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  • Dress Like McGregor

    “F@%k the Mayweathers!” is what I always think of Conor McGregor saying whenever I see him. 

    Although the famed mixed martial artist lost the blockbuster battle against Pretty Boy” Floyd on August 26th In Vegas, he still left the boxing ring with a charming load of cash-approximately a disclosed purse of $30 million, according to the salary information released by the Nevada Athletic Commission to MMA Fighting.  With his name solidified in UFC fighting history, “The Notorious” (all respects to Biggie Smalls) is extending the McGregor brand in a slew of lucrative methods, which includes a clothing brand.

    Called August McGregor, the line is a joint business venture between Conor and David August Heil, the creator of the scandalous “F@%k You” pinstripe suit.  It will cater to the gentleman of the world by offering dress shirts, suits and accessories all ranging from $500 to $1200 USD.

    August McGregor’s initial collection won’t drop until January 2018, so fellas y’all have enough time to cut up in order to fit the garments properly.