enticing meal that is hard to turn down.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Olivier Rousteing

    Olivier Rousteing is consistently leading Balmain into new fashion levels.  One of the ways he is doing so is by utilizing social media to attract an unimaginable new demographic.

    British Fashion Journalist Suzy Menkes recently sat down with the millenial Creative Director to discuss how he attracted such a huge following on the internet.

    Check out the interview below:

  • Pharrell's Pink Beach Party

    Last night in Los Angeles, Pharrell Williams hosted the launch party of his Pink Beach collection with longtime collaborator Adidas Originals.

    The colorful kickback was held within a bright pink studio space with white clouds, pink sand, pink umbrellas and even pink palm trees!  Furthermore, a few of P's musical buddies were in attendance which include A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Tyler The Creator, DOPE star Shameik Moore and many more.

    Pharrell's latest line with Adidas debuted on May 5 and is available at Adidas Originals, Billionaire Boys Club flagship stores, and online.

  • Beluga Boost

    Since the summer is literally right around the corner, Kanye West decided to tease the world with a fresh new colorway of his Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 during a recent trip to Cuba.  Yeezus' fans will be glad to know that those exact pair will be up for sale as soon as August!

    The new color scheme of the idolized shoe is coined "Beluga " due to it's white tone. You never know, maybe Ye will jump over the Air Force 1s this time around.

  • Marcelo Burlon x TYGA Capsule Collection

    TYGA's money train truly runs express!  

    This Thursday, the lyrical 'Last King' will release his capsule collection with famed Milan Designer and DJ Marcelo Burlon.  It'll all take place at Sak's Fifth Ave, where buyers will have a chance to meet Marcelo, get an autograph from Tyga or receive a special edition phone case.

    At the current moment, there are no images of the actual collection but it will include limited edition shirts, hoodies, and shorts.  I'm sure they'll all carry aesthetics of each respective artists....imagine a snake wrapped around a tiger in the jungle or something dope like that (haha).

  • Triple Black Stan Smith

    The 'all black' enthusiasts of the world will rejoice in knowing that Adidas has given it's Stan Smith shoe model the "Triple Black" treatment!

    There's been countless versions of the Stan Smith sneaker but this particular one can never go out of style (cause they're black, duh).  Interested in buying a pair?  Click HERE.

  • Stan Smith NIGO

    Former Ape General NIGO has collaborated once more with Adidas Originals to conjure up a classic Stan Smith shoe.

    The joint sneaker stays true to the original stan smith silhouette but is equipped with a glazed leather upper, an off-white sole and a lace lock.

    To purchase your pair, click HERE.

  • New BBC Iphone Cases

    Pharrell Williams' imprint Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream has once more collaborated with customized case company Casetify to release five new designs for the iPhone 6/6S, 6+/6S+ and Apple Watches.

    Half a year ago, the two companies unleashed a few Apple accessories that sold out in just over 2 minutes, so be sure to buy yours this time around.

    Click HERE to cop.

  • Balenciaga's First Menswear Show

    In the midst of my "Balenciaga Mama " article release, it has just been revealed that the French Fashion house will put on it's first ever menswear show in nearly 100 years.  Talk about perfect timing right?

    The historic brand currently produces a menswear line but thanks to the vision of it's Artistic Director Demna Gvasalia, on June 22nd a runway show will be made presenting the collection to an international stage for the very first time.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Raf Simons Adidas Silver Surfers

    Famed Belgian designer Raf Simons must of got inspired by the legendary Max B as he recently released a wavy new color way for his latest collaborative Stan Smith shoe with Adidas Originals.

    The sneaker features a metallic upper, alongside Raf's branded "" perforation at the side.  These joints are a must have for the summer!

    To order your pair now, click HERE.

  • The First Real Ye x Adidas

    Will the first real Kanye West x Adidas Originals sneakers please stand up?!  

    Apparently, we were all bamboozled by Hypebeast a few weeks ago when they showcased what was presumed to be the first "failed" version of the collaborative sneakers between Ye' and Adidas.  Luckily, The former Vice President of Marketing at Adidas went on instagram yesterday to air out the notorious lifestyle blog for presenting a photoshopped version of the kicks.  Furthermore, he went into the archives and displayed the authentic joint footwear!

    Check out the realness below:

  • IVY PARK at Nordstrom

    On the day my pre-order trial for the FRNDY LMRN™ World Tour Tee comes to an end, Beyonce will launch her new active wear line IVY PARK at American upscale retailer Nordstrom.

    This is no mere coincidence due to the fact that B and I were lovers in a previous lifetime, so you know our connection still exists (just kidding, Jay).  If you're interested in copping the empowering women's workout wear for your shorty on the 14th, click HERE to find out a store location near you.

    Good luck!

  • Ben's Booming Business

    We owe it all to DJ Khaled for introducing us via Snapchat to a teenager named Ben, who's business is apparently "booming".

    I'm sure most you were just as confused trying to figure out what business venture the confident adolescent is thriving in.  Fortunately, the wonderful people behind the inspirational docu-series Great Big Stories, were able to shed some light on the self proclaimed Sneaker Don

    That's right, Benjamin Kapelushnik is a God amongst men in the Sneaker reselling game.  The 16 year old wasn't lying when he said his business was booming either.  It is revealed that he has garnered up to a whopping $1 Million dollars in sales!

    Don't play yourself and watch his unbelievable story below:

  • The Ye x Adidas Shoe That Never Was

    I was fortunate enough to work at BAPE NYC when they released their much praised Bapestas with Kanye West back in 2007.  Kids and adults alike were in a frenzy to get their hands on a pair!  Now imagine if Ye dropped a collaboration with Adidas Originals a year before that?

    Well, that thought isn't far fetched because the man known as Yeezus was actually in talks with Adidas Creative Consultant Gary Aspden to conjure up a joint sneaker that unfortunately never hit the market. Hey, everything happens when the times right and look at their situation now!

    Gary's recollections of the "failed" sneaker project with Kanye can be read in it's entirety in the second issue of sneaker magazine Crepe City.  To purchase your copy, click HERE.

  • Interview Mag x Kitty Cash G Star Polaroids

    The lovely DJ extraordinaire Kitty Cash flew all the way to Amsterdam to attend the opening of G Star RAW 's glorious factory schemed by Rem Koolhaus.

    The Dutch design company's newly appointed Head of Imagination Pharrell Williams, led some of the music & fashion world's favorites on a tour of his new headquaters.  In collaboration with Interview Magazine, Cash took some pretty epic shots of the star studded shindig.

    Check out the polaroids below:

  • Stutterheim To Open New York Flagship Store

    I am happy to announce that Stutterheim is scheduled to open it's first New York flagship store in May!

    The Swedish outerwear brand has been pouring out a slew of fashionable yet functional pieces for about six years now.  The luxury line is already sold at exclusive retailers such as Barneys New York, Dover Street Market, Isetan and Le Bon Marché but nothing will compare to it's very own U.S store in the heart of SoHo.

    I'm Looking forward to attend the grand opening.

  • BBC x Happy Socks

    Summer is steadily approaching so Billionaire Boys Club and Happy Socks took it upon themselves to collaborated once more and provide some funky socks that'll compliment the forthcoming heat.

    The feet warmers, exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus, consist of 11 classic designs from Skateboard P's brand's archive, featuring patterns from Diamonds and Dollars to our Space Robot.

    Created on Happy Socks’ athletic sock silhouette, the socks are active-friendly and specially crafted to handle more movement. With light compression, a cushioned sole and arch support, the new silhouette is truly astronomical!

    Order yours HERE.

  • Palladium by SSUR*PLUS Collaboration

    Palladium Boots recently unleashed the photos of their latest collaboration with streetwear brand SSUR*PLUS.

    The flicks, shot by my good friend and longtime photographer Erick Hercules, feature the boot brand's Pampa Baggy model with a printed canvas displaying NYC's glorious skyline.

    Like what you see? then purchase your pair ($120) at selected retailers or

  • FRNDY LMRN World Tour Tee

    To commemorate all the beautiful parts of the globe that my merchandise has reached, I collaborated with design firm HYJACK® Works to present the FRNDY LMRN™ World Tour Tee.

    I appreciate those who have purchased any of my offerings, so this product was made to simply display my gratitude by showcasing each buyer's respective city.

    Pre-order begins NOW until APRIL 14th at 6PM ET. To place yours, simply click HERE.

  • Where Do You Know Me From?

    As part of their Adidas Originals by NIGO campaign, the German multinational sports manufacturer released a short film which documents the Tokyo adventure of scorching British lyricist Stormzy.

    The visual even features a cameo from my former boss himself as he talks about the similarities between Stormzy's unfiltered artistry and his own creative origins.

    Get inspired below:

  • Pablo Makes A Milli

    This past Saturday, I quickly went to check out Kanye West'The Life of Pablo Pop Up shop and it was just as you expected it to be.

    A slew of 'Ye fans waited on line from the wee hours of the morning to cop some merch and unleash their inner Pablo.  Yeezy remained cool, collected and twitter finger-less throughout the madness that occured at his exclusive shop.  He finally broke his silence yesterday to proudly proclaim the surprise shop's 1 Million dollar profit in sales!

    This feat is pretty incredible.  It only fuels my passion to continue my own movement.

  • Opening Ceremony x Vans Vault Easter Pack

    Vans gives no f#cks that today belongs to the almighty green, by announcing it's pastelle-flavored Easter pack collaboration with Opening Ceremony.

    The cherished Christian holiday is a little over a week away but that didn't stop the notorious California shoe company from releasing it's newly created shoes in commemoration of the occasion.  

    The Sk8 Hi and Old Skool silhouettes come in Easter eggs, sherbet, mint, and marshmallow pink. The Old Skool LX will retail for $90 USD while the Sk8 Hi LX will be priced at $105 USD. 

    Get your pair today by clicking HERE.

  • Pharrell's Signature Adidas

    Pharrell has a naturally suave way to forever remain in news headlines.

    Skateboard P's latest triumph is in the form of his own signature shoe with Adidas ! Yes, P has already collaborated with the German sportswear giant but this deal right here is the ultimate form of respect.

    The shoe titled, PW ZX333, is a member of the Adidas Originals ZX line, which contains a neoprene construction rendered in an attention-grabbing shade of teal.

    Does the music & fashion icon deserve better or you guys think the shoe is fire?  Let me know.

  • Yeezy Season 3 x BBC/Ice Cream

    It seems that season 3 of Kanye West's Yeezy line is going to be available at the BBC/Ice Cream store in Soho.

    As I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline, I stumbled across Mimi's (she works for Pharrell's brainchild brand) post that stated that she just placed an order for Ye's latest collection.

    I have no clue on when they're arriving at the shop, so I suggest you follow her on the gram for updates!

  • Supreme x Stone Island SS '016 Preview

    Stone Island and Supreme are back at it again with an epic collaboration!

    The Italian luxury sportswear company and US cult skateboarding brand are so pleased with their partnernship they decided to conjure up some more awesome clothes for the Spring/Summer '016 season.  

    This time around the stylish yet techniqual garments are made up of a Trench Coat in Heat Reactive (Stone Island’s research heat-sensitive fabric), Tracksuit in garment dyed and camouflage printed Nylon Metal, Crewneck sweater in 100% pima cotton with reflective Stone Island / Supreme print, Striped cotton T-shirt (pigment printed), Crusher hat and 6 panels cap in Heat Reactive fabric and an ultra strong air and water tight Drybag® duffle bag by Ortlieb.

    Lookout for these exclusive items as they are released on March 17th on the Stone Island app & Los Angeles Store.

  • Drake & Matteo

    Yesterday on Instagram, The 6 God publicly paid respects to Matteo Rivetti by @’n him with prayer hands under a pic where he is seen heading to his courtside game seats, wearing a Stone Island jacket.

    Who’s Matteo you may ask?  Oh, he’s just the Vice President of the coat's brand that Drizzy is rockin' (no biggie…RIP to him btw).  I was fortunate enough to chop it up with Teo on 2 occasions and he’s definitely a stand up guy that’s continuing his family’s tradition of delivering superior quality and functionality in garments.

    Be on the lookout for Stone Island's New York store debut sometime next month!

  • Supreme x Vans SS16

    Dammmmn Supreme....Back at it again with a Vans Collab!

    Just when you thought the 'Daniel' jokes would come to an end, the notorious skateboarding brand unleashes a traffic stopping new collection with Vans for their Spring/Summer 2016 season.

    Featured on the sneaker company's authentic lo pro model is Supreme's trippy 'motion logo'-- which come in white, red and blue.

    These bad boys drop on March 3rd in New York, LA, and London.  2 Days laters they release in Japan.

  • OVO x Jordan 12

    Drake is making sure to keep your ears and feet clean this summer.

    Not only is the 6 God faithfully preparing to unleash his much anticipated Views From The 6 Album this April (rumored), the Jumpman spitter has a new colorway of Jordan 12s that is set to release not too long after.

    The white/gold edition of the sneaker will be made of leather and faux stingray.  Furthermore, it will consist of an OVO-branded translucent sole.

    Like an owl in the deep forest, look out for these babies!

  • Palace Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

     Palace is surely gaining a cult following just like Supreme has severely obtained here in the states.  

    Continuing their death grip on youth culture, The UK skateboarding brand just unleashed it's Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook, filled with pieces decorated with their much adored original graphics and even parody typography.

    Look out for the items as they are dropping soon.  For now, check out the images below:

  • Stone Island's LA Store Opening

    It's official! Italian luxury sportwear brand Stone Island has opened it's first U.S store location in LA.

    I'm sure tons of you have been google'n all over the net, trying to find out if Carlo Rivetti's beloved line has an actual store in the States, so this news is definitely a relief.  The La Brea located shop is about 3,000 square feet long and is equipped with Stone Island's 2016 Spring/Summer collection.  

    Furthermore, the brand is displaying it's Reflective Research ’992–’015 exhibition (just like it did in New York and Milan) to commemorate the store's inauguration. The special showcase will end on March 13th, so make sure you check that out before it ends.

    Next stop for SI is New York.  Hopefully that location's shop will open it's doors sometime next month.

  • The Fenty Trainer

    Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Kylie Jenner has official signed with PUMA to be their elite brand ambassador.  While that campaign is gearing up to launch, the notorious sportswear company is wasting no time to unveil their latest collaboration with entertainment vixen Rihanna.

    Earlier today, Puma announced it's latest footwear project with Riri coined The Fenty Trainer.  Although the shoes are meant to "train" in, it's silhouette offers a much more high-end, laceless aesthethic.  Furthermore, they are available in black, white and red.  

    Look out for the sneaker's release at selected PUMA retailers and boutiques on February 26th!

  • Kylie's New Deal

    Just when you thought the Kylie Jenner phenomena couldn't get any bigger, she lands a new deal with PUMA !

    I first got news of her rumored business venture through Kanye West on twitter a few days ago, as he stated that the German multinational sportswear company was trying to "divide" the Yeezy family by signing his beloved sister in-law. I'm sure the tweet went over everyone's head (you know 'Ye on his usual unfiltered stream of consciousness), but now Nice Kicks has officially confirmed the partnership between Kim K's lil' sis and PUMA.

    According to reports from US Weekly, the deal will be totally different from Rihanna's dealings with the brand. Kylie will not have her own line of sneakers but she will be an equally potent brand ambassasor -supporting specific PUMA products through campaigns and her own personal social outlets.

    Damn, I hope Ye don't ether her for that.

  • BBC/Ice Cream Website's New Look

    I don't know how many of you noticed but Pharrell Williams' official BBC/Ice Cream website has a new look.

    Featured on it's homepage is a black and white photograph of a stylish Billionaire boy, cladded with an actual Astronaut helmet. Also, the corresponding sections on the site are plastered with an intergalactic camo background to accent the brand's spacey theme.  Looks great!

    Since we're here, I might as well plug in Brett Bino's debut single TIMIN' which mentions Skateboard P and his iconic clothing line.  Indulge in it below if you haven't done so already :

  • Supreme Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

    Got damn!  Now I'm not even going to lie and act like I'm a Supreme connoisseur, but their Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook is filled with tons of awesome pieces that I would actually rock.

    The notorious skateboarding brand's latest collection is equipped with an array of pastel (no Kanye) colored spring jackets, tees, bombers, shorts, bucket hats, and leopard print coats.  Furthermore, Supreme continues to not place their accessories in a box (literally and figuratively) by providing items such as gun-shaped ashtrays, butterfly embedded basketballs (comes with a pump), a checker board camping set and many more outlandish products.

    Complex's Emily Oberg will surely have another field day interviewing dedicated buyers as they line up to cop all of Supreme's new items on February 18th at it's New York location.

    Check out my favorites threads from the bunch below:

  • Jeremy Scott x Pepsi Sunglasses

    In commemoration of this season's fashion week, famed designer Jeremy Scott officially announced his partnership with Pepsi Co. to deliver a limited-edition sunglasses that comes in 6 styles.

    According to WWD, the glasses will hit stores in June and the pricing is yet to be determined. The collection’s “hero” design is a flirtatious pair of yellow ovular frames with earring-type attachments that dangle from the tips of their temples.

    The collection will be manufactured by Lapo Elkann’s proprietary Italia Independent.

  • Your Future Is Not Mine

    You've all seen the lil' broski Luka Sabbat swaggin' down the runway in Kanye West's Yeezy 1 and 2 extravaganzas.  Now, you can catch the shaggy-haired lady killer in Adidas' latest 'Future' campaign.

    The dominating German multinational design corporation enlisted Luka and a slew of other cultural curators and internet sensations to take part in their short film titled "Your Future Is Not Mine", directed by Terence Neale.  According to Adidas Originals, each member chosen to be a part of the project challenges the idea of the future through their craft and creativity (Damn, why didn't they holla at me too then, ha).

    The brand says the goal is to encourage people to “create their own future despite all the predictions society lays upon them.”  Watch the clip below and get inspired:

  • Don C Goes Sneaker Shopping

    Don C has certainly sprouted from being Kanye West's tour manager to culture icon!

    The swagged out Chicago native is not just a businessman, he actually is one.  Don has set numerous fashion trends and even curated his very own line of exclusive products. Yeezy's BFF's latest venture is with Jumpman as they create the Air Jordan 2 "Beach" edition (which will be released on January 30th). A hat will accompany the pair, featuring a smooth red leather and the classic Wings logo that’s sure to push the price well past usual remastered retro territory.

    To commemorate such joyous occasion, Complex featured the don as a special guest in their Sneaker Shopping series hosted by Joe La Puma.  In it, Don talks about his favorite pair of J's, relationship with Kanye and more.

    Check out the clip below:

  • The Original Billionaire Boy Is Back

    I knew something was up a few months back when Pharrell started wearing his signature BBC/Ice Cream hat again on The Voice.

    If you weren't aware, the multi-talented skateboarding producer has retaken control of his beloved Billionaire Boys Club clothing brand. According to WWD, Pharrell and his partners at BBC Miami have repurchased Iconix Brands Group Inc.’s 50 percent interest in BBC Ice Cream LLC, owner of the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream streetwear brands.

    'Everyone nose' (if you don't get this reference, go home) that BBC/Ice Cream has somewhat lost it's appeal.  Sheesh, If Pharrell completely stopped wearing it, I personally think the line would of tanked a long time ago!  Fortunately, Mr. Williams is riding out 'til the very end with the cult brand he intricately cultivated.

    Hopefully, we'll be seeing more interesting designs and collaborations!

  • Gue$$

    Guess who's bringing back one of the most sought out brands in the 90s?  Yup, the forever fashion forward A$AP Rocky.

    The PMF's unique flare has grown substantially since he stepped out on the Rap scene and it surely isn't going to be dimmed any time soon with the aid of his latest project with Guess Originals.  The collaborative collection consists of both men and womens pieces -- featuring light blue acid washes, tencel fabrics and pinstripes, alongside GUESS logo crop tanks and varsity jackets.

    The Guess Originals x A$AP Rocky launches at Opening Ceremony and Union on January 30.  Meanwhile, Guess stores nationally will sell the items a couple weeks later.  According to sources, the clothings pieces will range from $34 to $228.  Not bad, I gue$$ anyone could be a fashion killa on a budget!

  • Stone Island New York Flagship Store

    Winter has finally presented it's frostiness after an unusually warm holiday season.  Good thing Stone Island is scheduled to open it's first U.S flagship store in NYC!

    That's right, the luxurious Italian sportswear brand, loved by Drake & Travis Scott, will make an east coast invasion sometime early this year on 41 Green Street in SoHo.  If you weren't aware, Stone Island held it's "Reflective Research" exhibition and pop up shop on October 15th at the exact spot (shout out to the homie Chris for inviting me).  Because of the month-long store's success, S.I will make the location it's official storefront carrying their intricately made outerwear pieces.

    I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Are you?

  • 2015 Style King: Kanye West

    What a big surprise!  The genius that is Kanye West was just awarded the coveted title of being 2015’s most stylish man by GQ.

    From destroying the runway (in a good way) to selling out his Yeezus sneakers faster than a Supreme drop, the proud father of North & Saint comes out on top once again defeating teen heartthrob Lucky Blue Smith during this year’s style wars. 

    Hate it or love it, the people have spoken!   GQ announced the winner this afternoon after tallying up fan votes – Kanye had an astonishing 520,119 while Lucky gained an honorable 445,073. What ultimately aided Yeezus to beat the superstar model was his wife/social media queen Kim Kardashian and her fam as they pushed their loyal admirers to vote for 2020's presidential candidate.

    Now, that's what I call a down ass b*tch!

  • 2015 Master Number Winter Collection

    Huge shout out to the homie Chet Dillon for putting me on to Barcelona-based, luxury menswear label Boris Bidjan Saberi.  Besides the themed out, intricate hand-made garments, what I love about the brand is that it steers away from hype as much as possible!  There is hardly any promotion done, it's all on a "need to know" basis with the clientele that it pleases.

    11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi is the equally superb sub-brand of the 1/2 Persian and 1/2 German designer.  11 is the first of the Master Numbers and it signifies instinct, strength, stabibility and growth.  Furthermore, Boris was born on September 11th so the 11 imprint is extremely significant.  This is why it is payed homage by him conjuring up the "Master Number " collection.

    The label's Fall/winter 2015 collection includes everything from tees to outerwearer, all equipped with the "Master Number" reflective branding on each piece.  Make your way to the shop located on 494 Greenwhich Street in New York to get some gear.  Tell 'em Frendy sent you!

  • Nigo's Star Wars Collection

    With Star Wars' latest instillation "The Force Awakens" releasing in theaters this Friday, my former boss NIGO took the time to discuss his unwordly collection of the intergalactic movie's memorabilia with Hypebeast TV.

    The former BAPE general collaborated once more with innovative global art business Sotheby's to sell his beloved Star Wars collectibles, which are valued at over a whopping $500,000! The auction started on December 11th, but if you feel lucky head over to Sotheby's official website and see if there's any exclusive items left.

    Check out the clip below:

  • Supreme's BOGO Drop

    Supreme's latest drop was pretty historical because the last time they released it was 5 years ago!

    Last Thursday, the legendary skateboarding brand's updated box logo crewneck sold out almost instantly in stores.  I even attempted to purchase the coveted top online for my brother since he was busy at work, but unfortunately due to a high number of customers using bots, I failed miserably!

    As usual, Complex's Emily Oberg was out in the battlefield during the unprecedented release.  There was a record amount of kids (and grandmas) waiting in line so you already know Emily got her journalism on to provide some deep insight from the fan's perspective.  For even more entertainment value, Racks pulled a rather unique stunt just to show how boss he is (haha).

    Check out the clip below:

  • NikeLab x Stone Island

    Whats good everyone?  It's been 2 days or so since I've written an article but have no fear, your boy is just making moves to provide even more inspiring content.

    Speaking of monumental happenings, NikeLab and Italian luxury sportswear company Stone Island are scheduled to release an epic collaboration as part of Nike's 2016 Year of The Windrunner campaign. For those not familar, Stone Island delivers top of the line garments that are intricately made to provide functionality and edurance.  It's only right that the American multinational corporation enlisted the company to upgrade their 1970s curated windrunning jacket.

    The chevron and hood of the NikeLab x Stone Island Windrunner are constructed with water and wind-resistant Mussola Gommata fabric, formed by bonding lightweight cotton muslin to an opaque polyurethane film. Nylon Metal, a proprietary Stone Island fabric with a metallic sheen, is featured on the body of the garment, which is lined with PrimaLoft®.

    Not only does this joint business venture contain awesome jackets, it also includes a special make up of the Nike Koth Ultra Mid SI sneaker-hiker hybrid.

    The NikeLab x Stone Island co-lab will be available on December 17th at Stone Island flagship stores*,, at selected NikeLab retailers and on Good Luck!

  • OVO LA Flagship Store

    Leave it to up to Liam MacRae to righteously capture the old-school California vibes that is found in OVO's recently released trailer for their LA Flagship store.  The clip features Drizzy Drake and one of Cali's baddest mamis Christina Santini as they ride out into the sunset cladded in the latest owl emblem'd gear.

    I was fortunate enough to get aquainted with Liam during my BAPE days and he's definitely a man who is passionate about his art.  From directing PartyNextDoor's dimed-out "Break From Toronto" music video, to shooting commercials for the biggest streetwear brands, the young visionary is on a mission to conquer it his own pace.

    If you're on the west coast, be sure to check out OVO's flagship store located at 130 N. La Brea Ave this Saturday. Sound....sound....sound....sound (damn, that was corny, sorry).

    Check out the trailer below:

  • Kanye To Receive The Shoe of The Year Award

    I just got word from Julian Mitchell of FORBES that Kanye West will be receiving the "Shoe of The Year Award" tomorrow!

    The coveted prize will be given to "the man that flew over the jumpman" by famed footwear publication Footwear News.  To get all of the inside scoop on this exciting news click  HERE.

  • Rihanna's Creeper Shoot

    Rihanna and Travi$ Scott are making gossip news headlines due to their NYC outing last night.  What's making an even bigger buzz is the rumored couple's ad campaign for Riri's much sought out Creepers.

    Recently, a video surfaced showcasing exclusive behind the scenes footage of the Bajan beauty's shoot for her new shoe line with PUMA, featuring the boxed braided up cowboy himself.

    Check it out below:

  • OVO Women's 2015 Capsule

    It's only right that Drake releases a special collection from his clothing line for all of the beautiful girls that love Beyonce (and him obviously).

    Some may argue that this OVO Women's 2015 Capsule is better than any of the garments Yeezy has to offer and uhmmmm yeah no comment (haha).  Be on the lookout for these dime'd out ready to wear pieces to drop at the OVO store on November 21st and online store November 28th.

    Check 'em out below:

  • Triple Black

    Credible sources all over the internet have proclaimed that the much anticipated Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 "Triple Black" will be released on December 5th.

    Unfortunately, the official date is not yet revealed by Adidas.  In my opinion, it would be a smart idea to shock the world by dropping the kicks on Black Friday. But hey, what do I know right?

  • Wang X'O

    Last night, The Weeknd took his madness tour to the world famous Madison Square Garden stage and tore it down!  Later today, Abel will continue his terror by making a special appearance at the Alexander Wang store in SoHo to commemorate the release of his exclusive capsule with the famed brand.

    Alex Wang is also going to be in the buiding so y'all wouldn't want to miss out.  The festivities commence at 7:30pm, but for now check out the limited items that'll be unleashed from the collection below:

  • Diamond Dollar Dreams

    Every true BBC/Ice Cream fanatic is creaming themselves right now!  

    Pharrell William's brainchild has just unveiled the release date of it's latest swag drippin' collaboration with Adidas.

    The Diamond & Dollar embedded kicks will be sold in selected retailers on November 20th.  If any of you guys really love me, get me this as a christmas gift (I'm a 9.5).  


  • A$AP Ferg x Adidas

    The whole A$AP movement is known for shifting the culture with their unorthodox sounds and fashion sense.  Rocky, being the Mob's ring leader, has branched off to work with prominent high-end designers and even modeled for some major campaigns.  Now, it's the Trap Lord's turn to truly bless the fashion world with his unique taste.

    Recently, A$AP Ferg unveiled his collaborative collection with Adidas that is slated to drop next month -- right in time for christmas!  It will include an array of graphic apparel to coincide the Adi-Easewhich will come in two colorways (black & cream). 

    The kicks will feature ASAP's infamous saying 'Always, Strive and Prosper' on the brand's iconic stripes with the 'Hood Pope' branding on it's heel.  Check out the pics below:

    The A$AP Ferg x Adidas Skateboarding Adi-Ease Fall/Winter 2015 Collection is set to hit select adidas retailers and the brand’s online shop beginning December 5. Good luck copping!

  • Emily's Epic Collaboration

    If you're all about being rich, sporty and nice then this is definitely for you!

    Earlier today, Complex Magazine superstar Emily Oberg unleashed her collaboration with LA designer @NeekLurk (famed for the Anti Social Social Club merch) which consists of congenial caps and tees.  Emily's personal brand, Sporty & Rich, is taking off so it's only right hat she partnered up with a fellow, thriving swag provider.

    The T-Shirt is already sold out so hurry up and try to cop the hat HERE.  If that one is out of stock as well, you can never go wrong with a FRNDY LMRN Strap-Back !

  • Supreme x Playboy Latest Capsule

    There's really nothing cheeky (literally) about Playboy  ever since the company decided to remove it's full nudity aesthetics.  Luckily, they still have enough juice to crank out some more dope garments with Supreme.

    Earlier today, the hyped out skateboard brand unleashed the visuals of their 2015 Holiday Capsule collection with Hugh Hefner's brainchild.  It features an array of valuable heated assests such as a hooded puffy leather jacket with a faux fur trim, a heavyweight cotton hoodie and matching sweatpants -- all available in an array of colorways and featuring an all-over print of the infamous Playboy bunny logo.

    Interested in copping?  Click HERE.

  • Drake Marketability

    Move over Kanye, it seems that Drake has an even stronger death grip on Pop culture!

    Not only did Drizzy down right steal the shine from D.R.A.M. by releasing his own take of "Cha Cha" the 6 God unleashed an addictively vibrant clip of "Hotline Bling" that is undoubtedly propelling the single to #1 status on Billboard 's Hot 100 Chart!

    Now, I leave it up to you guys to judge if Aubrey is wrong or not for eclipsing a budding artist's spotlight, but one thing that is a fact is his ability to sell the sh*t out of anything that he touches.  The shiny cherry red Moncler Maya Down puffer jacket that Drake wore in his Monday released visual has been flying off the shelves!  According to a Moncler spokesman, on Tuesday it sold more than double the number of jackets than it typically does on a regular day (mind you, it costs about $1,150 ).

    I wonder if Canada Goose is blinging Drake's hotline right now to scold him for his decision to sport the competition.

  • Supreme x Air Jordan Drop

    The face that you see above precisely describes the mood during yesterday's release of Supreme's collaboration with Air Jordan.  

    Emily Oberg provides us with with an intimate perspective of the brand's devoted followers on why they're going ham for the latest beastly offering!  As mentioned before, The Supreme x Air Jordan 5 kicks were not released in stores but fortunately the hoodie, sweatpants, T-shirts, coaches jacket, and hats were up for grabs.

    Indulge in the hilarity below:

  • Supreme x Jordan 5

    The mother of all hypebeast collabs is set to release tomorrow!  

    Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player to ever palm a basketball, cemented his rumored business venture with Supreme about a week ago when a picture of him sporting a Jumpman cladded tee with the streetwear giant's logo leaked out into the world wide web.  

    Today, the official flicks of the kicks (look-at-the-flick-of-the-wrist..woop!) from the colossal joint venture were released to the hounds (too harsh?).  Peep the shots below...oh and pick up that drool from your bottom lip please!

  • Frank Ocean Sk8 Hi

    Alright, before y'all start going crazy, the Sk8 Hi's that you see above were the *rumored* Vans  collaboration with Frank Ocean which was part of the speculated merchandise that will accompany his nowhere to be found album (or magazine, I don't even know anymore) Boys Don't Cry.

    These joints are type fye though.  Would you cop?

  • It's Still Ralph Though

    A few days ago, the fashion father of Kanye West Ralph Lauren announced that he is stepping down as CEO of his beloved Ralph Lauren clothing and décor line. Swedish-born fast fashion wiz Stefan Larsson has been personally appointed to take over in an attempt to resuscitate the brand’s faltering fortunes.

    Before you get your Polo boxers in a bunch, let me first state that the 41-year-old style purveyor has got quite a successful run in the fashion arena.  Even Ralph at first was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of Stefan spearheading his 50-year-old empire, but after a simple dinner meeting between the two, all worries flew out the window.  Larsson excelled as the Global President of Old Navy for three years.  Prior to his time there, he was part of an executive team at the Swedish affordable fashion chain H&M for 15 years that increased national revenue to a whopping $17 Billion from $3 Billion.

    According to a recent interview, Lauren stated that he is indeed not leaving the company and that Larsson is going to be a very interesting addition.  The 75-year-old aesthetic icon will continue as executive chairman and chief creative officer and Larsson will report to him (talk about gone but not forgotten eh?).

    Before the news was unveiled about Stefan becoming CEO, Ralph Lauren’s revenues were down 5.3% year over year and its stock price has tumbled 37% in the same period. Today it’s up 14% due to the Larsson move. 

    Hey, every Michael Jordan needs a Scottie Pippen and this right here is RL’s best play yet to further their longtime championship run.

  • Sk8-Hi Moc

    Women are always complaining that us guys have the dopest options to choose from fashion-wise but these bad boys right here surely makes me think otherwise.  Vans just released a new silhouette as part of their 2015 Holiday season called the "Sk8-Hi Moc" and they are to die for!

    The American shoe and apparel company combined it's most notorious high-top with traditional moccasins design elements to create this tasteful new model.  They are suede and accessorized with fringe detailing along the ankle to capture the essence of a moccasin.  

    The colorways that they come in are Bison, Black, Blossom and Blanc de Blanc. Kids also get two styles in Bison and Blossom tones, while toddlers receive the velcro-friendly Chukka V interpretation.

    Get them while their hot for $80 on the Vans Website  and most retailers near you.

  • CDG Shirt x Supreme Release Day

    Last Thursday in usual hysteria fashion, Supreme released their much anticipated (well, everything they vomit is pretty much hyped up) collaboration with COMME des Garcons SHIRT.  The collection, inspired by the punk counterculture of the UK, consists of working jackets, hoodies, trousers and even a  tri-collaboration with Timberland boots!

    The lovely Emily Oberg made her weekly visit to the notorious skateboarding brand's SoHo location and asked a few sleep-deprived fans which item they were going to cop from the infamous drop.  The homie Racks made another epic cameo so you already know the entertainment value of this clip is on tilt.

    Check out what transpired below:

  • Ice Creams 2 For A Pair

    Last night, Pharrell Williams took to the official leading social network tool Instagram and unveiled a forthcoming nostalgic collaboration between his brainchild BBC/Ice Cream and Adidas Originals.

    if you're a huge N.E.R.D  and Pharrell fan like me, you can clearly remember when Skateboard P stunted in Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" video rocking the first ever BBC Ice Creams cladded in Diamonds & Dollars!  Now, the style icon has returned with a Stan Smith remix version of the shoe with a little help from the German sportswear giant.

    No clue on when these bad boys are dropping, but you already know they'll be mines when it does!

  • The A Through Z of Beauty

    Leave it up to I-D magazine to curate an alluring film on the various types of beauty that exists on earth.  

    Titled "The A-Z of Beauty Together ", the cheeky yet informative clip features an all star cast full of instagram faves and real world personalities in their most gracious forms.  The story's underlining message is stating that no matter who you are and what you look like -- we all create beauty together.

    Grap your raisinets and indulge below:

  • Yeezy Season 2 Is Here

    Kanye West has just unveiled his much anticipated Yeezy season 2 collection.  What I personally think of the garments is not of real importance.  Besides, 'Ye is living out his dream of maneuvering in the fashion world so I'll leave it to the experts to critique his creations.

    What I did want to let you guys know is that the former Louis Vuitton Don's latest array of clothes are not produced by Adidas but rather an undisclosed, high-end Parisian fashion house.  No worries though, the Yeezy boosts are still going to be in collaboration with the German multinational design and manufacturing corporation.  Speaking of which, what do you think of the unreleased colorways?

    Keep your eyes peeled for Yeezy Season 1's drop in selected retailers worldwide on October 29th.

  • Mickey Cupid x Victoria's Secret

    Shout out to the homie Marcus Harmon and his band Mickey Cupid !  Their single "Oh No" has just been featured on the latest Victoria's Secret ad promoting it's new So Obsessed 1 1/2 cup Push-Up Bra that releases this month! (Got damn, 1 1/2 cups though?! Seems like a whole bunch of false advertising is about to go down).

    Check out the original visual for the single  HERE.  The seductive Angel's version can be seen below:

  • Sneaker Shopping With Khaled

    DJ Khaled's musical career is just as big as his personality.  "We The Best!" is the world famous producer's personal mantra and he definitely carries out the sentiment in every move....including sneaker shopping.

    Complex recently went scoping for some kicks with the Julllery (that's how he pronounces 'jewelry') loving maestro and it was truly hilarious.  

    Check out the set of events that took place below:

  • YEEZY Season 1 Pricing Details

    Want to look like Kanye West in all of his almighty splendor?  You better at least own your own home because the prices for some of the individual pieces from Yeezy Season 1 cost more than most people's rent.

    Thanks to Japanese magazine SENSE, we are provided with an in depth look at the cost of each garment from Ye's exclusive collection with Adidas.  Check them out below...oh and have a bucket around just in case you want to puke.  These prices might slowly burn your intestines!

  • The FRNDY LMRN™ Strap-Back Hat

    The FRNDY LMRN™  Hat that I wore in the promotional shots displayed throughout my social media in June was merely a sample.  The strap-backs that you guys will be purchasing though, are pure luxury.

    Due to all of the love received from my previous merchandise, I thought it was time to step up the quality.  The FRNDY LMRN™ Strap-Back Hat will be one of the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing hats that you've ever owned.  It contains a suede underbrim, embroidered FRNDY LMRN™ logo, interior satin lining (that feels amazing on my bald head), leather detailing and gold hardware.  Furthermore, the hat is rightfully labeled.

    Check out the awesomeness for yourself below.  They will be officially released any day now!

  • Adidas Originals By Nigo F/W 2015

    Ever since Nigo left BAPE behind, he's been on a designing spree -- from becoming the Creative Director of Uniqlo UTdeveloping Human Made , all the way down to partnering up with Adidas Originals.

    Recently, the Japanese style icon unleashed the lookbook for his Fall/Winter 2015 Adidas Originals By Nigo collection with the German multi-functional brand.  Rising Grimes artist Stormzy was appointed as model for the new threads.  

    Check out the flicks and freestyle from the shoot below:

  • Pharrell Graces Harper's Bazaar Man Korea Cover

    Since Pharrell was mentioned in my last post, I might as well continue to say that he has landed on the September 2015 issue of Harper's Bazaar Man Korea.  

    Check out the awesome flicks from the edition taken by Photographer Choi Yong Bin of the entertainment God below:

  • Racks Is At It Again

    This week Supreme released it's first Fall/Winter 2015 instillation that had hypebeasts throughout the nation salivating!  Per usual, the line of rambuctious buyers waiting in front of the shop's New York location was monstrous due to the new releases.  

    Yesterday, the lovely Emily Oberg of Complex News went over to Supreme's SoHo hotspot to chat with it's die hard "fans" as they were patiently awaiting to splurge all of their allowance money on the latest gear (and crowbar).  Shout out to the homie Racks Hogan aka The Stylish Stoner for stealing the show (haha).

    Check out what went down below:

  • Tyler, The Creator x Vans Part III

    Just a week ago Tyler, The Creator pleasantly shocked the world announcing his fall tour with A$AP Rocky.  Continuing the stream of awesomeness, the Golf Wang general just unveiled his latest collaboration with Vans.

    It's a good choice that Tyler decided to drop these skateboarder's dream of a sneaker a week after Kanye releases his coveted Yeezy Boost 350s.  Either way, they're both going to sell out in a flash!

    Chem out the groovy product shots below:

  • The Weeknd Wears Yeezy

    The King of the Fall (and summer) has surprisingly shed from his dark aesthetics to a more Godly silhouette in the September issue of GQ Magazine.  The Weeknd is public about his great relationship with Kanye West so when the opportunity arose for him to model the Yeezy season 1 collection, he couldn't decline.

    Abel wears an array of high quality and high priced pieces from the much sought out collaboration from Yeezus and Adidas.  I won't even mention the cost of these garments because it is not my duty to break your little wittle 'Ye loving hearts. 

    The full collection drops in stores this October but you can now indulge in the flicks of the XO crooner stuntin' in them below:


  • I Told You So

    To keep it clean, I hate repeating myself but I got to once more proclaim my gift for knowing who's got the "it" factor.  If you weren't aware, I was acquainted with the lil' bro Luka Sabbat about 4 years ago at BAPE and since then predicted his forthcoming success. It wasn't just the half-haitian creative's 'look' that gave it away, his knowledge of fashion is surprisingly immense!

    Recently, Complex Magazine sat down with the "17" year old internet king (I don't even know how old he is) to talk about his style and digital domination.  To read the full article, click HERE.

  • A Fashionable Weeknd

     The homies over at Project Cobalt are hosting the official Agenda, Capsule and Liberty Fairs party thats going down at Drais Nightclub in Las Vegas on Tuesday August 18th.  All of the savvy fashionistas are going to be in attendance but what makes the event even more prolific is a special performance by the most successful artist of Summer 2015, The Weeknd!

    If you just so happen to be in Sin City this week, might as well head over and celebrate with the best.

  • Human Made Fall/Winter 2015

    My constant inspiration Nigo recently unveiled his Human Made Fall/Winter 2015 collection.  The legendary Japanese designer's latest line's aesthetics are a far cry from the animated designs of his former brainchild BAPE.  

    This particular season displays Nigo's love of American vintage pieces which include heavily washed denim, underwear, and heritage sportswear label Ebbets Field Flannels.  He also enlists a set of hickory-striped luggage!

    Check out most the items below:

  • A Snapshot of Modern Menswear Video Recap

    Last month, I was invited by my All Beuys Club family to attend the S/S 16 Capsule Show presented by their fashion initiative with Pepsi Project Cobalt.  The special event, titled "A Snapshot of Modern Menswear", permitted seven rising designers to showcase five looks in front of major players in the fashion world.

    Influential urban exploration website Highsnobiety just unleashed the video recap of the momentous occasion.  Check it out below.....if you look close enough, you can catch my bald head floating around the room (I think).

  • Word To The Woman: Isadora Mendez Scott

    Before I became the unofficial face of BAPE NYC there was a curly haired, exuberant and stylish lioness that dominated the store during it's early beginnings.  Isadora Mendez-Scott is her name and she is now continuing her prowess in the art world.

    Recently, Izzy was selected to be a part of Solange's Word To The Woman collaboration with Puma.  This is the Saint Heron head honcho's third creative venture with the sportswear brand and it intends to celebrate women who innovate and redefine roles in all sorts of life.  The campaign featured 14 successful women in their respective fields.  They include the homie Kitty Cash, Cleo Wade, Bee Walker, Celestine Maddy, Dr. Jessica Clemens, Empress OfJoeonna Bellorado-Samuels, Alice Lane, February JamesMengly Germania Hernandez, Dj LindseyMekdes Sedkem, Eli Kao and of course Isadora.

    Check out her story below:

  • Vans Leather & Wool Pack

    Yeah, its hotter than the devil's nostrils out here in NYC but that didn't stop the people over at Vans to drop some fire!  For real though, wearing the California apparel company's 2015 Fall/Winter kicks will definitely leave your feet scorching because they are made of heat inducing materials!

    Rightfully titled the Leather & Wool Pack, Vans has unleashed two of it's adorned styles -- the Old School CA and the Era CA -- with a new look featuring obviously leather and wool.  Check them out below and if you're interested in purchasing a pair click HERE.

  • Black Yeezy 350 Boost Release

    Just here to let you know that the much-anticipated black Yeezy 350 Boost lows ($210) will be released on August 22nd.  I know a lot of you didn’t get your hands on the previously released color-way so this is a huge heads up.

    The FRNDY LMRN hats showcased throughout my Instagram and Twitter may or may not be released before the Kanye West x Adidas sneakers but either way it'll match perfectly with them.  Keep your eyes peeled for further info!

  • Highsnobiety x Amina Blue

    The latest siren to be featured in Highsnobiety’s infamous Screen Test series is the bootylicious, sapphire-eyed babe Amina Blue.  The mysterious muse was introduced to a large portion of the world through her involvement in the inaugural Yeezy x Adidas show during New York Fashion Week earlier this year. 

    It’s been quite a ride for Amina as she is now gracing the pages of all sorts of popular magazines and instagram feeds as every dude’s #WCW.  What’s next for the curvy cover girl?  Who knows, but for now indulge in the seductive flicks below:

  • Artist Submission: Disposable Lives

    Matthew Gonsalves recently started a brand titled Disposable Lives where a percentage of all profits are donated to charities that support and assist in the treatment of teenage suicide and depression.  The name of the line itself refers to those who feel disposable in society and because of that has no choice but to put value in themselves.

    The "Prayer Tee" that I am wearing above is Matthew’s first release. Here’s what the 18 year old London College of Fashion student had to say about his creation, “Disposable lives isn’t meant to be my bread and butter.  I have other business ventures that are here to generate profit. I refer to the brand as a small project where I work with friends to create something that feels good.”

    To support the movement, click HERE.

    Photographed By: Shane Miller

  • Don C Talks Hats With GQ

    Don C is known for his game changing strap backs but very few know of their true inspiration.  GQ Style Editor Will Welch sat down with Kanye West’s confidant to discuss how the celebrity-cherished cap came about and how it correlates with his hometown of Chicago. 

    Check out the clip below:

     Since we’re on the subject, the FRNDY LMRN strap backs that I’ve been showcasing all over my social media will be releasing.........soon enough.  Just don’t act like I never warned you!

  • Pack Like A Champ

    With my newfound freedom, I’m definitely anticipating to travel.  To ease my forthcoming trip-packing woes, I conducted some research to find out the essential clothing pieces needed for any sort of globetrotting.  Naturally, I ended up on GQ and fortunately discovered an informative video featuring Victor Cruz on what he brings along to his various escapades.

    Now most of us don’t have the kind of bread that the new face of Givenchy has but he does inspire us to pack appropriately (utilizing items within our budget, of course).  Check out the clip below:

  • A Snapshot of Modern Menswear

    I’m not ashamed to say that yesterday was my very first time attending a Capsule show!  It couldn’t of occurred at such a better moment in my life – I’m out of BAPE and finally able to dive even deeper in the endless sea of the art world.

    In commemoration of New York Men Fashion Week‘s grand introduction, the global fashion trade event took over platform 2 of Skylight Clarkson Square to conduct a presentation alongside Project Cobalt titled “A Snapshot of Modern Menswear”, which showcased some of its favorite brands from around the world and their S/S 16 collections. The featured names included Matthew Miller (UK), Maiden Noir (U.S), Second Layer (U.S), CAMO (Italy), Baartmans & Siegel (UK), CMMN SWDN (Sweden), and last but not least Blackfist (U.S).

    Much love to my All Beuys Club family for the invite!  Check out my flicks from the fashionable event below (#Iphone only):

  • Diamond Supply x Cassie 2015 Capsule

    In my opinion, Diamond Supply Co. started the trend of featuring hot girls on garments after their 2010 collaboration with Photographer Estevan Oriol and the ever so gorgeous Cassie Ventura. The California skateboarding brand and ‘Diamond Girl’ has teamed up once again to conjure up a new 2015 summer capsule collection.

    The new release consists of three tees and a crewneck each featuring Diddy’s shorty naked, dipped in multi-colored paint. If that ain’t enticing enough then I don’t know what is!

    To purchase, head over to Diamond Supply’s online shop.

  • SoulCycle x Vondetta

    There’s nothing better than witnessing good friends accomplish their dreams no matter how unconventional their methods may be. I was acquainted with Jovan Sanchez a few years ago at BAPE NYC. He worked right across the street from me so from his frequent visits to my shop we became buddies. Not too long after, I found out that Jovan was an exceptional Painter – he was so talented that his work rivaled some of the greatest artists that ever lived.  This is why it is no surprise to find out that Vondetta (his paint-slinging name) has recently landed a partnership with SoulCycle

    Von went from working at the front desk of the revolutionized indoor cycling gym to collaborating with it on art pieces. He states, “it all started when one of the master instructors came across my work on my Instagram  account. He was extremely intrigued and asked if I was up for doing a commissioned art piece for the corporate office.” Jovan isn’t the kind of person to push his work to the public so he was a bit taken away by the offer but agreed to do it anyway. 

    After completing the initial piece, Jovan began doing installations for themed rides that were conducted in the cycling classes. The first one was a projection which displayed a time lapsed video of one of his paintings. From that success, Vondetta was forwarded to SoulCycle’s marketing team to design a shirt for their brand.

    The Tee will be released at SoulCycle’s Williamsburg location on July 18th.  Jovan’s work will be shown as well so make sure you stop by!

  • Freshness All Around

    To keep it clean, I’m not a huge incense guy but this aroma stick right here certainly does the trick!  Last week, a business partner came to my crib for a meeting. Before coming over, he went to Stussy in order to purchase their collaborative incense with Kuumba. I had to see what the fuss was all about so we lit the aromatic biotic material during our sit-down and surprisingly it was totally refreshing.  Shit, we even conjured up some great ideas due to its relaxing odor.

    The street-wear company’s partnership with the international incense brand came about to produce a smell that hinted towards a mix of citrus and woods, a speckle of vanilla orchid and pistachio, and complimented with a blend of musk and white amber. 

    To purchase your own stylish scents ($15 a pack) head over to Stussy’s online shop

  • Victor Cruz For Givenchy

    Victor Cruz is known for his heroic feats in the gridiron arena but his moves off the field are pretty spectacular as well.  From courtside dates with close buddy Ronnie Fieg to guest starring on HBO’s smashing new series Ballers, the New York Giants wide receiver is steadily becoming a bona fide celebrity. His latest stunt though is one that transcends all “fashionable” doubt!

    Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, has chosen Victor to be the face of the French luxury brand’s new Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. Shout out to Vic’s agent, that’s the real MVP.

    Peep the campaign shots taken by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott of the stylish footballer below:

  • New Yeezus Merch

    The only artist memorabilia I would proudly wear besides mines is Drake’s OVO and Kanye West’s notorious Yeezus attire.  These two entertainers exemplify consistency and plain greatness in their craft so it’s only right to pay my respects.

    To commemorate his tour kicking off at Glastonbury, ‘Ye unleashed a three piece collection that includes a white long-sleeve tee, a black pullover hoodie, and a black hooded long jacket.  Kudos to Dr. West’s DONDA team for curating another fan favorite.

    Check out the items below:

  • Yeezy Boost 350 Invades The UK

    Yesterday during the UK Yeezy 350 Boost launch, Kanye West surprised fans by appearing at the Adidas Originals Fouberts Place Store where he personally signed each and every pair bought by unrelenting supporters.

    Mr. West displayed the exact humanitarian act when his first collaborative shoe with the German design corporation released on February 28th in New York City. I remember that historical moment like it was yesterday – thrilled kids from across the country came to the BAPE store telling me about Yeezus’ glorious surprise after their purchase. One person proudly proclaimed that he bought his pair from a reseller for $1,000 !  Hey, I’m not here to judge.

    Peep the Yeezy-mania that took place overseas below:

  • They're Coming

    Vans have finally unveiled the items from its much-anticipated Vault by Vans line with Takashi Murakami!  I thought the only collaborative pieces that would be offered were shoes ($75) but apparently graphic tees ($78) and even skate decks ($80) are included.

    Check out the goods below and look out for their release in selected boutiques and retailers on June 27.

  • Ibn Does It Again

    Ibn Jasper is unveiling the true aesthetics of his buddy Kanye West's forthcoming new sneaker model. I'm sure you all remembered the stylish coiffeur leaking the very first official pics of the Yeezy 750 Boost via Instagram so it's only right that he continued the hyped introductions....Yeezus approved obviously.

    The Yeezy 350 Boost is set to launch June 27th (should of been saving!). check out its teasers below:

  • Project Cobalt x Street Etiquette

    If you weren’t aware, my guys over at the All Beuys Club  partnered up with Pepsi to form an awesome Fashion initiative coined Project Cobalt.  A few months ago, that organization unleashed its very first collection created by an array of rising fashion designers.  Now, Project Cobalt has delivered their second installment with the dapper fellas of Street Etiquette.

    The unisex loungewear collection is extremely minimal in its approach consisting of T-shirts and Joggers made of soft french terry. Check them out below:


    Like what you see?  Purchase your favorite pieces now HERE.