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  • My Phone

    Restaurateur and thriving YouTuber Levi Bent Lee might have to add Rapper to his resume, as he recently released a surprisingly pleasing new song entitled, “My Phone.”

    Unleashed via Soundcloud, the melodic single finds the Fring's co-owner autotuned up, crooning about his desire to kick it with his significant other. "Don't be calling my phone, hit you straight with the tone/unless you on the way home, I want you all in my zone," he sings.

    During the filiming of his HBO styled birthday vlog, Levi briefly spoke about his foray into music:

    “You know how a lot of people like to go to the bar to meet their friends and hang out, or they’ll go watch a movie, or they’ll go do this or go do that—standard things that people do on their spare time.  Zach and I, just for fun, have just been going to a studio and record and make music. We play it for some of the {YouTube} fans and obviously they like it just for jokes."

    I'm not gonna hold you, I could hear Drake hop on this joint.  Levi will probably take this music thang a little more seriously if that ever happens (haha).

    Check out the chune below:

  • OVO FEST 2017

    On August 7th the city of Toronto was absolutely lit as Drake hosted the 8th annual OVO Fest.

    The event, funded by Drizzy's own coin, took place at Tdot's (are people still calling it that?) Budweiser Stage and featured a plethora of old and new superstars such as Nelly, Cardi B, French Montana, Travis Scott, The Weeknd and many more.  What stunned everyone was the pleasantly shocking appearance from former 6 God nemesis Tory Lanez!

    Levi Bent Lee, star Youtube vlogger and Fring's co-owner, was fortunate enough to attend the halloween gang's musical celebration.  Check out his hilarious vlog documenting the madness below.  Enjoy!