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  • Stutterheim To Open New York Flagship Store

    I am happy to announce that Stutterheim is scheduled to open it's first New York flagship store in May!

    The Swedish outerwear brand has been pouring out a slew of fashionable yet functional pieces for about six years now.  The luxury line is already sold at exclusive retailers such as Barneys New York, Dover Street Market, Isetan and Le Bon Marché but nothing will compare to it's very own U.S store in the heart of SoHo.

    I'm Looking forward to attend the grand opening.

  • Palladium by SSUR*PLUS Collaboration

    Palladium Boots recently unleashed the photos of their latest collaboration with streetwear brand SSUR*PLUS.

    The flicks, shot by my good friend and longtime photographer Erick Hercules, feature the boot brand's Pampa Baggy model with a printed canvas displaying NYC's glorious skyline.

    Like what you see? then purchase your pair ($120) at selected retailers or

  • Palladium Instagram Take Over

    I’m extremely thankful for my brother/photographer Erick Hercules because he is one of my very few friends that shares the exact passion in his craft as I.  Furthermore, there is no jealousy or resentment when we acquire personal achievements (we all know this is what genuine brotherhood is about).  With that being said, allow me to announce our latest collaboration with Palladium Boots!

    Erick has taken over Palladium’s instagram page this week to provide his usual ethereal flicks showcasing their footwear with the aid of Paulina Stanisz and myself.   Be sure to follow them and see the awesomeness we created!

  • Erick Hercules x Chelsea Market NY

    Hope everyone's Sunday is going swell! Just here to inform you that my brother Erick Hercules' is one of a few hand picked photographers to have their epic visuals featured on the walls of Chelsea Market located in the swanky Meatpacking District of New York. For those who have never been, the venue is one of the greatest food halls in the world! It contains more than 35 vendors serving everything imaginable. Furthermore, the unique produce carrier attracts an astounding 6 million national and internationally visitors daily!

    The photographs will be featured only for one month so don't be a Debby Downer and check them out before its too late.

  • Frendy Lemorin x Erick Hercules For Publish Brand

    It is my pleasure to present the awesome photos that Erick Hercules and I conjured up for Publish Brand.  The prospering California based menswear line approached Erick about joining their Publisher’s Project: Photographer’s Campaign.  Since the exceptional Lensman and I have created a special rapport for providing ethereal body of works, he contacted me to collaborate!

     For the shoot, I am wearing Publish Brand’s Temple maroon top with their infamous Jogger Pants. Indulge in the flicks below:

  • Facing Demons: Eleanor Castellani

    The greatest achievement that one can accomplish is to step out of their comfort zone.  Slicing the box of familiarity takes sheer determination and a whole lot of cojones but the results are immensely fulfilling.  Eleanor Castellani is an individual that embodies all of that as she is whole-heartedly facing her demons to materialize her wildest aspirations.

    I've known the 20 year-old phenom for only a few months but her dedication and ambition has forever left an imprint on my soul.  Hailing all the way from Australia, Eleanor packed her designer handbags to tackle the concrete jungle of New York City.  Although a bit flustered by the pack of worms embedded in the Big Apple, the Melbourne-raised beauty's drive never ceased.  Back in her hometown, Eleanor was able to swiftly complete any and every task at hand.  From conducting interviews with rising stars in the entertainment world, curating album reviews and even the ability to gain major sponsorships out of thin air.  It's not that she wasn't able to continue her streak of success here in NY, Eleanor just had to conquer the stress and fear of failure and adjust to the unique pace of an entirely new domain.

    Currently living in the city for a mere  2 weeks, the strong-minded siren has met some of New York's brightest minds and building connections that will last a lifetime.  Eleanor is truly on the pursuit of happiness, looking ahead and not turning back.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will surely get it!

  • My Name Is My Name

    Allow me to officially announce my latest merchandise, the FRNDY LMRN 3M Coach Jacket.  I truly appreciate the love that you all have shown so it's only right to curate a product that will further our connection.  I've been casually showcasing the piece on my social networks but some still may not know the correct procedures to go about getting here's the deal.  To purchase, simply click on the shop section of the site.

    Looking forward to see more of y'all rocking this exclusive piece!

  • Erick Hercules x HONY

    It is my pleasure to announce that my brother and personal photographer Erick Hercules is featured on one of the most talked about visionaries of the east coast Brandon Stanton's photoblog "Humans of New York".  My faithful readers already know that Erick and I have been partnering up to provide my inspirational articles with equally exquisite pictures.  This recent accomplishment just proves how potent of a shutterbug E really is.  Check out the flick HERE.

    We truly thank everyone that has been supporting our collaborative works so far.  Stay tuned for even more ethereal works!

  • J Rom: The Great Escape

    It is my pleasure to premiere the music video of the homie and rising musician James Johnson better known as J-Rom.  I've gotten to know the talented maestro from his frequent visits to BAPE NYC.  As stated in prior articles, my sixth sense of "star knowability" is extremely potent so it's not a surprise that he is currently curating such wonders in his respective field.

    Hailing all the way from St. Petersburg, Florida the 25 year old instrumentalist made the great escape from his safe haven just 3 years ago to pursue a music career rightfully in the City of Dreams. James states, "I always wanted to depart the town I was born in.  Whether it was skateboarding, drawing, admiring fashion in popular blogs, DJ'n records downtown that weren't necessarily in the top 40 hits I was always in a state of evading.  When I moved to NYC, I felt like I could be me to the fullest!  Being yourself was like Visa Card in the Big Apple, its accepted everywhere."

    The clip that you are about to view has been in the making for quite some time now (since last summer to be exact) so it's a real treat to finally be showcasing it.  Every single time James would come visit me at my "second floor office" at BAPE, I would ask about the status of the visual and the usual response was that a new edit had to be reinforced.  The delays were a blessing in disguise because as you can see now we're premiering the project in grand manner.  God's timing can never be faltered!

    So without further ado, here is J-Rom's first ever music video for his single "For A Price" directed by Calvin Fowler of Daydream Filmworks.  Furthermore, you can catch him performing during the SXSW festivities this year in Texas.  Enjoy!


    All Photographs Were Taken By The Incomparable Erick Hercules.

  • DEF Group

    It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Delroy Smith, Erick Hercules and myself have joined forces to form the DEF Group.  We are a consulting firm providing the very best services in Photography, Editorial and Styling for today's most promising talent.  If you're an incredible artist that is looking to expand your audience, look no further.  Our aid will enable just that by providing ethereal aesthetics to lure in just the kind of individuals needed to take one's craft into the next level.

    If seriously interested, shoot us an email to

  • The Art of Melancholy

    Swedish raincoat and accessory line Stutterheim is surely rising to celestial heights by providing the very best craftsmanship and detail in their array of products.  Alexander Stutterheim's inspiration for curating such precipitation-friendly garment stems from his grandfather's journey to the deep Stockholm sea in all types of exasperating weather conditions to capture fish.  The jackets were conceptualized as a homage to him and his quest for life metaphorically.

    Melancholy has always been a part of Alex's theme in his creations.  He states, "feeling blue inspires creativity."  I couldn't agree more with that sentiment because I've conjured up some of my best achievements while feeling down and out.  For instance, the idea of my online documentary series "The Yellow Brick Road" occurred one fateful summer afternoon a couple of years ago when I wasn't able to finish college due to the lack of finance.  I knew deep inside that I had the writing ability and gift of efficiently communicating with my peers so why not do something constructive?  Furthermore, all of the people that I surround myself with are extremely talented in their own right.  This was a perfect opportunity to showcase their skill!  With the help of some exceptional individuals my dream came true in creating a platform which demonstrated my dedication to inspire.

    With that being said, it is my pleasure to release the latest collaborative project titled "The Art of Melancholy" alongside my Def Group members Photographer Erick Hercules and Celebrity Stylist Delroy Smith.  Indulge in the images below featuring Stutterheim's one of a kind Green Stockholm raincoat:

  • Erick Hercules x Buzzfeed

    God has truly blessed me with a team possessing endless talent.  Unfortunately, the industry is a vast ocean of faux so it's refreshing to encounter a group of individuals like Erick Hercules and Delroy Smith who understand what it means to be creatives with undeniable passion all the while remaining level-headed.  So many exciting things are happening in our camp due to our high energy level and deep gratitude for life.

    The latest accomplishment from my extraordinary lensman is a feature on notorious news and entertainment website BuzzFeed!  In it, they discuss Erick's unique puddle photography and even mention his meticulously constructed instagram page (@PuddleGrams) and 'The Puddle Games" hashtag.

    To read the full spread, simply click HERE.


  • Au Revoir Delroy

    I just want to take the time to announce that my forever stylish DEF Group brother Delroy Smith is scheduled to leave next week for Paris to work for a disclosed luxury brand (yeah, we don't want to get him in trouble) as a client advisor!

    I can't think of anyone else who deserves this coveted opportunity.  Not only is Delroy an impeccable dresser, he embodies the very threads worn no matter how bold they may be.  Furthermore, his fashion knowledge surpasses most in this city of over-concentrated "trendsetters".

    Much love to you my friend, I know you'll rep the team proud!

  • Def Group For Jasmine Chen

    My Def Group team and I proudly present the first menswear piece from promising fashion designer Jasmine Chen.  The stylish Northeastern University attendee is actually a good friend of mine.  We got acquainted about 3 years ago at BAPE NYC and since then have kept in touch, recognizing the growth in our personal endeavors.  I actually did not know that Jasmine curated her own clothing line until a month ago!  Abruptly after hearing of her self-titled company, I did my research and was pleasantly surprised.  It's not that I didn't believe in her capability of producing apparel, it was just really good to see such a fresh take on womenswear.

    The cultured fashionista mentioned that she was gearing up to unleash her first Men's piece and had me in mind to be the initial model for it.  Of course, I concurred but definitely had to get the linguistic ironed out.  After our settlement,  my Def Group lensman Erick Hercules was added on board to accent the incredible garment.  The one of a kind chemise properly blends a T-shirt, polo and traditional Chinese Kung Fu top all in one.

    Check it out below:

    To view more pieces from Jasmine, head over to her site by clicking HERE.  For Def Group services, simply email us at