• Frendy's Flashback Friday

    On September 1st, 1878 Emma M Nutt became the world's very first female telephone operator.  The company she worked for was the Telephone Dispatch Company of Boston.

    Emma's soothing and cultured voice set the standard of what an operator should sound like.  From that point forward, the telephone operating industry became female dominated.

  • Sky Walker (Official Video)

    Man, screw the Travis Scott and Quavo album!

    Don't get me wrong, the two superstar artists make incredible knockers together but they're taking way too long to release their project.  On the other hand, the autotune-god spitter is steadily releasing hits with Miguel, so I wouldn't mind hearing a collaborative project from them ASAP!

    The braided-up duo's latest sonic masterpiece comes in the form of a new single titled "Sky Walker."  Check out its festive Director X-directed visual below:

  • Fit Battle

    HighSnobiety has solidified their fashionable presence on Instagram with the creation of the #snobshots hashtag, where swagged-out individuals all over the world can showcase their flashiest threads.  The popular blog is now tightening their grip on everything  “youth style” with a new video series called, Fit Battle.

    Hosted and produced by Highsnobiety’s Editorial Director by Jian DeLeon, the platform serves as yet another outlet for the Internet’s flyest to flex—this time in a heated battle against an opponent with (arguably) equally fire fits. On the judging panel is stylist Corey Stokes, fashion editor Nico Amarca, and guest judge Alex Kasavin, founder of Brooklyn boutique IDOL. 

    You probably won’t catch me as a constestant on the show, simply because I pretty much rock the same clothes everyday. But that doesn’t mean my flyness is any less than the rest though!

    Check out the first installment featuring Justin Ryan Kim and Waz Castillo below:

  • Netflix and Smoke

    Netflix has made life so much easier for couch potatoes (I mean that in the nicest way possible) around the world to lounge with their vast library of television shows and films.  Now, the American entertainment company is enhancing the enjoyment of your “Netflix and chill” session with a little bit of a smoke. * Cues that Drake song *

    Last weekend the popular streaming company debuted its own line of cannabis strains—aptly dubbed “The Netflix Collection”—during a promotional event for their marijuana-inspired comedy series, “Disjointed,” held at the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary based in West Hollywood.

    The strains are marketing gems, as their names are inspired by the company’s favored shows: Banana Stand Kush (Arrested Development), Poussey Riot (Orange is the New Black), Moon 13 (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Prickly Muffin (Bojack Horseman), Camp Firewood (Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later), and many more.

    Weed remains illegal under federal law so Netflix is certainly not profiting from sales. Cannabis, under current California law, can be purchased only by those 21 or over with a medical marijuana recommendation from a California-licensed doctor.

  • Stutterheim x Alpha Industries

    I’ve been rocking with the Swedish rainwear company Stutterheim and American clothing manufacturer Alpha Industries for a while now, so it brings me joy to see that the two outerwear giants have mashed up to create a slew of fashionable and durable jackets.

    The unisex capsule collection consists of three pieces that are inspired by Alpha’s military aesthetics: the infamous MA-1 bomber, the N-3B Weather Parka and the M-65 Fishtail Parka.   It wouldn’t be an epic collaboration if Stutterheim did not add its water-resistant, rubberized cotton fabric in 530g.

    What better way can you remain fresh and dry during a torrential downpour?  If you’re interested in copping, head over to Stutterheim’s or Alpha Industries' online stores.

  • Freudian

    One of my favorite new artists, Daniel Caesar, has just released his much-awaited debut album titled, Freudian.

    The surprise project is nothing short of mesmerizing as it features 10 ethereally soulful tracks, which include features from Caesar's frequent collaborator Kali Uchis, Syd (from The Internet), H.E.R and Charlotte Day Wilson.

    Man, I'm telling you, If I had a wifey right now my Friday night plans would consist of diced pinneaples, two bottles of rosé, and this album spinning until the early morn while we, you know, get our adulting on.

    Check out the Toronto crooner's latest sonic compilation for yourself below:

  • Vans and Dickies Are Under One Roof

    The peanut butter & jelly of fashion, Vans and Dickies, has finally tied the knot to officially become one!

    Last week, VF Corp – the company whose brands include Timberland, The North Face, and of course Vans – announced that it acquired the maker of Dickies, Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co, for an outstanding $820 million.

    What’s better than owning one American brand that's dominating the street style scene? two.  I guess VF Corp took a page right out of JAY-Z’s 4:44 manuscript. Good on them.

  • Moonlight Make Up Artist: Doniella Davy

    When Doniella Davy met with Moonlight director Barry Jenkins at the Ace Hotel in downtown LA he told her he wanted skin that would glisten.  “It’s in Miami,” He said.  “In the rain, in the sun, in the moonlight, on the beach, at night. I want them to glisten.”

    The strength of Donni’s work is in its artistry and authenticity, so she assured him of two things; she would get real gold grills that wouldn’t look cheap or yellow, and she could make skin that would glisten.

    Being a film makeup artist is a job that requires long hours and gets little recognition. But the visual art of makeup played no small role in the aesthetic that Moonlight received so much praise for; characters with incandescent skin, gold grills, and a drug-addicted mother shown to age over decades.

    Donni left the New York art world to become a makeup artist in 2012 and got her start in LA taking small gigs on craigslist to build her portfolio. A former artist who studied photography at Pratt, she left her role at a high profile NY art gallery, after becoming disillusioned by the art scene, setting up fancy dinners for top names in the art world for openings attended by celebrities. She describes the downtown manhattan art scene as more of a cool contest than a platform for talented people to have their art discovered. “I started thinking, WTF is this dog and pony show?” she said.

    So Donni switched coasts to pursue a career as a film makeup artist. After an apprenticeship with an established movie makeup artist, a small film on craigslist lead her to her first feature film. Her artistry got her noticed by another producer, who recommended her to Jenkins.

    At the start no one knew that Moonlight would have its own place in the history of cinema. Donni loved the script from the minute she read it. It was a script about being black and gay and poor all in one movie. It was a script written with a sincerity that kept her up at night.

    In Miami, Donni arrived with customized blends of oils to make each actors skin glisten in just the right way.  “Barry noticed the difference between everything – things I didn’t even notice, like this one is a tiny bit brighter, this one gives a more diffused reflection, this one is sharper,” she states.

    They didn’t want the characters to look like they had all been dipped in the same product, factory style.

    She used everything from rosehip oil, to grape seed oil to achieve different effects for different actors.  “For the kids, I used baby oil and they loved it, but if I were to put that on adults, they’d be like, are you putting Johnson and Johnson on my face?” admits Donni.

    When it came to the grills, Donni tracked down Dr. Kelly Gold Grillz in Miami, a hole in the wall in an open aired plaza. While waiting in what looked like a dentist office, three loud and boisterous dudes rolled in. One of them grabbed her phone out of her hand, put his number in it, and told her, “Here’s my number in case you wanna get into some trouble tonight—Or in case you get into trouble and need your ass saved.”

    When they opened their mouths, they all had grills. She knew she was in the right place.

    Donni had to ship a mold to actor Trevante Rhodes in New York, where he molded his teeth, and mailed it back to her. Donni was instructed by Dr. Kelly to bring the completed mold back to a man named Jesus. At $700, the grill took up more than half the makeup budget for the entire film.

    “Jesus told me, ‘The price is the price. You can get cheaper gold but it will look more yellow’ And I thought— no way. If this character is drug dealing and doing good – he’s going to get gold.”  

    Refusing to sacrifice authenticity, Donni met Jesus off the Miami highway at exit 17a to pick up the completed grill.

    Undoubtedly one of the most amazing feats Donni accomplished was aging the character Paula, Chiron’s mom (Naomie Harris), who is progressively getting into drugs— without giving her a theatrical look.  In the duration of the film she ages 10 years, and then 10 more.

    Donni used teeth stains made from watercolor gels. She created subtle changes that weren’t drastic or overly dramatic. In the second decade of deterioration from drug abuse, Harris looks similar to how she looked in earlier scenes, but when the camera zooms in, the changes become apparent.  Harris’ character, Paula, was based on Jenkins’ mom. Donni wondered if the real Paula would be watching the film one day.

    “It’s not like you see this scary thing when the camera hits her – it’s all about realism. I wanted to be empathetic,” Donni said.

    She didn’t want her to look too scary, or be covered in scabs.

     “At the end of the day, I’m portraying a mother— not a monster.”

    Harris’ entire role was filmed in three days during her break from the Bond movie press tour. After knowing Donni for only 30 seconds, Harris sat down and told her “You can do whatever you have planned. I completely trust in you.”

    With that level of trust, Donni was able take risks, make mistakes and fix them. That is the kind of collaborative experience that Donni loves in the work that she does.  And as a result, the visual effect speaks for itself.

    The job Donni does is not easy. Unlike many celebrity makeup artists who pave stealthy careers for themselves staying close to the red carpet, avoiding rough terrain and faraway journeys, Donni chose to become a makeup artist because she wanted to tell powerful stories.

    During the fight scene, the crew barely blinked or breathed as they watched the blood spill from Chiron’s mouth. Barry cut the scene and started again. After the second punch, Chiron (Ashton Sanders) swooped down and met Donni outside the frame, where she reloaded his mouth with watery blood.

    Donnie explored the set medic’s kit and used butterfly band-aids and a tiny ball of gauze. This created the look of a last minute first aid treatment, such as an unprepared high school principal might do. As Chiron was interrogated by the principal his silence turned to mumbles and stifled sobs, and the tiny ball of gauze began to slide further and further out of his nostril.

    Donni loves these moments, when the makeup takes on a life of its own. Other makeup artists might have made sure the cotton stayed in place, but Donni let it become a part of the story, as it slowly slid all the way out. The crew was dead silent watching the scene on the monitor. Some were looking down and some had watery eyes.

    “This is live-storytelling,” says Donni, “Moments like that are what I keep showing up for.”

    Written by: Elle Silver

    Photography by: Doniella Davy & Will Richter

  • California Heaven

    I swear some of the best music on the planet goes unnoticed!  This is why it's my absolute duty to provide you all with some audio gems that may have slipped your ear.

    Exceptionally talented crooner Jahkoy may be from Toronto but his love for the west coast runs deep as he formulated an infectious single, aptly titled "California Heaven," featuring one of Cali's finest lyricists Schoolboy Q.  The scorcher was unleashed last September and I'm surprised that it didn't even reach half a million plays on Youtube yet.  Let's change that!

    Check out the Rico Love-produced jam below:

  • Desiigner Is All About The Arms

    Desiigner is getting ready to launch his debut album The Life of Desiigner, later on this year.  But before doing so, the milly rocking loving emcee decided to flex a bit by releasing a brand new single rightfully titled, "Arms."

    I think I found my new gym anthem in this one!  Check out the 16yrsold-produced single below:

  • Flowers (Official Video)

    Shout out to Goldlink for putting us all on to Hare Squead, as they were featured on his major label debut album’s banger, “Herside Story.”

    Recently, the super eclectic Irish Hip-Hop trio unleashed the music video for their romantic ballad, “Flowers.” The clip finds Lilo blues, Jessy Rose, and Tony Kostone crooning about making their deteriorating relationships work.   Luckily, there’s nothing a bouquet of freshly picked flowers can’t fix!

    Check out the trippy Kazove-directed visual below:

  • Frendy's Flashback Friday

    On August 11th, 1972 mayor John Gatti officially declared that it was "Cheech and Chong" day in San Antonio.  Named after the popular comedy duo, Cheech and Chong, the day is now made into a yearly charity event to help rockers and comics in need.