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  • Reminder (Remix)

    Abel, we really didn't need this remix of your smash-hit "Reminder," but hey, I guess when the featured artists are Young Thug and A$AP Rocky, you have no choice but to let the canons loose, right?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the reworked version of the song--my only issue is that there wasn't much "rework" done.  Thug's melodic verse was ok, and although Flacko's flow was fire, I was a bit confused when the beat was slightly altered during his verse's ending.

    Check out the updated single for yourself below:

  • Some Way (Official Video)

    XO 's latest signee NAV has just released the visual for his hit single titled "Some Way," featuring The Weeknd.

    Directed by RJ Sanchez, the clip features DJ Khaled & Drake's talented lovechild (did, I just make a funny?) and Abel frolicking around a bunch of models during a sexy yet light-hearted photoshoot.

    Check out the vid below:

  • Sidewalks (Live Performance)

    On December 17th, the music industry's most shining star held a special event in collaboration with VEVO at the LA Hangar Studios, where he performed scorching cuts from his recently released billboard-topping album.

    Check out The Weeknd's flashy live performance of "Sidewalks," my favorite single off of Starboy, with a surprise appearance from Kendrick Lamar below:

  • Beauty Behind the Garments

    A few months back, I deleted my old Tumblr account and decided to start things fresh with my newly found “Frendy Vibes ” flow.  While skimming through various pages on the popular social networking site, I would regularly stumble upon numerous photographs of a uniquely striking female.  Ok, most of you are probably thinking, “Duh! its Tumblr, tons of hot girls are scattered on there,” but this particular fashionista was extremely consistent with her stylish aesthetic. 

    Remaining true to my investigative nature, I tracked down the beauty to find out who she really is behind the meticulous garments.  Check out my exclusive sit-down with her below:

    Frendy:  Pardon my ignorance, but I honestly thought “Maki Rolls ” was your real name at first.  What is the meaning behind your Instagram handle?

    Alice:  *Laughs* Alot of people call me Maki and the worst part is I respond to it! My name is Alice. Everything was taken so I had to come up with something different. I remember sitting on my bed last September thinking I love sushi, and I guess “Maki Rolls” just came to my mind. A lot of people don't know what a Maki Roll is (which surprises me every time,) but it's actually just the round sushi pieces that are wrapped in seaweed.

    Frendy: Where are you originally from? And how was life growing up there?

    Alice:  I was born in Yancheng, China. It's a city two hours south of Shanghai. I moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 6 and then New Hampshire, USA a year later.  I barely remember anything from life in China and Canada, so I just say that I grew up in Nashua. I lived there from the age of 7-15, and then moved to Europe (Oslo, Norway) from 15-present. 

    Life in Nashua was pretty normal (at least to the onlooker.) Living the whole American dream with a house, dog and a fence in a nice neighborhood. I was the biggest nerd and had perfect grades in school. My personal and private life was a whole different story though.

    Frendy: Did your love of fashion come about at an early age?

    Alice:  I've always really liked clothes since I can remember. I didn't start being "stylish" until I moved to Oslo and I definitely never thought of taking a career path in fashion until earlier this year actually.  I was taking courses for my Masters in Finance thinking I was going to be an investment banker.  One day, I just realized that I'm actually a creative person and wanted to work with clothes, so I immediately quit Masters school.

    Frendy:  What did your parents think when you stopped going to school for your Masters degree?

    Alice: They were pretty shocked at first, but at the same time both my mom and stepdad have been a bit of adventurers themselves when they were young. They've gone out and explored the world before they settled anywhere. And that's what I'm doing. So they get it. 

    Frendy: For those who are not aware, what is your occupation?

    Alice:  Right now, I'm working as a consultant for a brand based in LA, in both brand management and creative direction. I also do freelance styling. Most would also say I'm a blogger, but since I don't have a blog, I guess I'm an Instagram influencer.

    Frendy: Can you recall your first big break in the fashion world?

    Alice: What I'm doing now is my first big opportunity I would say. Building a brand together with someone, having a load of responsibilities. It gives me real experience in all aspects of the field.

    Frendy: Have you faced any sort of discrimination as a female in such booming industry?

    Alice:  No, I actually feel that being a female in the streetwear scene dominated by dudes makes you stand out more. I've never worked with streetwear, I just wear it a lot and have a lot of friends in the scene.

    Frendy: You recently moved to LA. Was it work-related or simply because you desired a change of scenery?

    Alice:  I’m here for a few months first and see what’s up. It was both work-related and because I needed a change. I fell in love with LA during my first visit in October and had to come back!

    Frendy: Public transportation is certainly not effective in Los Angeles as it is here in New York, are you able to maneuver in your new home without great hassle?

    Alice:  Oh yeah, definitely. People don't use public transportation here-ubers are super cheap, and usually for work meetings I get picked up in the morning so that's not a hassle at all. I live in West Hollywood so it's a five minute drive to everything.

    Frendy: You have an incredible, natural sense of style.  Do you undergo an intricate process to choose the perfect outfit?

    Alice:  Not at all…I just put on whatever I feel goes together. People probably think I spend hours picking out my outfits but I really spend 10 minutes max.

    Frendy: Your knowledge of the fashion industry is equally impressive as your striking look.  How important is it for someone to know the backstory of a particular label or fashion house?

    Alice:  To be honest, I know very little about any particular label or designer. I feel that lot of people who have been in fashion for a while (especially high fashion,) and have gone to fashion school know every single detail and history about designers. They take it very seriously.  I just haven't been in the industry long enough to really "care" yet.

    Frendy: What are some of your favorite brands right now?   And what exactly makes you so fond of them?

    Alice:  My favorite is Gosha Rubchinskiy, simply because the brand provides quality garments that are worth every penny.  Also, everything about the line is dope af, from the aesthetics to the models.

    Y Project, Alyx Studios, G.V.G.V, Enfants Riches Deprimés are up there too. For me to like a brand, I need to be captivated by the way it is presented. It's not even about the design of each piece but the whole brand universe.

    Frendy: Music and fashion go hand in hand. What sounds inspire you the most?

    Alice:  I wouldn't say I'm inspired by music like that...but either Travis Scott's new album and The Weeknd's new album Starboy, is literally on repeat all day.

    Frendy: I’m asking this question on behalf of all the fellas out there: do you have a particular type? Is it necessary for him to be a ‘fashion head’ in order to gain your undivided attention?

    Alice:  No, I don't have a particular type, but I do like someone who can intellectually stimulate, challenge and inspire me. I would want someone that "gets it," and I feel very few do.

    Yes, he would need to have good style to have my attention *laughs* I would prefer someone who wasn't fully submerged in the fashion scene just because it's already such a small world, and I want to learn different aspects of life from someone.

    Frendy: What would you like to say to all the girls who are trying to work in the fashion field, but have absolutely no clue of how to get their feet wet?

    Alice:  I get this question almost every day in my email and dm. People think there is only that one "correct" way, but there are countless options. There are so many degrees and backgrounds you can take: Marketing/PR, architecture, graphic design, business, art, design. 90% of people in fashion never even went to fashion school.

    Also, put yourself out there! Instagram is a GREAT tool for showcasing your work or just sense of style/mood boards. Like they say, “Instagram is the new CV.”

    Frendy: One last question, which do you prefer: Skittles or Starburst?


    Follow Alice on instagram here.

  • All That Money

    The demo of Beyonce's thrilling Lemonade cut "6-inch," has made its way to the internet!

    Titled "All That Money," the reference track features The Weeknd, who is also on the finalized single, and fellow XO crony Belly.

    Listen to the awesomeness below:

  • Starboy

    I'm feeling like a mothaf*ckin' star boy after listening to The Weeknd's latest surprise single!

    Titled "Starboy," the Daft Punk assisted track features a groove that'll get you "in your bag" (for those who do not understand my "urban" vernacular, it simply means being careless and confident).

    Lookout for a new album from the dark pop star later this year. For now, enjoy the banger below:

  • SNL Is About That Low Life

    Future took his musical antics to Saturday Night Live and performed 2 bangers!

    The Purple Reign spitter shocked viewers by initially showcasing his "Low Life" ballad featuring The Weeknd (who made a surprise appearance).  Anticipation is already running high for the official release of the tune's music video, so to witness it's live performance was truly fulfilling.

    Check it out below:

  • Low Life

    Metro Boomin is surely showing that he's way more than a "trap" producer with his new co-curated jam with Ben Billions titled "Low Life".

    The ambient tune is rightfully lead by The Weeknd and features Codeine cowboy Future.  The two superstars talk a fair game on how they're proud to rep for the loveable scums of earth.  Hey, at least they keeping it 8 more than 92 with us (haha).

    Indulge below:

  • Fab's Summertime Shootout

    Leave it up to Fabolous for consistently bringing the swaggy vibes during the wintery holiday season.  Well, this Thanksgiving we really didn't experience blistering weather (thank god) and it might be due to Fab's scorching Summertime Shoutout mixtape he unleashed that very day.

    In usual F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S fashion (hope you spelled each letter individually), the tape offers potent remixes of the current bangers on the Billboard charts and neighborhood barbershops.  It also features Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Rich Homie Quan, rising crooner Jazzy and lyrical menace that's about to takeover NYC Dave East.

    Indulge in the sonic goodness below:

  • Wang X'O

    Last night, The Weeknd took his madness tour to the world famous Madison Square Garden stage and tore it down!  Later today, Abel will continue his terror by making a special appearance at the Alexander Wang store in SoHo to commemorate the release of his exclusive capsule with the famed brand.

    Alex Wang is also going to be in the buiding so y'all wouldn't want to miss out.  The festivities commence at 7:30pm, but for now check out the limited items that'll be unleashed from the collection below:

  • Tell Your Friends (Remix)

    Just when you thought The Weeknd's scorching banger "Tell Your Friends" produced by Kanye West couldn't get any better, the 6 God swoops down from his thrown to annoint the track with a quick verse.

    In the sensual rework, Drake mentions a certain special someone stating,

    "Your body insane in person/Wanna do special things for you, you deserve it/but you too famous to buy you purses/that barely scratches the surface/This time it’s different, you give me purpose"

    Could it be that Drizzy is pouring his immortal heart to the queen of the green courts Serena Williams?!  Hey, he's just eeeeevolvin' (you'll get the joke after you listen to the jam).

    Indulge below:

  • Go Tell Your Friends About This Vid

    Alright, I know some of you guys are tired of reading my articles on The Weeknd but it ain't my fault (seriously). "The singer with the hair" has been on an amazing roll out scheme prior to his BBTM album release and it is just my duty to report it!

    Abel's latest gift is the official music video for my favorite cut "Tell Your Friends" on his forthcoming project.  The Grant Singer directed visual displays the XO superstar embracing a new found swag.  Furthermore, it shows him finally killing the "devilish" character that's been lurking around in his last 2 presentations.

    Indulge in the climactic cinematic clip below:

  • Beauty Behind The Leak

    I really won't be surprised if The Weeknd hits $1M in sales during the first week release of his forthcoming second studio album Beauty Behind The Madness.  What makes my prediction concrete is the fact that the Canadian superstar crooner just unleashed an 18 minute leaked version of the album-- providing a sample of each ballad.  Long story short, all of the songs were divine!

    It was pretty tough to choose my favorite track but "Tell Your Friends" produced by Kanye West and the second to last record "Prisoner" definitely left a superb impression on me. Indulge in the sonic teaser below until the full project drops August 28th.

  • The Weeknd Wears Yeezy

    The King of the Fall (and summer) has surprisingly shed from his dark aesthetics to a more Godly silhouette in the September issue of GQ Magazine.  The Weeknd is public about his great relationship with Kanye West so when the opportunity arose for him to model the Yeezy season 1 collection, he couldn't decline.

    Abel wears an array of high quality and high priced pieces from the much sought out collaboration from Yeezus and Adidas.  I won't even mention the cost of these garments because it is not my duty to break your little wittle 'Ye loving hearts. 

    The full collection drops in stores this October but you can now indulge in the flicks of the XO crooner stuntin' in them below:


  • Mood Music 2

    The Weeknd hasn’t even released his second studio album Beauty Behind The Madness yet but it is already topping the Billboard charts!  The full track listing of the project is nowhere to be seen but we do know that his colossal hits “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” are included.

    During a recent private show in London, the XO crooner treated fans with a sensational new sonic offering rumored to be coined as “Mood Music 2”. I don’t know if this joint is going to be featured on BBTM but it sure slaps!

    Indulge below:

  • Can't Feel My Face

    Got damn!  The Weeknd is surely transforming into a living legend.  The superstar Canadian crooner is delivering nothing but straight heat and his latest offering “Can’t Feel My Face” doesn’t fall short of scorching.

    The tune offers a vivacious vibe just in time for the summer. It’s certainly a far cry from Abel’s hazy, drug-filled discography but remains addictive nevertheless. Don’t be surprised to hear this jam blasting at your nearest cook-out!

    Indulge below:


  • The Strings

    The Weeknd paid his respects by tweeting an exceptional cover of his latest banger “The Hills" by Electric Violinist Bryson Andres. The YouTube star is known for curating renditions of today’s biggest songs but this one right here takes the cake.

    Check it out below:


  • The Hills

    When I first saw The Weeknd perform a new untitled song during his headlining set at Coachella there was no doubt in my mind it was an instant banger (per usual). Now, the Basquiat-esque crowned singing sensation has finally officially released the seducing tune titled "The Hills" with it’s accompanying video!

    To keep it clean, Abel has some bars in this joint! Take for example, “..I’m just trying to get you out the friendzone/ cause you look even better than the photos”.  If you don’t get that line step your metaphorical interpretation game up (haha).

    Indulge in the clip below:


  • White Girls

    The visual for one of my favorite songs on Belly’s latest project is finally released!  Behind-the-scene teasers of the video was revealed via Merlin Bronques’ LastNightParty snapchat about a month ago left fans begging for more.  Now it’s time to fully indulge.

    The tune, titled “White Girls”, features none other than Mr. Rodeo himself Travis $cott who sings (can I call it that?) an infectious chorus. check out its trippy David Camarena directed clip below:


  • LNP Snapchat Trailer

    I’m sure after Merlin Bronques read my last post about me missing his LastNightParty Documentaries he prompted to release this visual (haha). As stated numerous times, the visionary’s snapchat account is booming due to it’s *clears throat* eye grabbing content.  For those who are still debating to follow him on the audacious app this video serves as the ultimate deal breaker!

     Check it out below and choose wisely:


  • Up For Days

    Earlier today, I paid my good friend Gus a visit. As we caught up on each other’s lives he told me about his festive evening at NYC hotspot Up & Down. He stated “I know A$AP Yams passed away (RIP) but one of the guys in The Weeknd’s entourage looked alot like him”. After hearing that unique description I automatically knew that it was Ahmad Balshe better known as Belly.

    I was first introduced to the potent Palestinian Canadian rapper a couple weeks ago on Merlin Bronques’ snapchat where he presented exclusive behind the scenes footage of Belly’s forthcoming music video for “White Girls” featuring Travis Scott.  With only a couple seconds of hearing playback, I knew this dude had some fire!  

    Luckily, Re(belly)us just dropped a full project titled Up For Days that the whole world can intake.  It features his XO superstar comrade, Coke Boy French Montana, Dipset’s Juelz Santana and obviously La Flame.

    Indulge in Belly’s latest tale below:


  • The Mummy

    Mon frère Merlin Bronques has been on an incredible rampage dominating snapchat with so much cheeky content that it would make the biggest pervert feel icky!  The minuscule clips of revelry are extremely enticing (especially when you’re watching them in bed at 3am) but what I truly miss are the lensman’s LastNightParty documentaries.

    After extensively researching for more of Merlin’s episodes, I discovered a visual that crept under my radar! Titled “The Mummy”, the video displays the ‘eureka’ moment one experiences after finally getting inspiration to peel out of bed and boogie the night away.

     Check it out below:


  • The Weeknd Recognition

    A few days ago, The Weeknd righteously earned the Alan Slaight Award for his incredible achievements in the music industry.  Have no clue what the hell that is?  No worries, I'll explain.  The accolade was created by Canada's Walk of Fame and is given to young Canadians who transfomed their talent into a worldy inspiration.  Past recipients include Abel's big homie Drizzy Drake (I mean, if he didn't get one something is terribly wrong with the 6).

    Check out the recap below: