• The Urna Necklace

    I am pleased to present a new accessory made by my brother Yussuf Kassim Manzi in collaboration with Lotus Apparel.

    Titled, “Urna,” the gold necklace features a pendant that replicates the face of Buddha. “In my eyes, it's the dopest juxtaposition and irony, a symbol of peace that's presented in a materialistic way--which I believe fashion and art is all about,” says Yussuf.


    The Tanzanian-born designer and I met during my time working in SoHo. During our initial encounter, I abruptly sensed we were going to be great friends due to his calm and genuine nature.  Fast forward 5 years and here we are, still connecting and building a meaningful camaraderie. “I was blessed with the opportunity to meet my brother Frendy. If you're fortunate enough to meet someone in your life that brings some sort of enlightenment, cherish him or her, because it's extremely rare to come by,” states Yussuf. “After building a strong relationship with Frendy, he presented a book to me, which I still read to this day called “The Tao of Inner Peace,” By Diane Dreher. Never in my life have I ever been presented with such positive energy, ironically in New York and especially in a culture where ego and flashiness makes up most of the package.”


    The harmonious theme behind Manzi’s latest collaborative project was actually inspired by the very same book I shared with him. He hopes this necklace presents itself as an opportunity for people to learn more about themselves. Furthermore, a percentage from every purchase will go into an environmentally conscious foundation to preserve our Earth.


    “Thankfully I'm able to say that this chain is more for the people than myself,” Yussuf adds.  “ What we give is what we get back, and what the universe gave me is priceless, this is the least that I can do.”

    To get your very own Urna necklace, simply head over to


    There’s really no place like SOHO, NYC.  Its cobbled streets are filled with the world’s most fashionable and artistic beings who are all pushing the culture forward in their very own distinctive manner.

    I was fortunate enough to work at a shop that was once considered as the epicenter of such vibrant scene. From there, I made a name for myself and it was all due to my exposure to the region’s grandeur. 

    The FRNDY LMRN SOHO, NYC Hoodie was made to commemorate the place that sculpted the persona I am today.  Pre-order yours now HERE.

  • FRNDY LMRN World Tour Tee

    To commemorate all the beautiful parts of the globe that my merchandise has reached, I collaborated with design firm HYJACK® Works to present the FRNDY LMRN™ World Tour Tee.

    I appreciate those who have purchased any of my offerings, so this product was made to simply display my gratitude by showcasing each buyer's respective city.

    Pre-order begins NOW until APRIL 14th at 6PM ET. To place yours, simply click HERE.

  • Last Post of 2015

    Wow!  That's all I can say to fully describe what went down for me in 2015. I'm sure all of you can agree with my sentiment regarding your own happenings this year.  Ultimately, we must thank God for our blessings.  What can't break us can only make us better, faster, and stronger (no Daft Punk).

    Unlike other blogs that are showcasing their list of 2015's best songs, I simply decided to feature one of the hottest remixes you may not have heard.  Back in September, Singer/Songwriter Sevyn Streeter loved Tory Lanez's hit single "Say It" so much she made the tune her very own and murdered it!

    Check it out below.  Thanks for the support, Happy New Year!

  • The FRNDY LMRN™ Strap-Back Hat

    The FRNDY LMRN™  Hat that I wore in the promotional shots displayed throughout my social media in June was merely a sample.  The strap-backs that you guys will be purchasing though, are pure luxury.

    Due to all of the love received from my previous merchandise, I thought it was time to step up the quality.  The FRNDY LMRN™ Strap-Back Hat will be one of the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing hats that you've ever owned.  It contains a suede underbrim, embroidered FRNDY LMRN™ logo, interior satin lining (that feels amazing on my bald head), leather detailing and gold hardware.  Furthermore, the hat is rightfully labeled.

    Check out the awesomeness for yourself below.  They will be officially released any day now!

  • Jukebox Joints

    Harlem's self proclaimed PMF has just unleashed the visual for his soul sampled track "Jukebox Joints" produced by Kanye West.  Although Yeezus didnt make an appearance, casting director Arelie Gutierrez and co. did a great job in featuring quality eye candy.  It even included a dope cameo from my majestically spirited homie Monica Hernandez in the 2:37 and 3:29 mark.

    The Illusive Media directed clip remains truthful to A$AP Rocky's new-found trippy persona.  Indulge below:

  • Don C Talks Hats With GQ

    Don C is known for his game changing strap backs but very few know of their true inspiration.  GQ Style Editor Will Welch sat down with Kanye West’s confidant to discuss how the celebrity-cherished cap came about and how it correlates with his hometown of Chicago. 

    Check out the clip below:

     Since we’re on the subject, the FRNDY LMRN strap backs that I’ve been showcasing all over my social media will be releasing.........soon enough.  Just don’t act like I never warned you!

  • Forbes x Frendy Lemorin

    It is with intense pleasure to present my interview with FORBES.  Much love to Julian Mitchell for conducting the most detailed sit-down that I ever had. This truly is a dream come true and it fuels me to inspire the world even more.

    Click the picture below to read the full spread:

  • Should've Been Us

    To keep it clean, a couple of months ago when the homie Charles Dimacali sent me a flick of him wearing the FRNDY LMRN logo tee alongside Tori Kelly I didn’t know who she was. After much research on the Californian crooner, I felt like such a dick for not knowing about her awesome multi-talents. 

    Tori gained immense buzz on YouTube, competed on American Idol and now has transformed into a bona fide artist whose solo efforts have been recognized by the Billboard Music Awards! Earlier today, the sexy songstress unleashed a music video for her latest tune “Should’ve been us” directed by Rory Kramer.

    Peep it below:

  • Artist Submission: MeloD

    What’s good everyone! Allow me to present a new section on the blog specifically created for Artist Submissions. I took a huge break from acknowledging tons of up and coming artists I personally knew simply because the love shown to them was hardly reciprocated.  With the site’s rising popularity, I thought it was best to return to my charitable ways but in a more professional, business manner.  If you’re interested in being featured, simply shoot me an email to describing your body of work, providing pictures and any links pertaining to it. I’ll then dish the necessary information (fee) to continue our venture.  Looking forward to hear what y’all got cooking up!

    The very first artist to be showcased goes by the name of Darrell Branham better known as MeloD.  I was introduced to the rising Rapper by the homie James Stephens-Anderson who’s been supporting me heavily ever since our initial encounter at BAPE earlier this year. The West Atco, New Jersey raised lyricist began his craft at the age of 13.  He states, “my boy Chris Brown used to bang the pencils on the lunch tables and me and all my boys would rap. I then started putting the flip phones up to the computer speaker to record myself. I remember my boys had me on they ringtones off the Bubba Sparxx “Bojangles” Instrumental (haha)”.

    At the age of 11, MeloD moved from his hometown to Sicklerville, NJ. Four years later, he met Malik Holland who introduced him to the streets of Camden. “I fell in love with the city life and the vibrations of music.  Sitting in the studio on top of a barbershop on Haddon Avenue listening to my cousin Ace "Ace Groove" mixtape. I started off watching him and my bro Leek record and I sat back and learned the craft.  I just loved being amongst the people feeling the energy and from that point on I just knew if I could get good enough I can make a name for myself out here”.

    The time has come for MeloD to shine!  Check out his latest offering below:



    The next vixen to proudly sport the FRNDY LMRN Tee  really needs no introduction (but I'll give her one anyway). Naomi Jaqueline better known as NAI is one of Tumblr's most sexiest chicks to grace our least 5 one sitting.  Oh, need some proof?  The pictures below will refresh your memory:

    The 21-year-old Haitian goddess’ sensuality is potent just as her open mindedness to all things trivial.  Looking forward to see what the future holds for the bodacious beauty. 

  • Dillon Hughes For FRNDY LMRN

    Those who follow me on instagram will remember my historical Frendy's Bape Couch Countdown  hashtag, where I sat down next to all of the beautiful people that showed me extreme support throughout my years at Nigo’s former brainchild.  One of the stand out individuals featured is my lil’ bro Dillon Hughes whom I refer to as Beizus (an inside joke made from his similar traits to Justin Beiber combined with his immense love for Kanye West).  I have known the budding creative for about 3 years now and his growth is truly commendable.

    Born in Long Island, Dillon grew up in a stimulating environment.  He states, “my parents were constantly playing music or movies growing up. Their musical taste ranged from Jimi Hendrix to RUN DMC.  They would have me watch old school movies and documentaries on anyone, from James Dean to Muhammad Ali”.  Furthermore he added, “my parents supported me in all of the outlets I was involved in. All of the hardworking/creative mindset they embodied has had a huge influence on me.”

    The strong support system that Dillon was blessed to have led him to become the free-spirited trendsetter he is today. Biezus now runs which serves as his very own hub providing tips and inspiration on everything style. He confesses, “my ultimate goal in life is to become successful in all of my endeavors.  I believe that anything is possible as long as you have patience, put in the work and have unrelenting faith.”

    Be sure to check Dillon out, he’s next up!  To purchase your very own FRNDY LMRN 3M Coach Jacket, simply click on the SHOP section of this site.

    Written by: Frendy Lemorin

    Photos by: Corey D'Angelo

  • The Flawless Victory

    Allow me to present Coral Bernard, the latest beauty to proudly sport the FRNDY LMRN Tee.  Not so much info will be revealed on the Dominican goddess but you better believe she’s way more than meets the cornea (please tell me you know what that is).

     Feel free to follow her on social networks! Just don’t be a creep about it (haha). For those interested in buying one of my tees, simply head over to the SHOP section of the site. Stay Classy!

  • Frendy Lemorin x Mass Appeal

    It is my great honor to present the awesome interview that I had with Mass Appeal.  As mentioned afore, I almost declined the exclusive sitdown but after a much needed pep talk with Gyasi (who served as my interviewer) our regularly scheduled program remained.

    Indulge in the full interview by clicking on the link picture below.  Enjoy!

  • Elisabeth's View

    I know the Kanye West performance at Fondation Louis Vuitton was during Paris Fashion Week but I'm sure most of you will appreciate to see what actually went down that epic night.  

    Mentioned afore, my very good friend Elisabeth Bensoussan was in VIP amongst Ye's "broad that's way thicker" and other high profilers so I'm providing y'all the opportunity to view what they experienced (I mean it's a simple youtube click away but I rather give y'all the footage on my platform, ha!).

    Indulge below:


  • Lizzie Ramotar For FRNDY LMRN

    Even the legendary Stevie Wonder could see that Drake is the ultimate God of the “6” but it is just as honorable to recognize the females that inhabit Drizzy’s hometown because they are simply Divine. Allow me to introduce Toronto’s very own Lizzie Ramotar.  She is a multi-talented inspiring Actress and Fashion Blogger that will conquer the industry in due time.

    Recently, the T dot babe took it upon herself to have a simple yet potent shoot in her FRNDY LMRN Tee and you already know I had to give y’all the scoop on it.

    Indulge in the awesome flicks below:

  • The White FRNDY LMRN 3M Jacket

    It is with great pleasure to announce that the White FRNDY LMRN 3m Jackets are now for sale!  I want to thank each and everyone of you who's been supporting me ever since I started to embark on this "frendy merch" journey about a year and a half ago.  I truly made the very first black jacket for myself not really knowing that it would receive such amazing reception from people all around the world. (I guess it's a good time to put the infamous Forrest Gump line here but that's too predictable!)

    With the jacket's success, I was confident enough to do a follow up with my logo tee. Now I returned to homebase by releasing an updated version of the piece that started it all. 

    Shout out to my #1 supporter Rafael for being the very first individual to purchase!

  • Kanye LV

    It seems that my blog is becoming a shrine for all things G.O.O.D Music but damn I can't help it!  Mr. West is reigning everything like the true God he proclaimed to be.  As Paris Fashion Week Festivites are thriving, Yeezus is conducting a private concert series at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.  

    Luckily, my very good friend and original Balenciaga Mama Elisabeth Bensoussan had the chance to attend the first very first day of the exclusive show VIP'd up!  Elisabeth is an immense supporter of mines so you already know she showed the kid love by rocking the FRNDY LMRN logo T- Shirt to the event!  

    Check out the enticing flicks from Ye's showing below:


  • Nostalgia

    The broski Yussuf Kassim Manzi and I have assembled once more to embark on an epic collaboration, this time utilizing my FRNDY LMRN logo T-Shirt.  As you all know, March is my last month at Nigo's former brainchild BAPE NYC after almost a decade so this project means ample because of it's significance.  To give more an in depth look on our joint venture, here are Yussuf's very own words:

    "The theme and concept behind this shoot was to trigger a sense of nostalgia that birthed the renaissance man that we all admire, Pharrell Williams.  the vibes came from a place of inspiration of the early work that introduced the band N.E.R.D, with photos that were taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson.  The feeling behind the imagery was raw and unforgivable about being who you are.  I mean Pharrell is a guy who created a sound of a generation while wearing what most rappers at the time called 'weird and questionable'.

    So for this we did a tribute of originality.  Being that FRNDY LMRN and myself stand as a brand for culture and true organic passion with no hype attached, we decided to present the following photos that depict what we stand behind the most; discovering your inner N.E.R.D."

    Photographer: Ray Polanco

  • Flying Through Paris With My Woe

    The love that I receive gives me the fuel to succeed.  That was probably my millionth time stating the previous quote but it will never get old simply because of the fact that I embody every sense of the phrase.  Shout out to every single one of you that religiously read this blog and visit me at BAPE NYC.  Oh, can't forget those that take valuable time out of their day to email me words of encouragement.

    The longtime Parisian brosky Jeremy N'golo has been supporting the kid for like 6 years now!  Currently, he bought my FRNDY LMRN logo tee and took it upon himself to have a Def Group inspired photoshoot levitating all around the Eiffel Tower.  Much love to you G.  

    Indulge below:

  • Frendy Lemorin, The Millennial

    It is my honor to announce that Artsy Magazine's 'Millenial Issue' is out now for purchase exclusively via their iTunes app.  Myself and a select few of extremely talented creatives are featured on the inspirational newsletter so please don't hesitate to download.  It's the best .99 Cents you'll ever me.

  • Frendy Lemorin x Artsy Magazine

    I am very proud to announce that I will be featured in Artsy Magazine's forthcoming Millennial Issue that is scheduled to drop on February 3rd.  For those not familiar, the flourishing digital & print publication spotlights underground entrepreneurs, artists, designers and creative self starters.

    Lord knows I have been working my bald head off to provide the very best inspiration.  It's awesome to be recognized for it.  This year has definitely kicked off on a profound level!  From being ranked #1 for best streetwear style in New York via Japan's 411 Magazine to this prolific spread.  Lord only knows what's next.

    The cover of GQ in a couple of years.....god willing.

  • Mr. Grant Martin

    It is my absolute pleasure to present one of the most profound individuals that I've ever come across, Mr. Grant Martin.  Without a doubt, most of you are pondering "Frendy probably got acquainted with him at BAPE" and guess're exactly right!  The New York location of Nigo's former brainchild has virtually transformed into my very own haven (well, the second floor at least) where I befriend the cream of the crop.  No ulterior motives involved, just the exchange of impeccable energy and support.

    There are no words to describe the 20-year old tattoo enthusiast's unique persona.  All I can say is that Grant's drive and dedication to succeed on his own merit is unassailable.  Departing from the comfort of his own home on in Portland, Oregon to tackle the concrete pavement of NYC where he ever so swiftly landed a position at the highly-anticipated Dover Street Market.  All in just one year!

    Truly can't wait to see what wondrous happenings the future holds for this unrelenting spirit.

  • Delroy Smith: Out The Box

    Life's surprises are truly the best occurrences anyone could ever ask for.  A few months ago, I informed you all about my good friend Grant Martin of the sensational Dover Street Market NY.  One day as Grant finished giving me and my photographer Erick Hercules a personal tour of the exclusive shop, he introduced us to Delroy Smith.  What I didn't expect is that our initial meeting would transform into a brotherhood of epic proportions.

    What drew me to Delroy is his extremely tasteful fashion sense and equally radiant spirit.  In this day and age (especially in New York), arrogance is expected when one is acquainted with a being who possess a 'larger than life' aura.  I was pleasantly surprised by his comforting nature and positive attitude.  Its as if we were long lost brothers in this world of perpetual false ego.  In just one day after our introduction, we all began communicating on how we could join forces to potently share our respective gifts to the world.  This is part 1.

    The 5th Avenue Louis Vuitton store highest-grossed salesman's (sold over $2 million worth of items in his department last year) story is so inspirational that I've decided to let him tell it in his very own words.  With that said, here is Delroy Smith....out the box.

    My name is Delroy Smith and I am 25 years of age born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  As a child, I always fancied the idea of creating; sculpting, building, sketching, painting, poetry and even music.  My mother always knew I had a gift.  Therefore, she frequently planned trips to the museum, zoo and library so that we could always engage in activities that were constructive.

    During my adolescent stage, I was constantly picked on by other students in my elementary and junior high school, and even though it seems cliché, that was the norm for me especially because I had to deal with my father's death in the 1st grade.  I learned to defend myself, even if it meant being violent to the individual that threatened to do me harm.  My younger siblings, Ethan and Tracey all went to the same elementary school as me because my mother always wanted us to stick together and taught us that friends can always lead us to the wrong path.  Which is why she made sure to instill love, courage, faith, and the joy of sticking together as a family.

    My mother and grandmother were my 2 best friends and sole providers growing up.  They supplied me with relentless self-confidence to stand strong despite what anyone else thought.  My grandmother always preached that "it doesn't matter who hates you, Jesus and I love you" and that stuck with me even up to this day.  HS was a dilemma because during that period of time I was struggling with my identity.  I wanted to fit in every popular clique but felt that I wasn't "cool" or had enough "swag".  I had no interest in fashion, just trends.  My mom accepted me but I wanted everyone to feel the very same.  I thought wearing Jordan's would make my school peers accept me.  Talking the way they do, dressing like them...cloning myself to what I thought HS society wanted every teenager to be.  Interestingly enough, during my last 2 years of HS I became extremely popular due to the fact I learned to be comfortable with myself (but was still struggling with inner demons).

    In college, I experimented with so many looks and made sure to stick out like a sore thumb.  I kicked it up 10 notches not because I wanted attention but because I found my identity which was expressing my inner being through clothing.  In my last two years of college, I was known as the kid that could "dress his ass off!" but remained humble through it all.  My grandmother always said, "clothes do not make the man,  its their morals and attributes."  She instilled humility, kindness and always told me to appreciate every moment and to love everyone.  Afore I mentioned that I was battling an inner sexuality.  The fact that my mother and I have a great relationship, I needed to tell her.  I also came out to many of my friends who fortunately still accepted me.  Finally, I accepted myself and relinquished all of the negative forces that were in my head.

    My grandmother passed away on December 22nd, 2013 and was saddened so deeply that I couldn't even function.  I miss and love her so much.  My grandmother as well as my mother played a big part in becoming who I am today.  They accepted me for me.  She would state "You can make a child, but not their heart and mind."  Even today I can see her, everything around me reminds me of her beauty.  My grandmother worked extremely hard raising 9 children, 21 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren!  Her work ethic was unparalleled and that is why I don't complain. "You have it too good, what you see as complaint someone sees it as triumph.  Never complain because there is someone out there in the world that has it worst than you."

    On a more positive note, many people want to know about my style and what I think about when getting dressed.  My motto is: everything goes!  There are basically no boundaries.  My closet consists of silk, leather, cotton, python, croc, beading, embroidery, bright colors, dark colors, plaid.....and the list goes on and on.  I like things that are daring but also my taste, which isn't hard to find (it just has to grab me emotionally).  My mom loves the way I dress so did my grandmother.  Even though there were times she made fun of me, I knew it was from a loving place.  I thoroughly enjoyed style and fashion from the moment I was working at the Flagship Abercrombie & Fitch.  I then moved on to Flagship Tommy Hilfiger, and now Flagship Louis Vuitton.

    I read up on other cultures because I like to incorporate international influences to my style which includes my own cultivation being that my mom is Suriname, father from Jamaica, grandmother from Guyana and her ancestors being Chinese.  From turbans to wearing Chinese robes or embroidered garments from India to an event, being ashamed to do so never existed...just sheer excitement and anticipation of the expressions on people's faces!  Pictures of my father before he passed away played a huge role in my style.  People know me for the amount of gold rings that I wear and that's because my father wore so many of them.

    In conclusion, I love being me and extremely excited for what the future holds.  Many people stare at me day-to-day and sneak pics of me on the subway.  Some even ask for permission to take a flick because they think I might say no but since I'm extremely humble and shy (ironically enough my clothes speaks volumes) I always say yes.  My style varies.  I'm still learning and growing as a Stylist and Designer so I continually do my research!  I know that I have a strong I own it.  It took a long time to find my identity.....just imagine if I gave up and decided to just blend in?  The Delroy Smith you know today would have been just a thought.

     To purchase your very own FRNDY LMRN 3M jacket, simply click HERE.

     Written by: Frendy Lemorin

    Photos by: Erick Hercules

  • FRNDY LMRN x Rachel Tee Tyler

    Sydney's sensationally stylish Rachel Tamsin Tyler has just been seen sporting my very own FRNDY LMRN 3M Coach Jacket!  It means alot to receive love and support from my exceptional peers across the globe.  All of that positive energy simply rejuvenates my soul to continuously provide my unique gift to the world.

    Not too long ago, the beauty from down under launched her fashion forward blog after tons of supporters strongly urged her to do so.  Hey, I guess when you're steezy as Rachel those kinds of "problems" occur.....often (haha!).  To check out her enticing site, click HERE.

    To purchase the FRNDY LMRN 3M Coach Jacket, simply click on the shop section of my site. 

  • The Black Buddha Spread

    Summer is steadily approaching and that only means more skin is expected to be revealed.  I ain't complaining one bit but the warm weather's arrival is bittersweet just because of the fact that I won't be able to religiously sport my FRNDY LMRN 3M jacket (insert sad face emoji here).  All good things must come to an end right?....Well not necessarily in this case!  I will be unveiling my brand new merchandise that will accommodate you all with this forthcoming heat.

    Until that momentous occasion, below are the flicks from my collaborative project with rising fashion designer Yussuf Kassim Manzi and commendable lensman ElijahDom. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of these shots already but me being such an equal-opportunity blogger, why now spread the love on here?  It's the Brooklyn way! (haha).

    Indulge below:

  • The FRNDY LMRN Tees

    It is my pleasure to showcase the FRNDY LMRN Tees. I want to thank all of the individuals that have purchased my previous merch, the FRNDY LMRN 3M jacket.  With it's success I am able to continue my token of appreciation by releasing these one of a kind tops.  I represent nothing but the truth of hard work and surely it has resonated with you all.

    Much love to my DEF GROUP members, Photographer Erick Hercules and Stylist Delroy Smith for their aid in making this campaign a success.  To purchase the tees, simply click on the shop section of my site.

  • Indighostly

    It is outstandingly refreshing to encounter an individual that embodies universal knowledge and strength but still remains sincerely empathetic.  Allow me to introduce Monica Hernandez better known in the world wide web as Indighostly.

    I came across the beautifully spirited artist on Instagram where her incredible paintings of self-reflection caught my attention.  With every stroke of the brush, Monica lays all her imperfections on canvas in true captivating manner.  Fully accepting one's self is the greatest accomplishment that any human being can achieve and when all flaws are unfiltered only admiration can be given.

    It is extremely difficult to believe that the Dominican bred visionary is only 18 years of age.  Just goes to show that even an old soul have unlocked treasures to discover.

  • International Status

    Started from Haiti, made it all the way to Shanghai!  Much respect to my brother WeiWei Chen for showing love from the very first moment that he met me at BAPE NYC.  I'm always told that I have a magnetic personality so it's truly a blessing to encounter the amazing individuals that I come in contact with.

    Nothing is ever taken for granted.  If it wasn't for y'all my gas tank would be empty on this long road to glory.  They say you only get what you give so the plan is to dish out all the inspiration within my soul.

    If interested in purchasing your very own FRNDY LMRN tee, simply hit up the shop section of my site to purchase.