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  • Queen Bey Saves The Day

    Attention all natural-haired beauties of the world: Beyoncé has created a hat just for you!

    Ivy Park, Bey’s fashion label, is offering a stylish, red velvet backless baseball cap that allows babes with untreated cheveux (yeah, I’m trying to sound fancy) the luxury to easily put their mane in a ponytail. Usually, it’s difficult for women with thick curls to put on a hat, this one makes it super easy for them to pull their hair back.


    As of now, there is no release date for the cap, which will be priced at $35, but make your way over to to sign up for the notification list.

  • RAGE (Official Video)

    Vic Mensa has liberated a cinematic music video for "RAGE," the riveting single found on his latest EP-- sorry, capsule-- titled The Manuscript.

    The clip finds Vic in his private jet as it violently burns and spirals down into the ocean.  Prior to the plane crashing, the Roc Nation emcee is seen downing a bottle of alcohol and pills, which serves as a representation of his inner battles.  Fortunately, Vic puts up a good fight and ends up rising on top.

    Look out for Mensa's major label debut, The Autobiography, due out on July 28th.  For now, check out the visual below:

  • The Story of O.J.

    JAY-Z's 13th studio album, 4:44, has gone platinum in less than a week!

    If you haven't yet indulged in Mr. Carter's most vulnerable sonic compilation (no Tidal subscription uh?), I am happy to announce that the visual for "The Story of O.J.," one of the project's most thought-provoking tracks, is now available for viewing via Youtube.

    Check out the Jigga Man and Mark Romanek directed clip below:

  • The Manuscript

    Vic Mensa has resurfaced with a surprise new EP in the form of, The Manuscript.

    On Tuesday (June 6), the Roc Nation spitter nonchalantly announced via Twitter that he would deliver a new project but no one knew it was going to drop this fast!  In any case, the joint is a banger, as it features 4 potent tracks with appearances from Pharrell Williams, Pusha T, and the ever so quiet Mr. Hudson.

    Stream The Manuscript below:

  • Amazon Introduces Buttoned Down

    If Jay Z was still in his early 2000s “crisp pair of jeans and button up” stage, he most likely would of logged on to Amazon and ball out on the e-commerce giant’s very own line of dress shirts from their newly devised menswear brand, Buttoned Down. Yeah, I know most of you could not even imagine Beyoncé’s beau perusing Amazon for threads, but the online shop’s offerings are pretty clutch, not to mention affordable, and its new line only accents the fact even more.

    Launched on December 6th 2016, Buttoned Down features an array of (you guessed it) button downs made from non-iron, 100% Supima Cotton backed by a no hassle, money-back satisfaction guarantee.  “At Amazon, we’re always looking to make high quality apparel for our guys,” states Warren Satchell, Men’s Fashion Editor at Amazon Fashion. “Whether he’s wearing it with a suit and tie, or just tucked into jeans on a casual Friday, Buttoned Down is a no fuss reliable option that guarantees effortless style and great value.”

    Warren is certainly not fibbing about the dress shirt’s honorable attributes. Supima cotton is also utilized by top tier menswear brands such as Brooks Brothers, Lands’ End and is even found in Ralph Lauren towels! Supima Cotton is known as the “cashmere of cottons,” due to its softness, strength and brilliance of color.  Furthermore, it is 35% longer and 45% stronger than regular cotton. The shirts will cost you anywhere from a mere $39 to $49, while a Brooks Brothers top will charge you about $50 more, utilizing the same Supima Cotton.  It doesn’t take the three female protagonists from Hidden Figures  to figure out where a smart consumer will shop!  “We are committed to making shirts that stack up to brands you would pay double for, or your money back,” reads the product’s page on Amazon.

    What also gives the Seattle-based company’s private-label collection an upper hand against competitors is that the tops are available in a wide range of sizes, including big and tall for the Shaq’s of the world.  Each shirt is either in a fitted or classic cut, which promotes individual styling.

    Before you whip out your credit card to cop, please make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime because that is where the dress shirts are exclusively offered. Members of the service have the luxury of receiving free Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library for $99 a year or $10.99 a month.  Every time Amazon adds exclusive items to its Prime service, the product becomes much more sought-after. Furthermore, the online retailer gets to keep more of the upside and gains leverage over other brands.

    According to Ed Yruma, managing director and equity research at Keybanc Capital Markets, Amazon has quietly released over a whopping 1,800 products that are all under seven in house brands it trademarked in Europe through a Luxembourg-based subsidiary called, Amazon Technologies.  The in-house brands include: Franklin & Freeman (Men’s dress shoes), Franklin Tailored (Men’s suit and accessories), James Erin (Women’s clothing), Lark & Ro (Women’s clothing which is also available in Canada), Society New York (Women’s clothing), North Eleven (Women’s accessories for cold weather) and Scout + Ro (Children’s clothing).  Most of the garments offered are priced below $100!

    For those not in the know, Jeff Bezos founded in 1994.  The e-commerce pioneer’s brainchild started as a bookseller, then gradually graduated to selling movies, electronic, music and toys. Now, it pretty much provides everything a person can ask for.  “What has worked for Amazon is focusing on the customer,” says Jeff.

    Amazon’s Private label collection plans to expand into dress pants, sport shirts, and sweaters in the near future.

  • Double Platinum With No Features

    If you weren't aware, J. Cole went DOUBLE platinum with no features!

    A few months ago, the dreadlocked lyrical monster's 2014 Forest Hills Drive album officially went double Sisqó (when he had the platinum hairdo) and Jay Z's Roc Nation label made sure everyone was informed via Instagram:

    This legendary feat has made Jermaine the only Hip Hop artist in a whopping 25 years to go double platinum sans features!  Who initially accomplished such milestone you might ask?  Vanilla Ice.

  • Luke Cage Season 2

    On December 4th, Netflix announced the renewal of it's third Marvel Comics series, Luke Cage.

    This awesome news comes as no surprise because the show is that damn good!  It would of been a tragedy if the online media streaming company did not approve it for a second season.  Besides, all of the other Marvel episodics (Daredevil, Jessica Jones) were given the green light for a deuxième go-around, why not Luke? (because he's black?! haha.)

    Netflix's announcement was ironically made on Jay-Z's birthday.  Just goes to show you that the Universe recognizes real heros!

  • Jay Z's Words on The War on Drugs

    The world's ultimate hustler Jay Z utilized his gift of writing to pen his thoughts surrounding the war on drugs.

    With a little help from Illustrator extraordinaire Molly Crabapple, the four minute New York Times short film boldly explores the "epic fail" of the U.S goverment's crackdown on...well...crack and other narcotics.  

    Beyonce's hubby was once a dealer but escaped the dangerous lifestyle when he honed in on his God given talents. Unfortunately, for tons of other African-American men and women in poorer communities, there is no other choice but to slang dope due to the lack of opportunity. The Jigga Man himself narrates the tale of how Blacks make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population, yet account for 31 percent of those arrested for drug law violations, even though they use and sell drugs at the same rate as whites.  Something is totally wrong with that!

    Check out the potent historical lesson below:

  • More Blessings For Khaled

    DJ Khaled is truly a man of infinite abundance.

    Not only did the We The Best exec unveil the coveted artwork for his star-studded forthcoming album Major Key on Instagram, famed fashion journal WWD revealed that he is now the face of Jay Z's Rocawear Fall 2016 campaign!

    To be honest, I thought Jay discontinued the brand, but with this new business venture alongside the powerhouse that is DJ Khaled, it will definitely be BOOMING more than ever.

  • Beyonce Is A Certified Fashion Icon

    The BeyHive surely rejoiced last night as their Queen won the CFDA's Fashion Icon award.

    Not only did Beyoncé look absolutely stunning in a bedazzled black Givenchy suit, with a wide brim hat, my imaginary baby momma (again, Jigga no disrespect) gave a magnificent acceptance speech that truly accented the many reasons why she is so deserving of such a prestigious honor.

    Read it for yourself below:

    Thank you so much, Diane, for the things you just said about me. I feel so much love and I feel so proud. As long as I can remember, fashion has been part of my life. Its effect on me actually started before I was born. Many of you guys don’t know this, but my grandmother was a seamstress. My grandparents did not have enough money, they could not afford my mother’s Catholic school tuition. So my grandmother sewed clothes for the priests and the nuns and made uniforms for the students in exchange for my mother’s education. She then passed this gift onto my mother and taught her how to sew.

    Starting out in Destiny’s Child, high-end labels didn’t really want to dress four black country curvy girls, and we couldn’t afford designer dresses and couture. My mother was rejected from every showroom in New York. But like my grandmother, she used her talent and her creativity to give her children their dreams. My mother and my uncle, God rest his soul, made all of our first costumes, individually sewing hundreds of crystals and pearls, putting so much passion and love into every small detail. When I wore these clothes I felt like Khaleesi. I had an extra suit of armor. It was so much deeper than any brand name. My mother is fabulous and beautiful and she’s here tonight. My mother, my grandmother, and my uncle are always with me so I cannot fail.

    My mother actually designed my wedding dress, my prom dress, my first CFDA Award dress, my first Grammy dress, and the list goes on and on. And this to me is the true power and potential of fashion. It’s a tool for finding your own identity. It transcends style, and it’s a time capsule of all of our greatest milestones. So to my mother, my grandmother, my uncle, thank y’all. Thank you for showing me that having presence is about far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty. Thank you for showing me how to take risks, work hard, and live life on my own terms.

    I want to say thank you to every designer who works tirelessly to make people think they can write their own story. Y’all are fairy godmothers, magicians, sculptors, and sometimes even our therapists. I encourage you to not forget this power you have or to take it lightly. We have the opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection. Soul has no color, no shape, no form. Just like all of your work, it goes far beyond what the eye can see. You have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower, and to show people how to embrace their complications, and see the flaws, and the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us. Thank you so much for this incredible award, I’ll never forget this night. God bless you all. Thank you.”

  • There's Alot Going On

    Vic Mensa is a true artist that knows how to transfer his woes beautifully into music.

    The Roc Nation signee recently unleashed the visual for "There's Alot Going On" and it certainly sheds light on alot of the dark happenings of his life.  

    Indulge in the Papi Beatz, Smoko Ono, and Knox Fortune produced masterpiece below.  Oh, and don't forget to cop Vic's latest project on Itunes.

  • IVY PARK at Nordstrom

    On the day my pre-order trial for the FRNDY LMRN™ World Tour Tee comes to an end, Beyonce will launch her new active wear line IVY PARK at American upscale retailer Nordstrom.

    This is no mere coincidence due to the fact that B and I were lovers in a previous lifetime, so you know our connection still exists (just kidding, Jay).  If you're interested in copping the empowering women's workout wear for your shorty on the 14th, click HERE to find out a store location near you.

    Good luck!

  • When The Skye and Roc Meets

    Justine Skye certainly followed DJ Khaled on his pathway to success by recently signing with Roc Nation.

    The Brooklyn songstress has been on a great music run so it's only right that she now has the proper management to take her career beyond the orbits. 

    Looking forward to see what the future has in store for Justine.  For now, check out the 20 year old budding star's latest interview with Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning show below:

  • DJ Khaled Throws Up The Roc

    DJ Khaled wasn't lying when he proclaimed that all he does is win!

    Earlier today, the We The Best Music Group mogul officially announced on Instagram that Jay Z is his manager (talk about cloth talk right?!).  I'm a spritual man that truly believes one receives what he puts out into the universe, so it's not a surprise that Khaled is reaping such gigantic blessings.

    Don't expect the motivational maestro to stay the same after this epic deal.  He changed.....ALOT.

  • Beyonce's Formation

    In usual Queen Bee slayage, Beyoncé unleashes a surprising video for an unreleased song titled "Formation".

    The New Orleans homaged single drops abruplty after Bey's multi-talended lil' sis Solange is graciously honored with that very same city's keys (talk about a meticulous game plan right?).  The Mike Will Made-It and Apluss produced tune is my dream girl's first deliberated jam since her 2014 "7/11".  

    This joint will get your shorty bouncing all over the place, so make sure you're right behind her to get in on ALL of the action (if you know what I'm saying!).  

    Indulge below:

  • The Code: No I.D Part 2

    I am pleased to showcase part 2 of Julian Mitchell’s interview with Dion “No I.D” Wilson.  The intimate sit-down is a part of the talented writer’s column titled The Code on Forbes online magazine where he conducts conversations with today’s biggest names in entertainment.

    During this segment, the multi-dimensional music producer speaks on sitting with Kanye West and creating the blueprint for 808's and Heartbreaks, his meetings with Rick Rubin that led to accepting the helm at Def Jam Recordings, the downfall of genres, and what works for artists like Iggy Azalea and Jhene Aiko

    Indulge Below:

  • Victor Cruz For Givenchy

    Victor Cruz is known for his heroic feats in the gridiron arena but his moves off the field are pretty spectacular as well.  From courtside dates with close buddy Ronnie Fieg to guest starring on HBO’s smashing new series Ballers, the New York Giants wide receiver is steadily becoming a bona fide celebrity. His latest stunt though is one that transcends all “fashionable” doubt!

    Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Givenchy, has chosen Victor to be the face of the French luxury brand’s new Fall/Winter 2015 campaign. Shout out to Vic’s agent, that’s the real MVP.

    Peep the campaign shots taken by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott of the stylish footballer below:

  • The Code: No I.D

    My good friend and extraordinary Writer Julian Mitchell recently started an exciting series called The Code on Forbes online magazine where he conducts intimate conversations with innovative leaders in music, fashion and entertainment.

    For the very first installment, Julian sat down with none other than Dion “No I.D” Wilson. If you aren't aware, the musical pioneer shaped the careers of today’s biggest acts, which include Big Sean, Nas, Jay Z and even Yeezus himself!

    Check out part 1 of the interview below:

  • Bey Good

    From the very first moment I laid eyes on Beyoncé, I knew she was the epitome my dream girl (no disrespect Jay).  Not only is Bey drop-dead gorgeous, her commanding God-given talents can move a nation in insurmountable ways. 

    Recently, the queen of pop traveled to Haiti.  While there, she visited the Saint Damien Pediatrics Hospital located in my hometown Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, the refuge for so many sick children has lost funding by private donations, which resulted in tons of cutbacks.  Beyoncé met with doctors, cancer patients and newborns in a specialized intensive care unit (one of only a few in the country).

    During her humanitarian duties, Bey wore a tee shirt with the writing “Bey Good” to bring awareness to her charity, which raised money for the hospital. The T-shirts are now available for sale with all the proceeds going directly to Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital. Go cop yours today HERE!

    Check out the visual below:

  • Be The Flow

    Last night, Rap’s longest victor Jay Z took NYC’s Terminal 5 stage to conduct his very first B Sides Concert. Tight that you weren’t able to go or view the extravaganza online?  Should of download TIDAL then!  When Mr. Carter initially launched his new streaming service, he promised to deliver extremely exclusive content to subscribers.  The Jigga man offered gratis tickets to Tidal users that curated the best B-Side themed playlist while the rest of the customers were able to cuddle up with their pre-summer fling and experience it from the comfort of their own home (D’ussé bottle in hand).

     During the concert, Jay performed a slew of under-the-crate fan favorites and even surprisingly brought out the whole State Property gang (reconciled with Beanie Siegel!).  The most intriguing segment of the evening was his new freestyle directed towards Google, Spotify and YouTube.

     Roc Nation’s head honcho boldly proclaimed, “I’m the bad guy out here only because I don’t go with the flow. I don’t let nobody take advantage of me and I love my n*ggaz……….Ay everybody wanna give you an advice tonight, don’t ever go with the flow be the flow”.  Those last words meant a lot to me because it practically describes my life.  Through various efforts of hoping to land a prominent writing gig for a major publication or other “promising” situations nothing ever fell through.  There was no choice left but to create my own platform. Now, I’m not saying I’m my own Boss (hopefully one day incredible revenue can come) but it’s truly an incredible feeling to provide something for the culture with absolutely no co-sign in sight. Don’t ever wait around for the right situation because you’ll only miss out on yourself.


  • Vic Mensa Joins The ROC

    Congratulations to Vic Mensa for joining Jay Z's conglomerate Roc Nation!  I remember about a year and a half ago when Vic's Save Money affiliate Stefan Ponce came through to BAPE and mentioned the meeting they had with Hov.  I'm exremely happy to finally see the astounding follow up from that fateful encounter.

    The blazing Chicago lyricist is now part of a superstar roster of artists which includes his latest collaborator Kanye West, Rihanna and the born sinner himself J. Cole.  Damn, hopefully they'll all hop on one track and shut the game down for a few months.  Hey, I could Dream right?...look where Vic got with that!

  • The Jay Z Effect

    Longtime homie Justin Segar has just unleashed an extremely entertaining short film titled The Jay Z Effect based on his real life encounter with the legendary Brooklyn lyricist.  In most cases, one would bump into their idol on the street, restaurant or even shopping center but rarely a public bathroom.  Well, Justin's fateful encounter with the Jigga man himself took place just there at the 2013 VMA's after-party in an NYC nightclub.  The budding Model & DJ was so inspired by his unlikely meeting that it fueled him to curate the film you are about to see (with a few plot twists for your indulgence).

    Man, it's truly amazing to see the Justin's growth since working at the NBA Store 8 years ago.  It certainly shows that with hard work and dedication the impossible is achievable!  

    Check out the film below:


  • Jack of all Spades

    Rap God Jay Z has just finalized a business deal that most could only rap about.  Known for deliberately branding his beloved belongings in songs, the natural-born hustla went through insurmountable heights to acquire  Arman de Brignac aka "Ace of Spades" from Sovereign Brands, an exclusive wine and liquor company in NYC.

    This is just one of many well executed corporate transactions for Hov.  As most of you know, the Jigga Man has invested in record labels, clothing lines and even a sports agency!  I'm sure Cristal Champagne is feeling like the ultimate dumped side chick right now.  Jay has been loyally rocking with that company since 2006 but due to their negative comments about the Hip Hop culture, the mogul "pissed" them off into the vast ocean never to be sipped on again.

    I wonder what's next for the Brooklyn lyrical menace, f*ck around he'll eventually buy someone's life!