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    When you’re rich and successful like Sean Combs, you can virtually do anything that your heart desires—including name changes. Yes, I know, anyone can legally change his/her name but how many of them can deliberately make the citizens of earth refer to them as whoever they please, without any prior government procedures?

    In honor of his 48th birthday, the multitalented mogul daringly decided to drop his latest moniker “Diddy” in exchange for a more amicable name: “Love” or “Brother Love.” Mr. Combs took to Instagram to declare his new handle in the beautiful setting of Copacabana beach, stating “I been praying on this, I decided...I know it’s risky, I know it could come off as corny to some people. Like yo, I decided to change my name again.” He further went on to brazenly admit that he’s a new man and the new nickname is more suitable.

    Congrats to "Brother Love," for having such a legendary career.  Let's see how long this name will last!  I'm sure Ben Stiller won't have a hard time forgetting this one. (If the reference went over your head, check out the clip below):