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  • Top Boy Drizzy

    Drake’s infatuation with UK culture is further expressed with his latest stunt, as he’ll be receiving producing credits for the revival of the British cult series, Top Boy.

    Now, let me ask this question: Do you even know what a “Top Boy” actually is?  Well, I didn’t either until I did some research, but it apparently means the leader of a particular clique or gang. The show itself, based in Hackney, London, is a crime drama that chronicles the life of main characters Sully, Dushane and Ra’nell’s dealings with the drug underworld. 

    The highly respected episodic ran for only 2 seasons, but thanks to the 6 God and some very powerful friends, it’ll be resurrected after a six-year absence on Netflix in 2019. 

    Watch Top Boy 's first two seasons on the streaming network now!