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  • Master P Visits The Breakfast Club

    We're a long way from Master P's "make em say uhh," days but the superstar mogul still remains as one of the most prolific players in the Hip Hop arena.

    Recently, Mr. Percy Miller paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and dropped some much needed knowledge to the masses, especially to young artists who are trying to legitimately leave their mark in the music industry.  Percy speaks on various subjects such as the value of hardwork, today's political climate and doubters on social media.  "I don’t care about social media. Most of the people on social media…if you got time to be on social media we know you don’t have nothing positive going on. You just negative, you a hater," states P.  Sounds pretty harsh I know, which is why I think he clarified his statement by sayingthink about it, if you talk about somebody and you know you’re not where you need to be at.  That’s what I’m saying, it’s a waste of time.  So I try to motivate the next generation through social media."  Mr. Miller also brought along his artists, singer Paloma Ford and 17-year-old rising rap sensation Marcus Clae to the show.

    Shout out to Solange who handpicked P to talk his sh*t on her critically acclaimed A Seat at The Table, album because the man truly is a living representation of someone who made it from the dirt, on his very own terms.  

    I could sit here and continuously write down the epic quotes from Master P's interview, but you can watch it yourself below.  Enjoy and take notes!