• Ryu x Ken

    New York is known as the mecca of Rap, but throughout the recent years many have felt that the city has lost its ability to produce potent spitters with an authentic east coast sound.  That notion is slowly diminishing with the rapid rise of fiery, hardcore rappers such as Brooklyn's own Young M.A.

    Bodega Bamz and Remy Banks are also a part of the elite group who are bringing New York back as they release a new scorching single, "Ryu x Ken." The title itself states how hard they're coming back to back with the bars (pause)!

    Check out the banger for yourself below:

  • Burning Sands

    Netflix is scheduled to launch a powerful new original movie on March 10th titled "Burning Sands,"  which chronicles the life of a promising pledgee who has a critical decision to make between honoring a code of silence or boldly standing up against the gruesome hazing methods of frat members.

    Shout out to Trevor Jackson for landing the lead role in Gerard McMurray's directorial debut.  He is truly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the acting world.  Heck, he might just have to quit singing to focus on his close ups!

    Check out the trailer below:

  • Happy Socks x Billionaire Boys Club Part 3

    Warmer weather is right around the corner so that only means all of the funky socks you've been hiding under your tights, cozy sweats or tailored jeans during the brutal winter chill will finally be uncovered for the enjoyment of onlookers!

    If you don't have any aesthetically pleasing feet warmers, I highly suggest you copping the new collaborative socks from Happy Socks and Billionaire Boys Club.  The athletic socks feature Pharrell's brainchild brand's famous Flamingo, Camo, and Galaxy patterns.

    Purchase yours HERE.

  • Don't Hold Your Breath For Bad Boys 3

    I was informed about the making of Bad Boys 3, 3 years ago while working at Nigo's former shop.  Obviously, the masses had no clue the movie was in the works so my excitement was contained.  Will Smith himself casually liberated the news almost 2 years ago during an interview overseas, but unfortunately no release date for the film has yet to be confirmed.

    To add on to the confusion, the action-comedy's film director Joe Carnahan (who was also writing the script), called it quits according to The Hollywood Reporter.  At this point, I just hope everyone gets their act together because the culture NEEDS this flick!

    Let's see what happens next...

  • Amazon Introduces Buttoned Down

    If Jay Z was still in his early 2000s “crisp pair of jeans and button up” stage, he most likely would of logged on to Amazon and ball out on the e-commerce giant’s very own line of dress shirts from their newly devised menswear brand, Buttoned Down. Yeah, I know most of you could not even imagine Beyoncé’s beau perusing Amazon for threads, but the online shop’s offerings are pretty clutch, not to mention affordable, and its new line only accents the fact even more.

    Launched on December 6th 2016, Buttoned Down features an array of (you guessed it) button downs made from non-iron, 100% Supima Cotton backed by a no hassle, money-back satisfaction guarantee.  “At Amazon, we’re always looking to make high quality apparel for our guys,” states Warren Satchell, Men’s Fashion Editor at Amazon Fashion. “Whether he’s wearing it with a suit and tie, or just tucked into jeans on a casual Friday, Buttoned Down is a no fuss reliable option that guarantees effortless style and great value.”

    Warren is certainly not fibbing about the dress shirt’s honorable attributes. Supima cotton is also utilized by top tier menswear brands such as Brooks Brothers, Lands’ End and is even found in Ralph Lauren towels! Supima Cotton is known as the “cashmere of cottons,” due to its softness, strength and brilliance of color.  Furthermore, it is 35% longer and 45% stronger than regular cotton. The shirts will cost you anywhere from a mere $39 to $49, while a Brooks Brothers top will charge you about $50 more, utilizing the same Supima Cotton.  It doesn’t take the three female protagonists from Hidden Figures  to figure out where a smart consumer will shop!  “We are committed to making shirts that stack up to brands you would pay double for, or your money back,” reads the product’s page on Amazon.

    What also gives the Seattle-based company’s private-label collection an upper hand against competitors is that the tops are available in a wide range of sizes, including big and tall for the Shaq’s of the world.  Each shirt is either in a fitted or classic cut, which promotes individual styling.

    Before you whip out your credit card to cop, please make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime because that is where the dress shirts are exclusively offered. Members of the service have the luxury of receiving free Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for $99 a year or $10.99 a month.  Every time Amazon adds exclusive items to its Prime service, the product becomes much more sought-after. Furthermore, the online retailer gets to keep more of the upside and gains leverage over other brands.

    According to Ed Yruma, managing director and equity research at Keybanc Capital Markets, Amazon has quietly released over a whopping 1,800 products that are all under seven in house brands it trademarked in Europe through a Luxembourg-based subsidiary called, Amazon Technologies.  The in-house brands include: Franklin & Freeman (Men’s dress shoes), Franklin Tailored (Men’s suit and accessories), James Erin (Women’s clothing), Lark & Ro (Women’s clothing which is also available in Canada), Society New York (Women’s clothing), North Eleven (Women’s accessories for cold weather) and Scout + Ro (Children’s clothing).  Most of the garments offered are priced below $100!

    For those not in the know, Jeff Bezos founded in 1994.  The e-commerce pioneer’s brainchild started as a bookseller, then gradually graduated to selling movies, electronic, music and toys. Now, it pretty much provides everything a person can ask for.  “What has worked for Amazon is focusing on the customer,” says Jeff.

    Amazon’s Private label collection plans to expand into dress pants, sport shirts, and sweaters in the near future.

  • The Brilliance of Rei Kawakubo

    At 74 years of age, Rei Kawakubo is an untouchable powerhouse, an inarguable legend in her own time. She is, along with Azzedine Alaïa, the most respected designer in fashion with a wide-reaching circle of influence that has affected every other player in the game. Her work is singularly marked by an exploration of shapes and textile properties that were once the provenance of the greatest couturiers.

    Rei's latest Comme des Garçons show, entitled “The Future of Silhouette,” was very much in keeping with her radical vision. For Fall/Winter 2017, she sent forms down the runway that recalled everything from the security of a womb to violent storm clouds ready to expel unpredictable fury, making us question the parallel along the way. Kawakubo doesn’t really make clothes so much as suggestions of what is possible when the rulebook is abandoned, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her dedicated subversion.

    When the celebrated designer first showed Comme des Garçons in Paris in 1981, people quite literally didn’t know what to do with it. Kawakubo started her career as a stylist in her native Japan only crafting her own designs when she was unable to find clothes for shoots that suited her taste. That fateful beginning resulted in the launch of a line in 1969 that quickly grew in stature. The 80s were financial boon years for a certain segment of society that reveled in opulence from the start. Ballgowns, broad pinstriped power suits and Technicolor hues were the new standard after the touchable sensuality of the 70s. Paris had no idea what was about to hit it.

    Her oversized, tattered, body-morphing designs were slammed and simultaneously dubbed “Hiroshima chic,” supposedly in reference to the radiation-ravaged bodies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, by members of the fashion press oblivious to how such a flippant reference to the horrors of nuclear war would resonate with a woman who was born and raised during that time of desperation. But such dismissals were to their own detriment as she persevered and took Europe by storm, forever changing what could be considered great.

    Viewing a Comme des Garçons collection is a tricky thing. You can never be sure if you’re over or under intellectualizing Rei's seasonal propositions, and I’m sure she likes it precisely that way. After the Fall 2005 “Bride” collection, Kawakubo lamented that she felt people had understood it too readily, which she found displeasing. Her collections have meaning, but I doubt she’s concerned with whether or not her audience ever discerns exactly what. She enjoys being something of an enigma.

    On rare occasions Kawakubo grants interviews, she is surrounded by interpreters who allow her a certain level of remove even from those in her immediate surroundings--but, as with her garments, all is not as it seems. In the 1980s, internationally revered fashion photographer Nick Knight visited Kawakubo in Japan and recounted decades later that she spoke perfect English, a tale similar to those of other select industry veterans.

    A few years ago, fashion journalist Tim Blanks conducted an interview nervously asking questions via those infamous interpreters as Rei seemed deeply unamused. For his final inquiry, he asked, “What makes you laugh?” She  looked him directly in the eye and said plainly, “You.”

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • Crew (Official Video)

    The homie Matthew Dillon Cohen, also known in the interwebs as Itsbongoboy, is back with a brand new video he directed for Goldlink's late 2016 released single, "Crew."

    The banging track features the D.C rapper's musically-inclined associates Brent Faiyaz and the Jefe himself, Shy Glizzy. Rightfully shot in Washington, the entertaining clip displays the talented trio turning up with their close friends and dimes on dirtbikes.

    Check it out below:

  • Pharrell & Tyler Cookin' Up In The Stu

    Music titans Pharrell Williams and Tyler, The Creator was recently spotted in the studio for the first time this year.  The two were seen working via Pharrell's Snapchat on Wednesday, with the audio cut off of course. Looking forward to hear what they're cooking up.

     P.S  Shout out to the Golf Wang general, I saw him during the last day of Luka's "Hot Mess" art exhibit at Milk Studios earlier last month.  He recognized me from my days working at Nigo's former shop in SOHO.

  • Some Way (Official Video)

    XO 's latest signee NAV has just released the visual for his hit single titled "Some Way," featuring The Weeknd.

    Directed by RJ Sanchez, the clip features DJ Khaled & Drake's talented lovechild (did, I just make a funny?) and Abel frolicking around a bunch of models during a sexy yet light-hearted photoshoot.

    Check out the vid below:

  • Olivier Theyskens' Individual Path

    Olivier Theyskens recently showcased his second runway collection in Paris since re-launching his eponymous label and it was truly a sight for sore eyes. Though the previous collection was stronger, there was something profoundly refreshing about seeing someone of enormous talent pursue his own design ends, without feeling the need to latch on to the latest trends kicking around. It lacked some of the sharp editing of his prior outing, with silhouettes that seemed a bit disjointed from one look to the next and was perhaps poorly sequenced, but it did little to ruin the pleasure of the whole exercise.

    Theyskens is only 40 years old but has already enjoyed a meteoric career. He dropped out of design school in his native Belgium in 1997 to start a label that quickly garnered massive attention and the approval of many of fashion’s most powerful, namely Anna Wintour. The label operated for a few years before shuttering around the same time Theyskens began designing for the Parisian house Rochas.  There he further cemented his aesthetic codes of strict leather and wispy feathers that bordered on the sculptural.

    Olivier is perhaps best remembered for his years at Nina Ricci, which he revived through acclaimed shows and partnering with Reese Witherspoon for many red carpet appearances. A short tenure with Theory in New York followed before he disappeared only to eventually self-finance his return.

    A great designer has trademarks that go beyond the surface and Theyskens has them in abundance. Olivier's sense of fit is uniquely his with a softly draped bust and slim, elongated waist that never looks tight or restrictive, as exemplified by superb high-neck jackets in inky hues and flowy satin dresses. He also has a unique way of combining hard and soft elements, like the black patent python jacket over a bouncy white silk skirt in last season’s show. There is always a dark sense of romance with Victorian touches that read as mysterious and sensual in a manner that never feels overly reverential.

    I don’t advocate for every design student to launch her own label straight out of school, but it is wonderful to witness a revival that isn’t trying to conform to the heritage of a house whose founder is long dead. Was it Theyskens’ best work ever? Perhaps not, but it was exemplary nonetheless and remained above the fray for its ability to look within.

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • Frendy's Flashback Friday

    On March 3rd 1923, the very first issue of TIME was published.  The magazine's initial cover, which lacked it's famous red borders, featured Joseph G. Cannon (the former House Speaker).  

    The entire publication was only 32 pages long and consisted of a very limited amount of photographs.  

  • KAWS x Air Jordan 4

    Damn, these kicks are way too fresh!  KAWS took to Instagram to tease us all with an official image of his collaboration with Air Jordan.  The beloved New York Based graphic designer and artist initially delivered the news of his epic joint venture with the Jordan brand back in January.

    The sneaker used for the project is the Jordan 4 model, which is entirely covered in grey suede.  Furthermore, KAWS' famous "XX" tag is found at the shoe's heels, rightfully taking over the jumpman logo.  It was rumored to released on March 1st but you know how that goes!  

    Stay tuned for more details on the kick's release date.  While you're patiently waiting, feel free to cop my new hoodie, it matches the KAWS x Jordan 4 joints perfectly don't you think?