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  • Pharrell Doll

    We all know Pharrell Williams is an avid art collector so it's only suitable that he became one himself.  If what I just wrote went over your head, I simply meant to imply that the mega-superstar has been immortalized into an incredibly life-like doll!

    As part of their Real Action Heroes line (RAH), Medicom Toy paid homage to Skateboard P by turning him into an action figure.  The Japanese brand is known for making art pieces rather than conventional toys, and this particular figure continues to prove just that.  Threaded in his memorable 2014 Grammy Award getup, the doll is also fully equipped with Pharrell's accessories, including his watch, bracelet, carabiner and of course Vivienne Westwood aka Arby's hat (just a joke, sorry OG).

    Furthermore, the 11.8' inch doll comes with a display stand and interchangeadble wrist parts for various wrist actions of your choosing.  

    Cop this one of a kind collector's item HERE.