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  • The Urna Necklace

    I am pleased to present a new accessory made by my brother Yussuf Kassim Manzi in collaboration with Lotus Apparel.

    Titled, “Urna,” the gold necklace features a pendant that replicates the face of Buddha. “In my eyes, it's the dopest juxtaposition and irony, a symbol of peace that's presented in a materialistic way--which I believe fashion and art is all about,” says Yussuf.


    The Tanzanian-born designer and I met during my time working in SoHo. During our initial encounter, I abruptly sensed we were going to be great friends due to his calm and genuine nature.  Fast forward 5 years and here we are, still connecting and building a meaningful camaraderie. “I was blessed with the opportunity to meet my brother Frendy. If you're fortunate enough to meet someone in your life that brings some sort of enlightenment, cherish him or her, because it's extremely rare to come by,” states Yussuf. “After building a strong relationship with Frendy, he presented a book to me, which I still read to this day called “The Tao of Inner Peace,” By Diane Dreher. Never in my life have I ever been presented with such positive energy, ironically in New York and especially in a culture where ego and flashiness makes up most of the package.”


    The harmonious theme behind Manzi’s latest collaborative project was actually inspired by the very same book I shared with him. He hopes this necklace presents itself as an opportunity for people to learn more about themselves. Furthermore, a percentage from every purchase will go into an environmentally conscious foundation to preserve our Earth.


    “Thankfully I'm able to say that this chain is more for the people than myself,” Yussuf adds.  “ What we give is what we get back, and what the universe gave me is priceless, this is the least that I can do.”

    To get your very own Urna necklace, simply head over to

  • Purpose In The Youth: Yussuf Kassim Manzi

    Allow me to present the 5th episode of an inquisitive podcast by Bobby Hobert titled, Purpose In The Youth.

    Yussuf Kassim Manzi, one of my closest friends, was the featured guest and he spoke of his evolution as a fashion designer, appreciation for the smallest things in life and inspirations.  Furthermore, at the 28:30 mark Yussuf candidly talked about the fateful day we met, my impact on his life and the BAPE NYC store. You wouldn't want to miss this!

    Make yourself a hot brew (its getting cold out) and indulge in the stream of consciousness below:

  • Nostalgia

    The broski Yussuf Kassim Manzi and I have assembled once more to embark on an epic collaboration, this time utilizing my FRNDY LMRN logo T-Shirt.  As you all know, March is my last month at Nigo's former brainchild BAPE NYC after almost a decade so this project means ample because of it's significance.  To give more an in depth look on our joint venture, here are Yussuf's very own words:

    "The theme and concept behind this shoot was to trigger a sense of nostalgia that birthed the renaissance man that we all admire, Pharrell Williams.  the vibes came from a place of inspiration of the early work that introduced the band N.E.R.D, with photos that were taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson.  The feeling behind the imagery was raw and unforgivable about being who you are.  I mean Pharrell is a guy who created a sound of a generation while wearing what most rappers at the time called 'weird and questionable'.

    So for this we did a tribute of originality.  Being that FRNDY LMRN and myself stand as a brand for culture and true organic passion with no hype attached, we decided to present the following photos that depict what we stand behind the most; discovering your inner N.E.R.D."

    Photographer: Ray Polanco