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  • Netflix and Smoke

    Netflix has made life so much easier for couch potatoes (I mean that in the nicest way possible) around the world to lounge with their vast library of television shows and films.  Now, the American entertainment company is enhancing the enjoyment of your “Netflix and chill” session with a little bit of a smoke. * Cues that Drake song *

    Last weekend the popular streaming company debuted its own line of cannabis strains—aptly dubbed “The Netflix Collection”—during a promotional event for their marijuana-inspired comedy series, “Disjointed,” held at the Alternative Herbal Health Services dispensary based in West Hollywood.

    The strains are marketing gems, as their names are inspired by the company’s favored shows: Banana Stand Kush (Arrested Development), Poussey Riot (Orange is the New Black), Moon 13 (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Prickly Muffin (Bojack Horseman), Camp Firewood (Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later), and many more.

    Weed remains illegal under federal law so Netflix is certainly not profiting from sales. Cannabis, under current California law, can be purchased only by those 21 or over with a medical marijuana recommendation from a California-licensed doctor.