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  • Kung Fu Kenny's DNA

    Right on the heels of a legendary performance at Coachella, Kendrick Lamar's rap alter ego, Kung Fu Kenny, makes an epic return in the new music video for his blood-pumping single, "DNA."

    Directed by Nabil and The Little Homies, the clip finds a dazed and handcuffed Kenny in a sketchy interrogation room, where the one and only Don Cheadle begins to put him through a lie detector test. Things go "wrong" when the procedure actually begins!  Don is mysteriously caught in a trance rapping Kenny's bars back and forth with him.  Eventually, Detective Cheadle unlocks the handcuffs of Lamar's character with ease only to be killed shortly after by Kenny's lethal whisper.  

    Can't funk with that man for real!

    Check out what transpired after below: