• The Method To Bow Wow's Madness

    Just a few days ago, Bow Wow was "caught" in a lie on social media, as he posted a deceiving picture of a private jet, with a caption stating that he was heading to NYC for a press run.  Seems pretty regular for a guy of his stature to do right?  Well,  shortly after the flick went live, someone posted a picture of Mr. 106 & Park himself, all cozied up on a commercial flight (haha).

    Shad is definitely doing press for his forthcoming reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, but as far as his PJ incident, well, you'll see his explanation for that debacle during a sitdown with Hot 97 's Ebro In The Morning show below:

  • Murder Inc. Records' Resurrection

    "It's Murdaaaaa!"  Murder Inc., the record label founded by Irv Gotti, will be relaunching in the near future.

    On May 10th, the OG music executive took to Instagram to make the historic announcement that he will indeed resurrect the label, and plans on adding new artists to its roster. 

    “Oh and by the way!! I’m about to RE LAUNCH MURDER INC RECORDS!! I got some new artist. New music. Same fucking MOVEMENT! The Worlds Most Talented Record Label. Everyone had a lot of fun. While I had to re group from the Feds coming after me. Had to plot and plan and fall back while I watched everyone else eat. I watched gracefully. I applauded and congratulated everyone who deserved it. Never one bone of hate in my body. I love to see my niggas win and eat. BUT ITS MY TURN NOW!! My Money is right. And I’m back!! Major Announcements Coming Soon. Who Murder Inc will be partnered with. And what Artist I am fucking with!!” he wrote.

    For those who are unaware, the label went under after a brutal beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent.  Furthermore, Irv's federal indictment on money laundering charges fueled the imprint's demise in 2003. Luckily, in November 2015 Gotti was acquitted of all charges.

    Not only is Irv bringing back his, once scorching, music label, he is currently cooking up a scripted anthology show with BET called TALES, that will tell the stories of classic hip hop songs.  According to Billboard, the episodic is slated to broadcast during the second or third quarter of 2017.

  • Steve McQueen's Tupac Doc

    The Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me, is scheduled to release later this summer, but there is already a huge buzz surrounding a project that will provide an alternative look at the life of the west coast legend.

    It has just been announced that Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen is tapped to direct an authorized documentary about, my fellow bald-headed brother, Tupac.  Here's what Steve had to say about being selected: "I am extremely moved and excited to be exploring the life and times of this legendary artist. I attended New York University film school in 1993 and can remember the unfolding hip-hop world and mine overlapping with Tupac's through a mutual friend in a small way. Few, if any shined brighter than Tupac Shakur. I look forward to working closely with his family to tell the unvarnished story of this talented man."

    Steve's authorization to shoot the doc, simply means that he is supported by Interscope Records, the label that released most of Shakur's catalogue, and Universal Music Publishing Group.  Furthermore, McQueen has the full backing of the Tupac Estate.

    Looking forward to see this gem about the man who empowered a generation!

  • Just Don x Air Jordan 2 "Arctic Orange"

    Don C has always been a stand-up guy, which is why it isn't such a huge surprise he is doing so well in his personal business ventures. (It helps that he's pretty fresh also.)  After releasing two successful sneakers with Jordan Brand, Kanye's close comrade is getting ready to launch his third, and most exclusive, kicks yet with the Just Don x Air Jordan 2 Arctic Orange.

    Unfortunately, the Chicago-bred designer's latest footwear will only be available in grade school and big kid's sizes.  In a recent press release, Don explained why he decided to make the sizes so limited by stating: "My family couldn’t participate in the last couple of Jordan releases, so it felt good to allow them to take part. This collaboration is not only for my blood family but my extended family — all my friends. I am excited to put family first for this drop and expand my Jordan collaboration to everyone."

    As you can see in the heartwarming lookbook, shot by Julian Berman, Don C is featured with the whole clique, swagged the f*ck out in the latest color of his premium quilted leather-kicks.  

    The Just Don x Air Jordan 2 "Artic Orange" sneakers will drop right in time for Mother's Day on May 13th.  Check out the list of select retailers that will have them in stock below:

    Atlanta – Wish

    Boston – Concepts

    Brooklyn – KITH

    Charlotte – Social Status

    Chicago – 32 South State and RSVP Gallery

    Cleveland – Xhibition

    Lafayette – Sneaker Politics

    Lexington – Oneness

    Miami – Sole Fly

    Norfolk – Créme

    Orlando – Trophy Room

    Philadelphia – Ubiq

    Toronto – Capsule

  • Master of None Season 2

    After an excrutiating year and a half wait,  comic Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang are scheduled to finally unleash the second season of Master of None, on May 12th!

    The Netflix-original comedy has kept me sane during the early period of my departure from BAPE, where I worked at forever (haha).  Dev's (Ansari's character) struggle to identify what he really wanted out of life resonated with me, as I was figuring out my own concrete path into the career that I loved.  I'm sure season 2 is packed with even more comical, real life-mirroring situations.

    While we patiently wait for the show's deuxieme season premiere, check out the visual of Aziz answering 73 insightful questions from VOGUE below:

  • Frendy's Flashback Friday

    On May 5th, 1944 spiritual leader Mahatma Ghandi was freed from prison.  

    Ghandi, India's father and spearhead of the civil independent movement, opposed oppression in his home country through civil disobedience and non-violent methods.  Consequently, India got its independence and spurred movements for civil rights and freedoms all over the world!

  • Ishmael Raps' First Show In NYC

    My devout followers will remember that about 4 years ago I showcased Ishmael Raps' first official music video on my previous website.

    Fast forward to today, after a releasing a handful of hard-hitting singles and visuals, the rising Rochester, NY emcee will have his very first New York show tonight at Brooklyn's Baby's All Right!

    You already know I'll be in attendance to witness this momentous occasion.  Get familiar with Raps by indulging in his latest commendable offerings below:

  • Mask Off (Trailer)

    If you're in a club and the DJ doesn't spin Future's platinum-selling single "Mask Off," at least once, then the party is an absolute disgrace!

    When a tune is as scorching as Nayvadius' FUTURE album cut, a superb visual is needed to match it's potency.  Luckily, Grammy-nominated music video director Colin Tilley is on board to provide the song with mesmerizing imagery.

    Check out the vid's trailer below:

  • Call Her Up

    I’m happy to exclusively premiere Rich Eye Am’s debut single coined, “Call Her Up.”

    The Connecticut-based maestro’s mid-tempo R&B jam features rising lyricist Falease, as he croons about breaking the fear of talking to the woman of his dreams.  Diminishing fear is a big theme in Rich’s music. This summer, he’ll be releasing an EP titled Broken Amygdala, where every track will sonically explore overcoming various degrees of dismay.  

    At age 12, the Jamaican-born producer began writing poetry, which then quickly turned into rhymes.  By the time he was 15, Rich took the liking of making beats.  "I became more interested in how sounds could create certain emotions in people," he states.  "My style of music is based on the mood I'm in.  It's all about Vibes."

    Check out Rich's lead single below and look out for his project dropping this summer.  Enjoy!

    Catchy right?  Click HERE to purchase the song on Itunes.

  • Hosea's Ultimate Hustle

    When you know what you want out of life at an early age, the faster it’ll be to manifest your deepest desires. The universe always provides­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­––especially when one’s eyes are fully focused on the prize.  While most 22-year-olds are gearing up to face the real world after four eventful years of college, Hosea Choga is already living an abundant life as a Developer.

    Born and raised in Toronto, Hosea and his twin sister grew up in a home where real estate was at its very core. “My parents were always in the business growing up so it was always familiar to me,” he states. Choga’s father and mother are Zimbabwean immigrants who instilled in him the value of honest, hard work.  When Hosea was 13 he got his first job at Canada’s top coffee shop, Tim Horton’s.  Shortly after, the determined teenager decided to get right into the family business where he's been flourishing ever since.

    I recently sat down with Choga to discuss his early beginnings in the real estate industry, biggest accomplishments and how exactly he’s enjoying the fruits of his labor.  Check out our conversation below:

    FRENDY: The energy surrounding Toronto has surely grown since your days there as a child.  How do you feel about everything that’s transpiring?

    HOSEA: The energy of the city is remarkable!  I feel like it was always there, but with Toronto getting more exposure globally it's more vibrant than ever. I'm really happy with everything that's happening, like a lot of people from Toronto are proud of it and you can make a name for yourself right here.  You don't have to go to New York for exposure.  We've really grown and people from other places are always curious about life in Toronto. We're such a diverse community––I grew up with people of completely different backgrounds, religions, color all just mixed into this city we call the “6.”

    A lot of people in Toronto have a certain way of talking; it's almost like an accent if you're not from the city. It’s like a Jamaican, UK mixed with Canadian type of slang, which Drake kind of pushed in the spotlight. Most people will know if you're from Toronto based on your style, the slang and just the vibes it's pretty unique.

    FRENDY: What a time to be alive in T Dot right? It’s funny because we’re having this convo literally right after Drake finally released his highly anticipated project, More Life. You must be motivated more than ever after listening to it.

    HOSEA: Yes, I'm I am very motivated by Drake. I used to watch him on Degrassi and also watched him turn himself into a global superstar, while pretty much putting Toronto on the map in the music industry. I relate to his music because I feel like we're very similar people. I'm also a fan of the way he handles his brand and business. I've been listening to More Life non-stop!  It's cool to see someone that's from your city reach that level of success. He took a risk doing music and at the beginning people didn't really have a lot love for the guy.  Depsite it all, he remained true to his values and I respect that.

    FRENDY: Since we’re on the topic of motivation, what compelled you to take a plunge into the real estate world?  Did your parents push you towards it?

    HOSEA:  Because I was around it for so long, I really started to understand more and more about the business and just enjoyed the process. My parents always gave me the option to do whatever I wanted; I chose to do something I enjoyed. I guess for me you could say working on a development project can be compared to working on an album where you put in months of work, build from nothing and put an endless amount effort.  Furthermore, multiple people contribute to perfect the project.

    FRENDY: That’s a great comparison. How old were you when you embarked on your journey as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I started to take real estate seriously after high schooI-–I was 18. It wasn’t easy at first because I kind of watched all my friends go to school and do the whole college experience. But I’m grateful for the way everything turned out.

    FRENDY: I could imagine how isolated you felt. What were your initial duties as a Developer?

    HOSEA: I did a lot of property management when I was younger.  I really got experience dealing with different types of people. I try to create schedules, depending on timelines and costs, make sure everyone is aware of their roles and the time they have to complete each job, basically making sure everything is running smoothly. I also enjoy doing a little marketing as well.

    FRENDY: Are you currently working on any big projects?

    HOSEA: Yes, definitely working on some new projects in real estate and getting involved in tech also. I can't say too much but this is going to be a great year for me and I'm very humbled and grateful.

    FRENDY: Nice! Hopefully we’ll get a part two of this going so you can finally unveil what the projects are. When you’re not hustling, what do you do for fun?

    HOSEA: I definitely will!  My idea of fun is trying out different restaurants and traveling.  Basically just trying new things.  I also enjoy calling up a group of my close friends and just kicking back, joking around and whatever.

    FRENDY: I took a quick look at your Instagram and to say that you’re low-key would be an understatement, though, I can tell you’re making major moves.  The best way to describe your account is “calm but heavy,” as Juan would say.

    HOSEA: *Laughs* Yea that's exactly how I would describe it. I'm pretty private, I like to just to keep it relaxed and post whatever I think is cool at the time.  There's no real theme or anything, it's just me being myself.  But I definitely got some special things coming in the near future and I love using Instagram as platform to share.

    FRENDY: Do you have any other passions besides being a Developer?  Are you heavily into fashion and music?

    HOSEA: I wouldn't say I'm heavily into music and fashion but I'm definitely a fan of hip hop and trap music. I'm a fan of all the young kids coming up and making bangers.  People hate on them but they're good at the music they make, which is Trap.  Future I think is one of the greats of our time! Drake, PartyNextDoor and NAV have been on my playlist lately.

    I'm into chill fashion--I'd say I think my style is pretty random.  Most days it's John Elliott with some Chelsea boots, and other days it's a Supreme hoodie with some Vans, or Palace with some Yeezys. Really all depends on the could be a Fear of God flannel and some Visvims. Whatever vibe is for the day.

    FRENDY: I feel you. You’re basically a chameleon when it comes to style.  It's safe to say that your hard work is allowing you to fully indulge in anything that you please––whether it's traveling or dining virtually anywhere. What advice do you have for those who desire to live a lavish lifestyle but have no idea how to actually get their funds up?

    HOSEA: I feel like if you're doing anything at all, you should do it for yourself and not anyone else. I think patience is key, just keep putting in hard work and effort.  However you choose to reward yourself is up to you. I think you shouldn't really compare your life to anyone else's because everyone's situation is different, but if you're looking for inspiration and motivation I encourage that. I'd just say put in the work and everything will fall into place.

  • In Late, Out Early EP

    I am happy to present the much-awaited EP of my good friend Chris Stylez.

    Titled In Late, Out Early, the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter's project consists of six addictive tracks that'll have you hooked after just one listen.  With the short attention span of today's listeners, Chris knows it is imperative to instantly capture their undivided attention by providing undeniable, soul-caressing sounds.  No GMO tunes here––just organic melodies from the heart.

    Slipknot 's very own Sid Wilson is the only featured artist on Stylez's latest body of work, while the homie Dan Smith and Mike Donaldson served as Producers.  

    In January, Chris unleashed the lyric video for his single "Relapse," off the project so please make sure to check that out below.  After being mindblowned, click HERE to stream/download the entire EP.

    P.S.  Chris will soon release the visual for "Living A Lie."  I may or may not have made a cameo in it!

  • Frendy's Flashback Friday

    On April 28th, 1967 Muhammad Ali refuses military induction during the Vietnam War after his local draft board rejects his application to be classified as a conscientious objector for religious reasons.