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  • Ryan Wants To Do It For Ya

    I thank God daily for having the ability to easily get along with others.  Not only does the attribute provide new friendships, multitudes of wonderful opportunities arise in all areas of life from the trust built between my newfound comrades and I.

    Rowmel F. is a young photographer who reached out to me via Instagram to work. I could have easily shrugged him off, but after carefully analyzing his work and, as the kids say, f*cked with the vision, I decided to give the partnership a shot. Since then, we’ve produced a slew of share-worthy content that benefits us both.  Recently, Row introduced me to his buddy Ryan, who just unleashed his debut single, “Do It For Ya.” Trusting Rowmel’s music taste, I gave it a listen and was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

    I reached out to the rising, New York crooner to give him my props.  Fortunately, he already knew of me so we kicked it off on a great note.  Ryan definitely has some tricks up his sleeves, I’m glad that I can be one of the first sites to cover him as he is on the quest to R&B superstardom.

    Check out the Soundzfire-produced single for yourself below:

  • Wish You Well

    Right on the heels of his Def Jam signing, Amir Obé liberates the very first single titled "Wish You Well," from his highly anticipated EP NØTÇW.

    Produced by Amir's frequent collaborator NYLZ, the boisterous banger features Obé wishing his wrongdoers well in the midst of all the success he's acquiring. I feel you homie!

    Check out the jam below and look out for the project's release on March 30th.

  • Amir Obe Signs With Def Jam

    Congratulations to Amir Obe for landing a deal with Def Jam !

    I'm happy to see that Amir has found a prestigious home to produce even more eargasmic tunes. I have known the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Detroit Rapper since he went by the moniker of Phreshy Duzit, and even featured a slew of his old music videos on my previous blog. This momentous occasion is a true testament of his relentless grind!

    In honor of Obe's major label signing, he unleashed the visual to his moody cut titled "No Peace."  In an interview with Billboard, Amir explains the clip by saying: "I wanted to capture the vibe of 'No Peace' visually, and I think we executed providing a journey, a sense of no looking back."  Furthermore, the single is included on Def Jam's all star compilation album called Direct Deposit 1, which will be available on December 2nd.

    Check out the Dan Lemoyne directed music video below:

  • Dave East Partners With Def Jam

    Dave East has been reppin' the East rightfully as he pours out honorable singles and collaborations with  Rap's finest. 

    The 28-year-old Harlem lyricist is solidifying his name even more in Hip Hop by partnering up with Def Jam! "I actually just did a joint deal with Def Jam," says Dave during a recent interview at The Breakfast Club.  "I’m excited about it... It wasn’t the average me just signing to a major. I’m actually partners with them." 

    As most of you know, the Nas-approved spitter is already a part of the Mass Appeal family, so the Queensbridge legend will still definitely play a major role in his career and major label debut.

    Check out the entire conversation below.  Congrats to that man!

  • Bibi's Riot

    About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to experience Bibi Bourelly's captivating live performance of "Riot" during her Free The Real: Part 1 project release event (watch it on my gram here).  Now, I am delighted to state that the soulful single's music video is now released for your viewing pleasure.

    Check out the multi-dimensional songstress' powerful message in relation to the visual:

    "Sometimes when I'm on a plane, flying from country to country, city to city, chasing this peculiar dream of mine... I look down at the world beneath me and realize what we really are in the grand scheme of things. If you pay close attention, when the plane is just taking off you can faintly see people in action, living their own lives. It's ironic and charming in a weird way because they're not even aware that someone else is admiring them with fascination from a different angle of the world, as they walk this distinctive earth of ours. Thousands of tiny, moving heads eventually blend in with the landscape as the aircraft rises higher. The large swaying trees that appear to be so mighty from the ground, shrink into what appears to be green fragments of leaves...and by the time we reach the clouds, everything that we thought to be its own individual thing, every detail of anything that we ever considered to exist on its own, melts into the the scenery and we become one. We are all one from the clouds We are not our genders We are not our religions We are not our races We are not our opinions We are not our doubts , insecurities or fears... We are not one voice, we are a roaring crowd. We are the land and sky; We are an ambiguous mixture of every color that exists under the sun. We are all in this together and we are responsible for each other. Everything you do or say matters to us, whether you realize it or not. Love infinitely. At all costs no matter what. praying 4 Orlando (and the rest of the entire world.) Fighting 4 our future. New society 4 the unity of all. Yours truly , Beebz."

  • Alessia Cara Is Here

    Aww man, pardon my lateness but I just got hip to Alessia Cara’s certified debut single!  Titled “Here”, the soulful yet somber tune depicts what the 18-year-old Def Jam crooner goes through when she’s at an undesirable function.

    The premise of the song might seem boring but after hearing Alessia’s angelic tone you’ll abruptly realize that the jam is a beautiful soundtrack channeling all the 'outsiders' of the world.

    Indulge below: