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  • New YEEZY Kicks

    There’s really nothing better than a woman who wholeheartedly supports her man! No matter what harsh sentiments you may have for Kim Kardashian, you’ve got to at least give her some props for standing by her megastar hubby, Kanye West, through thick and thin.

    Kim’s latest supporting act finds her sporting a second brand new pair of YEEZYs!  Last week, Ye wore a never-before-seen silhouette of YEEZY high top kicks. Now, his bodacious boo is stunting in a new low top model, which features an all-white color way throughout its upper and sole.

    I must admit, the shoes are looking proper.  Too bad there's no release date for them yet.

  • Chasing Halston

    Halston. It’s a name that may conjure up images of the '70s, Studio 54 and easy, sensuous glamour. Born Roy Halston Frowick on April 23, 1932, there was little indication that the Midwestern bred boy would go on to become the toast of the world’s jet-setting elite. But that’s exactly what he became. There have been many great, innovative designers of the past, some who were forgotten and others who remain in the public consciousness through the sheer strength of their aesthetic or continuation of their namesake label. Though Halston’s own company did trudge along after his death in 1990 from AIDS-related illness, it had already weakened considerably when the corporation’s buyers pushed him out in the early 1980s. What had been perhaps the single most important fashion brand of the decade essentially fizzled despite countless attempts to revive it. But genius isn’t so easy to kill. Whether or not most recognize it, the signs of Halston’s influence are as pervasive as ever.

    Over the past ten years, there has been a rise in minimalist fashion with the likes of Céline’s Phoebe Philo and Raf Simons ushering in a starkly pared back look that relies on exceptional fabrics and immaculate cutting. Both of these figures and many others owe Halston an enormous debt. Though Halston was not the first person in the industry with a reverence for simplicity (Madame Grès, Charles James and Balenciaga were noted influences), he was possibly the first to make it his hallmark. From his Grecian goddess-inspired dresses made from heavy silk jersey to his gowns cut from smoky chiffon, often with only a single seam, he was in constant search of purity and developed brilliant techniques that were genuinely at the level of couture. His particular take on modernity was deeply in sync with the speed of the times. He produced work that was easy to slip and, perhaps more importantly at the height of the Disco era, easy to slip off. Even his famous dress shirts were often fabricated from Ultrasuede, the soft fabric that appeared like genuine suede, but was machine washable.


    Women like Kim Kardashian and Joan Smalls may count themselves as members of the Balmain Army, the coterie of glamorous women who perpetually surround Olivier Rousteing (the brand’s designer), but decades before that informal group came to be, Halston had his Halstonettes.

    Halstonettes were house models and close friends that accompanied Halston everywhere; from his grand trip to the Great Wall of China to his brief television appearance on an episode of The Love Boat. Modeling legend Pat Cleveland and even a pre-acting Anjelica Huston were famous members who came to define a particular kind of allure that would become synonymous with the 70s. The sheer impact they had on perceptions of beauty during their reign was unparalleled, as they presaged the gang of supermodels who would emerge a decade later.

    Shrinking in scope from the macro to the micro, Halston’s influence has even seeped into the look of one today’s most prominent pop stars. Though we’ll probably never be sure just how much Ariana Grande or her team knew about Halston, it is clear in certain looks that they have borrowed heavily from his oeuvre.

    In 1975, the great photographer Helmut Newton captured Elsa Peretti, who was a model at the time before starting her legendary career as a jewelry designer for Tiffany & Co., wearing an incredible Halston-designed bodysuit and bunny mask against a dramatic Manhattan skyline. One need only glance at Grande’s costume for the cover of her Dangerous Woman album to see where her styling team got their idea.

    Halston was unique in that he was both completely of and completely ahead of his time. Everything he did, from his fashions to being the first designer to attempt the launch of an affordable label at a national retailer (J.C. Penney in his case), was groundbreaking. I can’t help but notice that everyone from Donna Karan to Tom Ford has done his best to catch up to Halston’s legacy. But none have succeeded. And I don’t think anyone will soon.

    Written by: Martin Lerma

  • Feel Me

    Fans and haters alike have been patiently waiting to hear a Tyga x G.O.O.D Music track ever since he signed to the label back in September.  Their wish was granted at the strike of midnight on New Years day when the former Cash Money spitter unleashed "Feel Me," featuring his bud Kanye West.

    The homie Luka Sabbat took to his Instagram story on New Years Eve and announced that he was going to bless the ears of attendees with the blazing track at a party in Paris to ring in 2017.  From the small clip he previewed, I knew the song was going to be fire!

    Check it out for yourself below:

  • The Proof Is In The Tape

    Since the 2009 MTV Awards, there has been ongoing "tension" between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Glimpses of peace among the two megastars were seen (mostly through photo ops), but behind the pearly white smiles, we all subconsciously knew that their kobe beef was a long way from being cooked.

    Less than a year after Taylor presented Kanye with the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 VMAs, the 'All Falls Down' lyricist mentioned the famed pop singer in, "Famous", one of the most notable cuts from The Life of Pablo. The provocative line caused Swift to immediately defend her character by publicly stating she had no knowledge of being mentioned in the tune prior its release.  Mr. West , on the other hand, took to twitter where he shared his side of the story, tweeting that she actually knew of the song and controversial line.

    Fast forward to last night, Kim Kardashian West dropped a bombshell of a clip on snapchat, displaying her husband speaking on the phone with Taylor clearly asking for her permission to use the "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex " line.  Check out Swift's rebuttal on lnstagram below:

    "Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me 'that bitch' in his song? It doesn't exist because it never happened. You don’t get to control someone's emotional response to being called 'that bitch' in front of the entire world. Of course I wanted to like the song. I wanted to believe Kanye when he told me that I would love the song. I wanted us to have a friendly relationship. He promised to play the song for me, but he never did. While I wanted to be supportive of Kanye on the phone call, you cannot 'approve' a song you haven't heard. Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination. I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009."

    As the drama unfolds to an all-time high, what are your thoughts on the new revelation?  Should we feel sorry for Taylor? or is Kanye in the clear for truthfully stating he did contact her before the song was released?

    Let me know...

  • Ray J Doesn't Want To Be 'Famous'

    After viewing Kanye West's artsy fartsy music video for "Famous," (damn, imagine if all those celebrities did break wind on that mega-queen sized bed at the very same time, nasty!) alot of us have been wondering what are the reactions of those who were depicted in it.

    Well, your wish has come of them at least.  TMZ recently caught up with Ray J to ask him his thoughts on metaphorically reuniting with Kim Kardashian in Ye's bed. Unfortunately, Brandy's lil bro's response was overshadowed by his manager's two-cents on the whole "lituation".

    Check out what transpired below:

  • Olivier Rousteing

    Olivier Rousteing is consistently leading Balmain into new fashion levels.  One of the ways he is doing so is by utilizing social media to attract an unimaginable new demographic.

    British Fashion Journalist Suzy Menkes recently sat down with the millenial Creative Director to discuss how he attracted such a huge following on the internet.

    Check out the interview below:

  • Kylie's New Deal

    Just when you thought the Kylie Jenner phenomena couldn't get any bigger, she lands a new deal with PUMA !

    I first got news of her rumored business venture through Kanye West on twitter a few days ago, as he stated that the German multinational sportswear company was trying to "divide" the Yeezy family by signing his beloved sister in-law. I'm sure the tweet went over everyone's head (you know 'Ye on his usual unfiltered stream of consciousness), but now Nice Kicks has officially confirmed the partnership between Kim K's lil' sis and PUMA.

    According to reports from US Weekly, the deal will be totally different from Rihanna's dealings with the brand. Kylie will not have her own line of sneakers but she will be an equally potent brand ambassasor -supporting specific PUMA products through campaigns and her own personal social outlets.

    Damn, I hope Ye don't ether her for that.

  • 2015 Style King: Kanye West

    What a big surprise!  The genius that is Kanye West was just awarded the coveted title of being 2015’s most stylish man by GQ.

    From destroying the runway (in a good way) to selling out his Yeezus sneakers faster than a Supreme drop, the proud father of North & Saint comes out on top once again defeating teen heartthrob Lucky Blue Smith during this year’s style wars. 

    Hate it or love it, the people have spoken!   GQ announced the winner this afternoon after tallying up fan votes – Kanye had an astonishing 520,119 while Lucky gained an honorable 445,073. What ultimately aided Yeezus to beat the superstar model was his wife/social media queen Kim Kardashian and her fam as they pushed their loyal admirers to vote for 2020's presidential candidate.

    Now, that's what I call a down ass b*tch!

  • Kanye & Kim Welcome Their Baby Boy

    Earlier this morning, the world's hottest couple gave birth to a baby boy!

    The announcement was posted on Twitter where Kim shared a heartwarming photo of her and 'Ye with intertwined hands, captioned "He's Here".  There is no information revealed on Baby Yeezus' actual name but I'm sure it'll be....unique. Much Love to them.

    While we wait for further news on the megastars' new bundle of joy, check out Mr. West's 20 minute acceptance speech for his "Shoe of The Year" award courtesy of Footwear News.

  • Baby Ye

    Leave it to king Kanye to make a one of one baby Yeezy Boost 350s for his soon to be born seed.  Obviously, his beauty queens Kim and North have their very own pair but what makes this one extra fresh is that it'll belong to Yeezus' first born son.

    I'm not a dad yet but I can only imagine the irreplaceable feeling of stuntin' with your junior rockin' the same scorching outfit....from head to toe!  Theres no word on when the God-child will be concieved so for now we can only imagine the level of swag that it will be blessed with.

  • Yeezy Season 2 Is Here

    Kanye West has just unveiled his much anticipated Yeezy season 2 collection.  What I personally think of the garments is not of real importance.  Besides, 'Ye is living out his dream of maneuvering in the fashion world so I'll leave it to the experts to critique his creations.

    What I did want to let you guys know is that the former Louis Vuitton Don's latest array of clothes are not produced by Adidas but rather an undisclosed, high-end Parisian fashion house.  No worries though, the Yeezy boosts are still going to be in collaboration with the German multinational design and manufacturing corporation.  Speaking of which, what do you think of the unreleased colorways?

    Keep your eyes peeled for Yeezy Season 1's drop in selected retailers worldwide on October 29th.

  • Pharrell's Iconic Award

    Last night in New York, Pharrell Williams was honored at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America receiving the prestigious Fashion Icon Award.  Everyone and their great-grandmothers are attentive of Skateboard P’s immense influence in the musical and fashion world equally so this recognition is much deserved.

    Hip Hop’s most notorious dad Kanye West served as P’s award presenter. Yeezus even gave a heartfelt speech giving props to his big brother by calling Pharrell his style idol!

    Real always recognizes it’s counterpart.

  • The Flawless Victory

    Allow me to present Coral Bernard, the latest beauty to proudly sport the FRNDY LMRN Tee.  Not so much info will be revealed on the Dominican goddess but you better believe she’s way more than meets the cornea (please tell me you know what that is).

     Feel free to follow her on social networks! Just don’t be a creep about it (haha). For those interested in buying one of my tees, simply head over to the SHOP section of the site. Stay Classy!

  • Elisabeth's View

    I know the Kanye West performance at Fondation Louis Vuitton was during Paris Fashion Week but I'm sure most of you will appreciate to see what actually went down that epic night.  

    Mentioned afore, my very good friend Elisabeth Bensoussan was in VIP amongst Ye's "broad that's way thicker" and other high profilers so I'm providing y'all the opportunity to view what they experienced (I mean it's a simple youtube click away but I rather give y'all the footage on my platform, ha!).

    Indulge below:


  • The Yellow Brick Road: Sakiya Sandifer

    Not many of my new readers know this but about 4 years ago I took it upon myself to create a ground-breaking documentary series called The Yellow Brick Road.  In it, I featured a slew of extraordinary underground talent that truly deserved recognition.  One of the greatest episodes was my exclusive sitdown with Entrepreneur and Writer Sakiya Sandifer.  The name doesn't ring a bell?  Well, remember Kanye West's 2008 released book titled "Thank You And You're Welcome"?  He co-wrote it.

    I decided to re-release the footage simply because 'Ye is on an historical run and it's an honor that I had a chance to sitdown with one of his closest team members.  As a matter of Fact, Sakiya was the one who initially inquired about me interviewing him.  Real definitely recognizes real.

    By the grace of god, I hope to continue this inspiring series on a bigger platform.  But for now, indulge in the classic showing below:


  • Kanye LV

    It seems that my blog is becoming a shrine for all things G.O.O.D Music but damn I can't help it!  Mr. West is reigning everything like the true God he proclaimed to be.  As Paris Fashion Week Festivites are thriving, Yeezus is conducting a private concert series at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.  

    Luckily, my very good friend and original Balenciaga Mama Elisabeth Bensoussan had the chance to attend the first very first day of the exclusive show VIP'd up!  Elisabeth is an immense supporter of mines so you already know she showed the kid love by rocking the FRNDY LMRN logo T- Shirt to the event!  

    Check out the enticing flicks from Ye's showing below:


  • Kanye's Only One

    Aww, Kanye has truly grown to become a big a great way of course!  Yesterday, the former Louis Vuitton Don (wait, I don't know if he ever left that moniker) released the Spike Jonze directed visual for his spirited single "Only One" featuring Sir Paul McCartney on the keys.

    In usual grand fashion, Mr. West premiered the video via his bestie Ellen DeGeneres' critically acclaimed talk show.  The visual is simple yet captivating.  It's just North, 'Ye and the spirit of his mother Donda encompassing them all.

    Indulge in the full clip on

  • KimYe For Balmain

    The god Kanye West can now add "Model" to his long list of divine offerings to the world!  Photos have just been unleashed of Yeezus and his muse Kim Kardashian sporting Balmain's forthcoming 2015 Spring/Summer collection.  It's not a big surprise that the duo are collaborating with the prestigious French fashion house.  I mean damn they're real good buddies with the brand's creative director Olivier Rousteing.  As you can seeYe wasn't lying when he said " I Got family in high places like Jesus' niece" (don't know which song he rapped that in? DO YA RESEARCH!) *The Rock Voice*.

    Check out the rest of the ad below: