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  • Monkey Man Remix

    When David Pellum II reached out to inform me about his rock band '94 Broncos new single, I truly did not know what to expect.  Enclosed in the email were several pics of the Decatur, Georgia native clad in an array of vintage, western cowboy shirts.  I thought to myself, “how can someone so country be able to fully embody a rocker?”  Well, that was just another unfortunate case of me judging a book by its cover.

    The group, whose name is inspired by the infamous O.J. Simpson car chase in 1994, consists of David (drummer), Zack (bassist) and Jack (lead guitarist and vocalist).  “We are real moody - it all depends on how we feel when we’re playing together,” states David, as he explains his ensemble’s sound. “I would say raw and young! Most of our songs sound like tunes you would listen to in a police chase.  Our number one motto is ‘don't pull over’,” he adds. The band’s outspoken leader has also proclaimed that they are at the helm of a new subgenre of Rock N’ Roll dubbed “Trap Rock,” due to their Hip Hop influence and rapid rate of releasing jams. 

    “Rock bands take two or three years to record an album - just give your listeners some content!  The whole build up and shit is out the window.  We want to give our audience music as fast as rappers do.”

    Titled “Monkey Man Remix,” '94 Broncos’ latest single, featuring rising rapper Meexhi, draws inspiration from the peculiar incident involving Olympic gold-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte who falsely claimed to Brazilian officials that he and his friends were robbed at gunpoint in a Rio gasoline station.

    The boisterous banger can be found on the groups Brazilian Stick Up mixtape.  Check it out below: