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  • My Phone

    Restaurateur and thriving YouTuber Levi Bent Lee might have to add Rapper to his resume, as he recently released a surprisingly pleasing new song entitled, “My Phone.”

    Unleashed via Soundcloud, the melodic single finds the Fring's co-owner autotuned up, crooning about his desire to kick it with his significant other. "Don't be calling my phone, hit you straight with the tone/unless you on the way home, I want you all in my zone," he sings.

    During the filiming of his HBO styled birthday vlog, Levi briefly spoke about his foray into music:

    “You know how a lot of people like to go to the bar to meet their friends and hang out, or they’ll go watch a movie, or they’ll go do this or go do that—standard things that people do on their spare time.  Zach and I, just for fun, have just been going to a studio and record and make music. We play it for some of the {YouTube} fans and obviously they like it just for jokes."

    I'm not gonna hold you, I could hear Drake hop on this joint.  Levi will probably take this music thang a little more seriously if that ever happens (haha).

    Check out the chune below: